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    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector

    The WooCommerce Akeneo connector helps to connect your WooCommerce store with Akeneo PIM software. It will help you to manage a wide range of products and catalogs.

    • The module works with simple and variable products.

    • The user can export all the categories and attributes from Akeneo to WooCommerce.

    • Import categories and products to Akeneo from WooCommerce.

    • Users can create multiple jobs and then schedule them for execution.

    • You can also perform association Mapping for upsell and cross-sell products for export.

    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector WooCommerce Akeneo Connector
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    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector:  With the help of the WooCommerce Akeneo PIM Connector module, you can connect your WooCommerce store with the Akeneo PIM software and manage a wide range of products easily. You can import all the catalog data in Akeneo through CSV and XLSX. You can also create the product in the Akeneo and export it to the WooCommerce store.

    Once you import all the catalog data in Akeneo you can push that data into the WooCommerce store. It works with simple and variable types of products. The store owner can export categories and attributes along with the product.

    Please Note:

    • In order to export your product information in multiple languages from Akeneo to the WooCommerce store, you can use Akeneo WooCommerce WPML Integration add-on module and provide localization to your store.
    • Attribute slug can not be increased by 28 by default if you want to increase it greater than 28 so check the user guide to increase the limit.
    • If you want to use this extension on Akeneo EE Serenity mode, please contact us.
    • For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.
    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector

    Highlighted Features for Woocommerce Akeneo Connector

     Export/Import Product and Variant

    With this module, you can export/import products and Variants from Akeneo to WooCommerce and vice versa.

     Filter Data and Product for Export/Import

    Using this module, you can filter the product data and product at the time of export.

     Export Content in Multi-Language

    Admin can export your content (description, short description, labels, etc.) in multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, etc.

     Association Mapping

    Using this module you can add association Mapping for Upsell and Cross-sell products for Export.

     Export Metric Unit

    With this module, you can export a metric unit with the tags from Akeneo to WooCommerce.

     Export as URL

    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector allows you to export files like PDF as URL.

    Compatibility with All Akeneo Edition

    Akeneo PIM helps to centralize all your Product Information in a single place. You can create, manage, and enrich the product information and distribute it to various channels like ERP, eCommerce, Mobile App, POS, and Marketplaces. Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the World. We have covered more than ⅓ extensions among all the Akeneo extensions at their marketplace.

    We have also started to provide the solution on the All Akeneo version including Akeneo Community Edition, Akeneo Growth, Akeneo Flexibility, and Akeneo Serenity Edition.

    On Self-Hosted Server & PaaS(Platform as a Service)

    Akeneo PIM provides open-source PIM software. Open-source software is released under a license with source code and provides the rights to the users to modify the code. Anyone can easily access the code to create a set of tools or apps that are required for the integrations.

    Akeneo Community Edition

    Akeneo Community Edition is open-source. It is being trusted by many Enterprise Customers and downloaded more than 80K times. Akeneo Community Edition is the most popular PIM that can be hosted on any dedicated server which meets the installation requirements. We provide end-to-end support for Community Edition for Customization, Module Development, Support, and Training.

    Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility Mode

    Akeneo has an Enterprise version also. Akeneo Enterprise contains Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS) and Akeneo Serenity mode(SaaS). We do provide complete support for Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS). PaaS(Platform as a Service) is a service to allows customers to control the software deployment with a limited option. The service provider provides the server, database, integration to the consumers. All the Webkul modules are compatible with the Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility.

    SaaS-Based Akeneo

    SaaS(Software as a service) is a software distribution model and a way of delivering the application over the Internet. A SaaS product is centrally hosted and is licensed based on a subscription model. Saas are popular as they are fast and bring limitless development opportunities.

    Akeneo Growth Edition

    Akeneo Growth Edtion is a SaaS PIM. The Growth Edition provides Fast Deployment, Automatic Upgrades, Scalable, and Adaptable PIM solutions. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo Growth Edition. We do configure the Extension with Middleware software. It uses the Akeneo API for integration.

    Akeneo Enterprise Serenity Mode

    Akeneo Enterprise Serenity is also a SaaS-based like Growth. Akeneo EE has some advanced features like Asset Manager, Reference Entities, and Advance Rights Management. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo EE Serenity with Middleware software(Developed by Webkul).

    Why do we need WooCommerce Akeneo Connector?

    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector helps in collecting data in one place to control and enrich your product information and export the data to your WooComerce store. With this, you can manage thousands of products easily, create a product catalog, and export them to the WooCommerce store.

