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Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission


Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission:  A Simple fixed and percentage commission is not even when you have different types of sellers on your Marketplace. So you need different types of commission settings to make it more flexible for you and your sellers.

Odoo Marketplace advanced seller work at different levels so you can set desired commissions on sellers and products:

  • Increase the ways you can earn commission on your Marketplace.
  • provides multi-step commission such as Fixed + % and %+fixed.
  • Added product and product category commission type.
  • Gives you complete control on how and what you want to put the commission on.

Each seller is different and with the advanced commission, you can easily create desired commission rules for every seller that suit your and sellers’ pockets.

 Prerequisites For Using Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Module

Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission works in conjunction with the following module:

You would need to install these modules first for Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission to work properly.

Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Features

Manage Advanced commission types in Odoo marketplace

  • Adds the feature for advanced commissions to Odoo Marketplace.
  • Increases the type and number of commissions that can be applied to the Marketplace.
  • Helps admin to create flexible commissions for sellers on the Marketplace.

 Set seller commission at different levels

  • You can set a commission on the seller level.
  • Set commission at the marketplace on the seller product level
  • Set commission on Marketplace product categories level.

Choices for different seller commission type

  • New commission types added for the admin to choose from.
  • Define commission on the basis of percent, fixed, fixed+%, and %+fixed.
  • Each commission type is available for each level.

 Advanced Commission at seller level

  • You as admin can set commission on each seller.
  • The commission is automatically applied whenever an order is placed for the seller product(s).
  • You can also set a global commission type on all sellers at once from settings.

Set Advanced Commission at the product level

  • Set commissions on each of the seller products separately.
  • Commission on each product is independent of another product.

 Set advanced commission at product Category level

  • Set commissions on each product category on the Odoo marketplace.
  • The commission is applied when the product from the chosen category is sold on Marketplace.
  • If a product has more than one category then admin can set which commission is deducted based on the amount i.e. minimum or maximum amount.

Choose hierarchy or highest priority for commission type from settings

  • You this, to set hierarchy If commissions is set at more than one level.
  • you can choose which commission would be applicable from settings.
  • For example, if a commission is set on both seller and his product level, you can set the priority as product commission.

 Manage global Settings from Configuration

  • Set global settings, hierarchy, and conflict resolution from the configuration.
  • The configuration settings are applied to all the products, sellers, etc.
  • Seller settings can be overridden from the seller profile.

New Commission Types Added

The module adds 2 more types of commission combinations for increased flexibility. Each commission type is available at the seller, product, and product category level.

  • Fixed: set a fixed type of commission from the base price of the sold product.
  • Percent: Deduct a percentage of the product base price.
  • Fixed + %: It is a Multi-step commission. In this, the first the fixed commission is deducted from the product base price and then percentage commission is deducted from the remaining amount
  • % + Fixed: It is Multi-step commission.In this, the first the percentage part is deducted from the product base price and then the fixed commission is deducted from the remaining amount

Set Commission at Various Level

  • By default, you can add commission for only the seller level. So irrespective of which product of that product sells the commission is the same.
  • With advanced commission, you can add commission to the product and product category as well.
  • If a product belongs to two different categories and both have commissions, you can set to apply one of the commissions based on the minimum or maximum of two amounts from settings.

Manage Hierarchy of Commission level

  • If commissions are set on multiple levels, you can set the highest priority from settings.
  • For example; if different commissions are set are all levels i.e. seller, his product, and the product category you can choose which will apply by default from settings.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission Module.

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