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    Woocommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Woocommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This plugin is the ultimate solution to manage the existing customer and prospective customers. It allows the admin to include the sales agent in the store to manage the customer. This will help in the incrementation of conversion rates and sales in the store. Additionally, the store owner can manage the profit and sales by visualizing the data in a graphical format.

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    Woocommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The module will allow the management of the customer. These customers can be existing once or new. It will automate the process of tracking the customer leads, and opportunity. It allows the admin and sales agent to keep the lead source to track the leads generation sections. It keeps the record of contact of the customer to keep a communication link and take in regular follow up.

    The customer account is also created post-conversion of leads to opportunity. Thus, with CRM solutions on the website, there is a possibility of achieving a good customer base. It enhances loyalty with the customer with the data in the store.

    Such modules help best in case of B2B structure, wherein the business owner purchases the product in bulk.

    Highlighted Features

     Analytics tool

    The admin can view the statistics of sales, profit generated and many more in the module.

     Team Management

    The admin can have multiple sales agents to manage the leads.

     Identification of Sales Sources

    The store owner and sales agent both can keep a record of the sections from where sales could be generated.

     Retention of Leads

    The store owner and sales agent can keep a follow up of the clients who can be a prospective customer.

    Leads Engagement

    Leads are the most important mode for the acquisition of sales in high numbers. Both the sales agent and admin will easily create leads. The leads here allow keeping track of the customer interests.

    The leads data will not always have the actual data of the customer. Hence, it requires a change while the creation of opportunity. Thus, the admin or sales agent can manage leads by-

    • Creation of Lead Sources to track the inflow of customers. From these source sales, agents or admin will receive notification of prospective leads on the store.
    • Recording of the basic requirement details.
    • Adding the basic contact details.
    • Entering the Address details of the lead.
    Leads Engagement

    Opportunity Management

    Just like the leads the sales agent and admin can manage the Opportunities. Wherein, when the leads are converted by turn to opportunity.

    The data present in the opportunity is used to communicate with the customer.

    • Post assignment of opportunity the sales agent or admin can communicate over the same.
    • The information of the customer is valid and not approximation as in the case of leads.
    • They can add quotes that can be approved or rejected.
    • Depending on the approved quotes the opportunity can be won or lost.
    Opportunity Management

    Account Creation

    The customer account here is created once the opportunity is created. Here the customer personal details are mention.

    The customer can be in any form like an individual, partner, or business organization.

    This is one of the major parts of CRM as the account holder details are critical for sales generation in the present and future. The admin or sales agent here can mention the details here as-

    • Account name which is account holders name.
    • Description of the account holder account.
    • The website of the account holder for the product is being purchased.
    • Email and contact details of the account holder.
    Account Creation

    Contact Recording

    This section will save the contact details of the customer. It can have any details like its calling or mailing detail, the login details, the billing and shipping address details, and customer(individual or organization) picture for identification.

    • Can edit or deleted as per business requirements.
    • The customer contact data need not searched again and again.
    • Biographical information will give the details of the customer for better identification.
    Contact Recording

    Graphical management of Records

    This section will contain the records of sales and profit yield. It will help the admin to calculate the states of the on store activities. It will have the following details-

    • Gross Profit
    • New Contacts
    • Won and Lost Opportunity
    • Lead converted
    • Lead Qualified

    This helps the store owner monitors the activities being held in the store.

    Graphical management of Records


    • The admin and sales agent can manage leads.
    • The admin can create a sales agent profile for customer management.
    • The sales agent and admin can mentor opportunities.
    • The admin can assign the leads and opportunities to the sales agent.
    • Enhance the conversion rate with customer data.
    • Saving of the lead sources to keep track.
    • Sales agents and the admin can create Account of the customers who turned up as Opportunity.
    • Sales agents and the admin can add a contact of the customer for regular follow up.
    • The admin can see a graphical representation of sales and profit in a dashboard section.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the sales agent edit the Lead Source Created by the Admin or other Sales Agent?
    No, the sales agent doesn't have the authority to edit the leads sources created by the Admin or other sales agent. This is done to avoid any sort of conflict among the sales agents Leads Source data.
     Are all the leads visible to the sales agent?
    No, only the leads which are assigned and the once the sales agent has created are visible to those sales agents. This process systemizes the work of lead management.
     How will the admin or sales agent add a new customer in the CRM?
    The admin or sales agent can add a new customer in the CRM by the creation of the Account. However, here, post-conversion of the leads to opportunity the sales agent can add the personal details of the customer in the system.
     Can the module track down the sales record of the store?
    Yes, the dashboard in the module keeps a graphical record of data like- Gross Profit, New Contacts, Won and Lost Opportunity, Lead converted and Lead Qualified.
     How are Opportunities managed?
    The admin or sales agent can manage the Opportunities by setting the status and add customer details. Additionally, they can even add the quote which the customer agree or reject(out of the CRM system). Depending on the quote approval the opportunity can be won or lost.

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