    This connector "WooCommerce Akeneo Connector" integration between WooCommerce and Akeneo PIM using the API key. To configure this you must create an API key connection in your Akeneo panel and add it to your Akeneo connector configuration in your WooCommerce admin. Overall, this module facilitates merchants to manage and export/import product catalogs from WooCommerce and vice-versa.

    The admin can get WooCommerce catalog data such as WooCommerce attribute categories, configurable products, and media files and import it to Akeneo. Also, the store admin can import Akeneo attributes, family, categories, products, and product models as well as from the WooCommerce store.

    Export Products & Product Variant

    Admin can export the product and variants product in Akeneo to WooCommerce. You can create a product model in Akeneo and add information about its variants such as color, and size.

    When the product is exported to the eCommerce store, the product variant attributes and information are also exported and mapped on the WooCommerce store. The variant product inherits all the properties of the product information.

    • Export variant product image.
    • You can create a product.
    • You can create a variant product.
    • Separate export job to export product.
    • You can export products and variant products.
    • Separate export job to export variant products.
    • Variant product inventory.
    • Auto-sync option names and option values.
    Export Products & Product Variant

    Export Multiple Images

    Product images are essential when you are selling stuff online. Using this module, you can send multiple images of a product from  Akeneo to WooCommerce first one will be your default/cover image for the product. With this, you can export multiple pictures with high resolution.

    When you export the images then exported product images go to the same folder and same format to the WooCommerce store.

    • You can send multiple images.
    • Supports variant product images.
    • You can limit the size of an image.
    • Send high-resolution images.
    Export Multiple Images

    SEO Information

    Admin can send search engine listing information with your products. We know SEO is important for getting maximum visibility and traffic to your website. SEO provides higher brand credibility and take your business next level. You can mention the following information about a product:

    • Meta URL key.
    • Meta Title.
    • Meta keyword.
    • Meta Description.
    SEO Information

    Product Association Mapping

    Associativity of the products means a group of product that is closely related. An associative product can be the product with the same types, same price range, and the same customer types.

    By mapping the association product you can export association product from Akeneo to WooCommerce In WooCommerce Akeneo connector, we are providing two types of association mapping:

    • Cross-sell products - Cross-selling of the product involves the product of the same kind.
    • Upsell Products - Upsell products typically involve trading up to a better version of what’s being purchased.
    Product Association Mapping

    Import from WooCommerce to Akeneo

    Using this module, you can import all the information from WooCommerce to Akeneo. You can import attribute, attribute option, category, family, family variants, product, and product model.

    • Import Attribute - You can import attribute and attribute options from WooCommerce to Akeneo.
    • Import Family and Family Variants - You can import family and family variants from WooCommerce to Akeneo.
    • Import Category - You can import categories from WooCommerce to Akeneo.
    • Import Product - You can import product and product models from WooCommmerce to Akeneo with media files.
    • Import All - You can import all attributes, attribute options, family, family variants, category, product, and product model.
    Import from WooCommerce to Akeneo

    Data Filter

    In Akeneo PIM data filter is used for taking out information that is not much necessary for the user. You can filter the data with the help of the Channel, Locales, and Attributes.

    • Channel – You can select the channel like E-commerce, Mobile, and ERP where you want to export the data.
    • Locales – You can send the product information in Multiple locales.
    • Attribute – You can filter the attribute that you want to export from Akeneo to WooCommerce.
    Data Filter

    Export/Import Categories

    With this module, you can export/import the category from Akeneo to WooCommerce and vice- versa. Category export/import helps customers to find their way within the variety of your catalog, and narrow down their search when looking for a particular type of product. You can export/import all the Akeneo categories to WooCommerce.

    • Create categories and sub-categories from Akeneo.
    • Automatically links categories with product data.
    • Separate export jobs for categories.
    • Separate import job for categories.
    Export/Import Categories

    Product Filter

    Product filtering allows the users to refine products while exporting from the Akeneo to WooCommerce. You can filter the product with Family, Status, Completeness, Time condition, and Category.

    • Family - You can select the product family which is indicating similar products.
    • Status - You can Filter the product by status. Like- Enable, Disable.
    • Completeness - You can filter products with product completeness.
    • Time Condition - You can filter the product with time like - Updated product from since this date.
    • Category - You can filter the product with the product category and sub-categories.
    Product Filter

    Attribute Mapping

    A product attribute is the characteristics of the product that gives information about the product and change the consumer purchase decision. While exporting products from Akeneo to WooCommerce, a lot of information about a product is transmitted. You can decide which specific information will be sent to WooCommerce by mapping Akeneo attributes with the WooCommerce attribute.

