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Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator - As digitalization has enhanced online shopping, Marketplaces helps many sellers to enhance their businesses. But, local merchandising is also important to become available to nearby customers. So, the module lets your Marketplace sellers locate their addresses on Google Maps and let customers visit them.

 Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator Module

Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator works in conjunction with the following modules:

You would need to install this module for Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator to work properly.

Why do we need a Marketplace Seller Locator?-

  • Enhances the local trading of sellers that results in increased sales.
  • Customers can instantly get their products and services without waiting for them.
  • Saves shipping cost of the products, thus, makes customers happy and helps to retain them.
  • Increases trust of customers on your sellers that compels them for more purchase.
  • It makes a good impression on customers that makes them rate and review for sellers.
  • Customers can filter sellers according to their location.
  • Attracts new users who are not involved in online shopping, therefore, sellers make more profits then regular.


  • Customers can easily locate the sellers by visiting their profiles on Odoo Marketplace.
  • Helps you attract new users that can turn into potential customers.
  • It makes you earn profits from those customers too who are not involved in online shopping.
  • It saves the shipping cost, that attracts customers and results in increased sales and profits.
  • Customers can directly communicate with your sellers in case of any query.

 Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator Features

Allows to highlight sellers location on the Odoo Marketplace

  • The module allows you and your sellers to both add the seller's location in their profile on your Odoo Marketplace
  • You and sellers can both locate the seller’s address on Google Maps from the backend.

 Allows customers to locate sellers' locations from their profiles

  • Customers can locate the sellers that are available in their neighborhood.
  • They can easily locate all the sellers of the marketplace on Google Maps using a marker.

Set the Configuration for the default map

  • You can set the configuration for Google Maps from the backend.
  • You can set the map settings either on Auto mode or in Manually mode.

 Let’s sellers address visible in their Odoo Marketplace profiles

  • It also shows the seller’s address in Google Maps in the seller's Profile in Marketplace website.

Locate marketplace sellers from the frontend

  • Customers can easily locate seller’s location at Google Map.
  • They will visit these stores and purchase their products easily.

 Set the Google map settings from the backend

  • You can easily set the default configuration of Google maps from the Odoo backend.
  • You can set on ‘Auto’ mode or ‘Manual’ mode of the Google map accordingly.

 Set seller co-ordinates on Google Map

  • You can set seller’s location co-ordinates on Google Map from the backend
  • You can either set on auto mode or manual mode for seller’s location co-ordinates on Google Map

Odoo Marketplace Seller Locator Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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