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Magento 2 Marketplace Frenet Shipping: the module will allow the customer to select multiple Shipping carriers for Brazil postal codes as per admin and seller configuration. With the help of this, the seller can find the best price of freight price to optimize the logistics cost. With Frenet Freight service it is possible to carry out a freight quote based on the parameters of origin, destination, product dimensions, weight, and the total value of the shopping cart. The order can even be tracked down easily with the help of the Shipping module. Thus, this module can allow the store owner and seller both to manage the order much more efficiently with its services. This will allow the customer to remain attached to the store.

Please Note - In order to use the Marketplace Frenet Shipping module, you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension, otherwise this module will not work properly.

Highlighted Features

 Quick Configuration By Admin and Seller

The business requirement of the admin and seller may vary. Hence, the module can be configured as per the requirement at both ends.

 Product-based Shipment Calculation

The seller and admin both will enter the shipment dimension(length, width, and height) as per product.

 Frenet shipping on Checkout

The customer on the checkout page will choose the most appropriate shipping option offered by Frenet service.

 Origin Details

The seller will define the origin address, which will be used to measure the cost of shipment.

Frenet Freight Integrator

Frenet is Brazil's leading shipping gateway that allows merchants to integrate their e-commerce platforms with over 160+ shipping carriers.

With Frenet Freight Integration, businesses can now optimize their logistics costs and deliver products across Brazil postal code regions.

  • Integrate your e-commerce with over 160 carriers
  • Get competitive shipping rates across carriers
  • Specialized carriers for each type of cargo and region of Brazil
  • Create advanced shipping rules, for example -  Free shipping for a city or zip code, Free shipping for purchases over a certain amount, Carrier restriction by product feature, and more. For more information on this, please contact Frenet.

 What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

Frenet is a Brazilian company which offers simple integration between virtual stores and various carriers.

Using Magento 2 Marketplace Frenet Shipping extension, the marketplace store owner can allow his sellers to integrate multiple shipping carriers offered by Frenet Freight Service for shipping the product to the Brazil postal codes. This will allow the sellers to carry out freight quotes and order tracking.

 Marketplace Frenet Freight Shipping

The store owner has control over setting up the shipping method to allow a customer with an effective checkout. Wherein the admin will:

  • Set the name of the shipping method as visible to the customer at the time of checkout.
  • Enter the Frenet account details to connect the shipping module with the web store.
  • The admin can enter the default dimension of the shipments which will be used when the seller configuration is missing.
  • Set the allowed countries for the shipping.
  • Allow the sellers to manage the Frenet details.

Note: If the user has purchased international shipping service from the Frenet Administrative Panel. Then only, the user will be able to make the shipments to the other countries otherwise not.

 Seller Frenet Shipping Integration

If the admin has allowed the sellers to manage the Frenet details then the sellers need to configure the Marketplace Frenet Configuration details. For this, the sellers will:

  • Define the login credentials of the Frenet Account.
  • The seller can even specify the Shipping Origin Address for the shipment.

Here, the shipping origin will be responsible on the basis of which the freight charges will be calculated.

 Manage Per Product Dimension

If the sellers don’t want to use the default Magento dimensions for their products, then they can configure the dimensions for their products as per the choice.

For this, navigate to the “Product Edit” page.

  • The seller here will find fields Length, Height, and width: set the dimensions.
  • The seller can even define Fragile Product: set as “Yes” if it contains glass or other fragile materials else set “No” for the non-sensitive product.

Note: If the user has Brazilian shipping service then, the sum of every product Length, Width, and Height should be less than or equal to 170 cm. And, the product weight should be less than or equal to 30 kg. If the user has also purchased International shipping service then, the product dimensions and weight may vary from one country to another.

 Use Frenet Shipping Method

  • The customer can select this shipping method for their purchases.
  • According to the customer’s address, shipping methods and price will be displayed.
  • Select any shipping carrier among the available carriers offered by Frenet Freight Gateway.
  • Shipping rate calculation is based on the parameters such as origin, destination, product dimensions, weight, and the total value of the shopping cart.

 Shipping and Tracking Information

  • Can view the complete list of the orders and their details.
  • Manage the orders and generate invoices, shipment of the orders.
  • Can also generate the Tracking Number.
  • Can even notify the customers by sending them emails, cancel/hold the order and even edit/reorder the product order.
  • Generate Packing Slip.

Features -

  • This module offers a dynamic shipping method for Freight calculation.
  • The admin can enable/disable the Frenet Freight Shipping module.
  • The admin can set the Frenet Freight Shipping method name.
  • The admin can select the multiple countries to ship the products to specific countries as per the choice.
  • This will only work if the user has purchased an international shipping service.
  • The admin and the seller both will provide the Frenet account details to manage the shipment of the orders.
  • The admin can add weight and dimensions to the product to apply the shipping methods.
  • The admin and the seller both can set the product dimensions (length, width, and height) for the shipments.
  • The admin can configure the weight format for the shipments like grams, kilograms as per the choice.
  • Allow customers to choose the Frenet Freight Shipping method on the checkout page.
  • Shipping will be calculated using Frenet Freight Gateway.
  • The code is fully open and easy to use.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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