    The admin can mention the detailed information about the product in Akeneo and map the Akeneo attributes fields with the WooCommerce attribute so that information synchronized correctly.

    • Sync WooCommerce field mapping with Akeneo attributes.
    • A user can mention any fixed value for the exported products.
    • Map additional product fields.
    Attribute Mapping

    Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible -

    • In Akeneo Version 7, SKU is no longer mandatory to create a product and now UUID is the new product identifier. (CE, EE).
    • Smoother mapping and faster importing. (CE, EE).
    • Tailored export can help to improve the readability of your product information export by defining rounding operations for measurement values. (EE)
    • In Akeneo Version 7, you can now map columns in your source data to additional attribute types. (EE)
    • Tailored imports help you to clean up your HTML Characters (EE).
    • Using Tailored imports, we can find and replace specific words in Text and Text Area Attributes. (EE).
    • Now we are creating a table attribute you can take advantage of measurement. (EE).
    • Now we can use reference entities as a column type in the table attribute(EE).
    Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible

    Ljus I Hus AB (Sweden)

    Ljus I Hus AB was running their website on WooCommerce. The company was managing 1000 of products per page on their website. The company wanted to manage and enrich the products from a place.

    Ljus I Hus AB found its way in using the Akeneo PIM solution on Webkul WooCommerce Akeneo connector. The connector helped them to sync 1000 of product in less time from Akeneo to WooCommerce store.

    They also want to sync media and PDF files with the product. Webkul provided the solution as Akeneo Amazon S3 Integration which helps them to sync all media and PDF files.

    Ljus I Hus AB (Sweden)


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality WooCommerce Extensions and Akeneo Extensions.


    Product Version5.3.0
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 13, 2024 (12 days ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.x.x  6.x.x  WooCommerce  5.x.x  6.x.x  7.x.x  Akeneo  2.x.x  3.x.x  4.x.x  5.x.x  6.x.x  7.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 10 reviews

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    Best Product With Excellent Support

    Posted On - November 17, 2022

    Fast and good support, fixed our problems in one day when they got access to our systems.

    Really helpful

    Posted On - July 22, 2022

    Really helpful - they answered all of my questions and were prompt setting up a meeting!

    Stellar support

    Posted On - June 30, 2022

    Stellar support, and excellent products. Will always recommend

    Great Support from Webkul

    Posted On - February 24, 2021

    I bought a software connector from Webkul that requires a good bit of setup and tweaking. Webkul's support helped me through the entire process. They were very responsive. I always got responses back in less than 24 hours or better. I am very happy with their support and am grateful that they have been so helpful. Highly recommended!!

    Thanks a lot!!

    Posted On - January 4, 2021

    I'd like to thank you guys for the great opportunity to accomplish the project together, it's been a great time and it was successful. I would like to thank our project manager and his team as they were very professional and kept me updated frequently and answered every one of my questions without hesitation.

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     Some Frequently Asked Questions for WooCommerce Akeneo Connector

