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B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce Sale

B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce

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B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce: Using WooCommerce Quick Order extension, a user can purchase multiple products without visiting a separate product page for choosing each product. The user can place order in a few steps, using the search-box option where the suggestions for the products display automatically. It allows the user to add bulk products by uploading CSV file.

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B2B Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce: The wholesale buyers can effectively use the WooCommerce Quick Order extension as they have to buy bulk products in short spans of time. Therefore, wholesale buyers are the dedicated customers. This extension provides features like searching product using product name, upload products using CSV file, a buyer can add new rows to add products, on quick order page update the product quantity, add products to cart on one click, etc.

Note - This plugin does not support External/Affiliate and Grouped product types.

 Highlighted Features

 single Page

The customer will not have to visit each product page to purchase any product. Customer can purchase multiple products from a single page.

 Auto-suggestion Ajax search

The products can be searched in the auto-suggestion box, by entering the product name. It takes up the name of the product and quickly search the product.

 One click action

Customers can select multiple products and add them to cart in just once click. Customer will not have to choose one product at a time which is time consuming.

 CSV import

Customers can add products in the cart through csv files. Adding products through csv becomes easy for the customer.

 search using product name

Customer can easily search a for a product. Customer can simply type the product name and the product will display.

 Update product quantity

Customer can update the product quantity on the quick order page. Customer will not have to visit any other product page

 Add different products

The customer can add multiple products to quick order. Customer can choose any product and add it to quick order page.

 add additional rows

Customer can add additional rows, if required, in the quick order page. The rows will be auto-filled with products with the latest products.

 Admin Configuration

The admin can manage the configuration settings under WooCommerce Quick Order. The admin can allow a user to add products on quick order using CSV files. The user can import the CSV files, fill in the product details and upload it.

These days users do not want to waste time in fetching products from multiple pages. They want to quickly select products from a single page. The admin can define the number of rows which may be added in the product page, to add more products to the quick order.

The admin can define the default number of rows which will be visible on the product page.

  • Select either yes or no in order to upload the CSV to add products in quick order.
  • Defines the number of rows that is to be added to add products to quick order.
  • Define the default number of rows on the quick order page.
  • The products are automatically filled in the latest product page.
  • More customers will get attracted to your store which will increase more traffic, hence more conversions.
 Admin Configuration

 One Page Quick Order

WooCommerce Quick Order eases things for a customer as they can add products to the cart without going to each product page and adding the products one at a time to the cart.

The customer can choose a product and purchase it from one page and add it to the cart using Woocommerce Quick Order. The customer can:

  • Add products to the cart easily through the quick order. 
  • Buy products from a single quick order page.
  • Can add any number of rows to add the product to a quick order.
  • Simply purchase a product from a quick order page.
  • The customer does not need to visit each product page to add products to the cart.
 One Page Quick Order


The frontend will be displayed as per the configurations set by the admin. The customer can add products to quick order by adding new rows.

The customer also chooses a product from the auto-suggestion list and search a product by typing the name of the product.

For variable products, a customer can choose different variations and add quantity for the products as needed.

  • Add new rows for adding more products to quick order.
  • Search the product by its name and choose a product from the auto suggestion list.
  • Add the quantity as per his choice.
  • Choose a desired variation under “Combination” for a variable product.
  • Create order and the product will be added to the cart.

 Add Products by CSV

The customer can easily add multiple products using the CSV file. Comma Separated Value or CSV files stores the data in a tabular form. The files in CSV can be exported from any program or imported to any program.

A CSV file is easily editable as it is a simple text file. In a CSV file, the data is separated by a comma. A CSV file stores large amount of data in a more organized way.

  • Adding products to quick order for the buyer is easy.
  • The buyer can simply add products to quick order by downloading sample CSV file.
  • The buyer can find the sample CSV file under “Get direction”.
  • The buyer can add information about the products in the CSV file as needed.
  • The buyer can add information about the SKU or Product ID in the CSV file.
  • The buyer can add information about the quantity of the product in the CSV file.
  • The buyer can upload the CSV file which contains the product information.
 Add Products by CSV

 Complete Features List

  • Allow customers to purchase products from a single page.
  • Auto-suggestion along with ajax search to find the product quickly.
  • One click action to add multiple products in the shopping cart.
  • CSV import feature to add to cart bunch of products in one go.
  • Customers can search for a product using the product name.
  • Update product quantity on the quick order page.
  • Add multiple different products to quick order.
  • Select variable product options such as – color, size.
  • The customer can add additional rows as needed.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Posted On - August 5, 2019
Customer Support
Great support and friendly communication. The plugin is really new but it works good and the author seems to be so nice that the plugin could be very great in future or the best one of woocommerce quick order plugins.
Posted On - May 31, 2019
Customer Support
Great plugin. Customer support has been very prompt and helpful! Would recommend.
Posted On - December 27, 2018
Customer Support
Very nice support. Product works like described and if you have any questions, support will help! Thank you for a great product!


 Frequently Asked Questions - WooCommerce Quick Order

 Quick order doesn't supports which type of products?
It doesn't support External/Affiliate and Grouped product types.
 In which format order can be uploaded?
Orders can only be uploaded in .csv format.
 Can simple and variable products be added in a single order?
Yes we can add diferent products in quick order.
 Can we update product quantity in quick order page?
Yes we can update quantity of product in Quick order page.


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