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      About Company

      Ljus I Hus AB which means Lighting in House is a lighting company founded in 1993 by Ragnar Hansson. The founder of the company Ragnar Hansson loves the light and darkness since he was teen.

      He wrote that The light will clearly fill its function for work, consideration, and understanding, but also inspire, rejoice and make us feel good in our lives, whether at home, at work or in any public environment.

      Ljus I Hus have two showrooms in Stockholm and Malmo in Sweden. They provide lighting solutions for public and private environments. They provide suitable proposals with less budget and awesome services with the architects, lighting planners, and electrical consultants.

      Ljus i Hus AB – Lighting In House

      To create the best possible light environment, they work with the following additional services.

      • Design - They take light design, light calculations, renderings, energy calculations, and other light consultations.
      • Integration - They help integrate the light with sound, image and other that should be in an environment with KNX, DMX or other control.
      • Technical evaluation - They provide the best solution depending on the wishes of the environment, energy, ergonomics, and aesthetics.
      • Installation Service - They can assist electricians with training, installation assistance all the way up to completion.

      Ljus i Hus AB – Lighting In House

      Ljus I Hus provides a free inspiration meeting in their showroom. Here you can see the different type of luminaries and installation solution.

      Ljus i Hus AB – Lighting In House

      Michael Wendel from Ljus I Hus was managing his online store on WooCommerce platform. He was managing the catalog information using Akeneo PIM software.

      For syncing product data between his online store and PIM (Product Information Manager), he bought Webkul WooComerce Akeneo Connector module from us.

      All our modules' source code is open for customization. So, while using the module, he had to make some custom changes to adapt to his requirements, due to which he faced some minor issues.

      Next, he raises the ticket on the Webkul Support and our tech team quickly responded to their queries, got the server details and resolved the issues in no time.

      Further, Michael asked for some special requirements for WooCommerce Akeneo Integration. Webkul responded to his each and every query with a perfect custom solution.

      “I also have another question, in my use case, I will need to sync PDF and other files from akeneo to WooCommerce as well. Do you have any solution for this?”

      We observed Michael's query and suggested him to use Akeneo Amazon S3 Integration for syncing the file from Akeneo to WooCommerce store. Our developers created an API for the same and provide an option in WooCommerce to download the files attached with the product. Akeneo Amazon AWS cloud storage helped him to store the product catalog and scale the storage capacity easily.

      After that, we requested him to share his experience with Webkul Support and some feedback regarding the module.

      Review link -

      Good product and support

      We got this as we had several 1000 products to sync and this worked perfectly when we had a problem they help solve it even though the problem was not directly with the addon.

      Furthermore, we had some special requirements which they help us with within the timeline needed and without any problem!

      Michael Wendel
      Michael Wendel

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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