    On how many Akeneo instances, will this module work?
    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector module will work for one Akeneo instance only. For using this module on multiple Akeneo instances, you need to purchase the module again. Please read our license policy -
    Will I get free updates with new features for the WooCommerce Akeneo Connector module?
    Yes, we do provide free lifetime updates for our modules. We constantly work on the bug fixes and updates, please keep on checking the changelog and ask for module update. Please note - Webkul will not be responsible for any loss of data while updating, please take a backup accordingly.
     I'm running old version of Akeneo, will this module work for me?
    WooCommerce Akeneo Connector module is compatible with Akeneo version 2.0.5 and later. We advise you to please upgrade your Akeneo version. In case you are using an older version of Akeneo, please contact [email protected]
     Can we export Association Products?
    In WooCommerce Akeneo Connector you can export Association Product from Akeneo to WooCommerce.
     Can we export/import Product and Product Variant?
    In this module, you can export/import products and product variants.
     Can we export the metric unit from Akeneo to WooCommerce?
    Admin can export the metric unit along with the value from Akeneo to WooCommerce.
     Can we export files as URL from Akeneo to WooCommerce?
    Using this module admin can export files like pdf as URL from Akeneo to WooCommerce.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 5.3.0
    • +Compatible with AcfProBundle V1.0.0
    • +Compatible with WordpressCmsBundle V5.2.0
    • +Compatible with WPML-addon Module version 5.1.0
    Version 5.2.0
    • + Compatible with WPML-addon Module version 5.0.0
    Version 5.1.0
    • + Compatible with WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Akeneo Addon with version 2.0.0
    Version 5.0.0
    • +Compatible with Akeneo CE 7.x.x
    • +Compatible with WordPress version 6.1.1
    • +Compatible with WooCommerce Version 7.4.0
    • -Fixed Issue for "Export only changed or new data".
    Version 4.1.0
    • - Compatible with WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Akeneo Addon
    Version 4.0.2
    • + Compatible with WPML-addon Module verison 4.0.0
    • + Added the Api end point for wpml Product Variations.
    Version 4.0.1
    • + Added the feature for Export Variants of Boolean Type Attribute.
    • + Compatible with WordPress version 6.0
    • + Compatible with WooCommerce Version 6.5.1
    • - Fixed issue for image export
    • - Fixed issue for the "Non Select Attribute send as Select Attribute"
    • - Fixed the summary generated with "Export only changed or new data".
    • - Fixed the issue for the variant image showing in Product model.
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Akeneo 6.x.x
    • + Compatible with WordPress version 5.9.3
    • + Compatible with WooCommerce Version 6.4.1
    • + Added support tab
    • - Multiple Attribute Mapping for each credential
    • - Improved the Manual Installation
    • - Issue Resolved
    • - fixed isssue for import functionality (sku changed)
    Version 3.0.0
    • +Compatible with Akeneo 5
    • + Quick Export design change.
    • + Measurement families are added in the settings tab.
    • + Multi-Credentials Feature Added.
    • - Fixed Akeneo quick export functionality.
    Version 2.0.4
    • - Minor Change in the field name
    Version 2.0.3
    • - Module Compatibility with WPML Connector Latest Version
    Version 2.0.2
    • - Module Compatibility with Akeneo Dam Compatibility
    Version 2.0.1 "Support for WooCommerce Version 4.0.x"
    • - Module Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.x
    • - Fix minor issues compatible with WPML
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Module is compatible with Akeneo Version 4.0.x.
    • + Add Association Mapping for Upsell and Cross-sell products for Export.
    Version 1.2.10
    • + Module is compatible with the Akeneo version 3.2.x.
    Version 1.2.9
    • - Module is compatible with Akeneo 3.0.x versions
    • - Add Tracker for good performance
    Version 1.2.8
    • + Add nonselect attr as an option in woocommerce (for new versions of woocommerce)
    • + Map slug attribute for export
    • + WooCommerce Import Job Added
    • + Import Categories to Akeneo from WooCommerce
    • + Import Attributes to Akeneo from WooCommerce
    • + Import Attributes terms to Akeneo from WooCommerce
    • + Import Products to Akeneo from WooCommerce
    • + Import Variations and Attribute values for product to Akeneo from WooCommerce
    • + Filter data to be Imported based on Category, family, Completeness, Time conditions, Identifier(SKU), Language, and Currency.
    Version 1.2.7
    • + Support file attributes' value export as URL in products
    Version 1.2.6 -(10-08-2018)
    • - Corrected issue of exporting only select type attribute (for new versions of woocommerce)
    Version 1.2.5 - (27-07-2018)
    • - Corrected issue with multiple credentials link
    • - Use the first image as the main image if AttributeUseAsimage is not set in the family
    Version 1.2.4 - (27-07-2018)
    • - Corrected issue with multiple credentials link
    • - Use the first image as the main image if AttributeUseAsimage is not set in the family
    Version 1.2.3 - (13-06-2018)
    • + Allow extra fields in job parameters
    • + Also show attributes without a label in mapping
    Version 1.2.2 - "Support Akeneo 2.0 - 2.2" (07-06-2018)
    • + Compatibility with Akeneo 2.0.x - 2.2.x in single zip
    Version 1.2.1 - "support Akeneo 2.2" (05-06-2018)
    • + Support Akeneo 2.2
    Version 1.2 - "Quick export" (15-04-2018)
    • ## Features
    • + Can quickly export product
    Version 1.0.1 - "Here We Go" (31-01-2018)
    • ## Features
    • + Can link multiple woocommerce stores by providing credentials in the job(s).
    • + Can provide default values to be used in all products like for purchase note
    Version 1.0.0 - "Here We Go" (01-01-2018)
    • ## Features
    • + Export Categories from Akeneo to WooCommerce
    • + Export Attributes from Akeneo to WooCommerce
    • + Export Attributes terms from Akeneo to WooCommerce
    • + Export Products from Akeneo to WooCommerce
    • + Export Variations and Attribute values for the product from Akeneo to WooCommerce
    • + Export Product Images on https
    • + Filter data to be Exported based on Category, family, Completeness, Time conditions, Identifier(SKU), Language, and Currency.