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Magento 2 Mobikul- Delivery Boy App is a native application that facilitates admin, and delivery boy both. It builds a link between them, through the tracking and the chat facility. This application serves a high advantage in monitoring the orders by admin which works on Android/iOS device.

This application gives a function which builds a link between Admin and the Delivery boy. Through this application, the admin can assign and re-assign a delivery boy to order and track them. This helps in rendering a better service of shipping as everything is monitored by admin. Admin can communicate with the delivery boy on chat. The delivery boy gets a separate login to manage all the orders assigned to him by the admin and can even make his presence or absence.

Highlighted Features

 Available for Both Android and iOS

Delivery Boy App is available for both the platform Android and iOS.

 Add Delivery Boy

The admin can add a new delivery boy from the app and can also search for the existing one.

  Easy to Track

The admin can easily track the status of the delivery boy.

 Easy to Communicate

The admin and the delivery boy can chat with each other within the app. That helps both to communicate easily with each other.


The admin and delivery boy both can receive the notifications with regard to order.

 Accepting or Declining Order

The delivery boy can accept or decline the order accordingly.

Why do we need this app?

In every e-commerce business shipping management is the most important thing. That's why by keeping that in mind we have developed Delivery Boy App for Magento 2. Using this App the admin can track the delivery boy, can communicate for better shipping management. The delivery boy can also view the sales and order details.

This will help both the admin as well as the delivery boy to manage the delivery shipment. This module also facilitates the merchants to communicate with the delivery boy to track the order delivery.


  • The admin can manage delivery boy configurations in the admin panel.
  • The admin and delivery boy both can receive notifications with regard to Order.
  • A delivery boy can be added to the application by the application.
  • The admin can create, manage and view the list of the delivery boys.
  • The status of a delivery boy can be tracked and the admin can even assign them orders.
  • The admin can assign delivery boys to the orders.
  • Also, the admin can approve/ disapprove the ratings which delivery boys receive.
  • The admin and delivery boy can have the Dashboard to manage the statistics of orders.
  • Admin can manage the delivery boy orders and the shipping configurations as well.
  • Moreover, the admin can chat with the delivery boy and even the customer.
  • Likewise, the delivery boy can also chat with the admin and customer.
  • If a delivery boy is unable to deliver a product, the reason for the same can be typed so as to why the order was accepted but not delivered.
  • The order list details can be viewed by the delivery boy.
  • The delivery boy and the admin can see the comment history of a specific order.
  • Delivery boys can set their status as, online/ offline through the application and even update their details.
  • The delivery boy can either confirm or decline the new order assigned to him.
  • They can even chat with customers and admin.
  • OTP must be entered by the delivery boy to verify that the delivery is conducted by him to the right customer.
  • The customers can track the order from the order details page.
  • Also, a customer can see his Express order list.
  • The customers can add reviews for delivery boys as well.
  • If need be, the customer can chat with the delivery boy and admin.

Important Note -

  • It is essential to mention here that the Magento Admin and the Delivery Boy Admin are two different entities.
  • The features mentioned above are allocated to both the Magento Admin and the Delivery Boy Admin.

Easy Order Management- Admin End

The admin can easily manage the order within the app. The admin can

  • Assign the order to the delivery boy and also can see the status of the order
  • The assigned order can be re-assigned to another delivery boy according to the availability of the delivery boy.
  • See the complete details of the order which include order id, the status of the order, and order amount.
  • Easily filter or sort the order accordingly.

Easy to Manage Order- Delivery Boy End

Delivery boy can also easily manage the order within the app.

  • Delivery boy can accept or decline the order accordingly
  • Delivery boy can easily view the all assigned order
  • Delivery boy can view the newly assigned order and can Pick up and reject the order
  • Delivery boy can see the comment history of a specific order.


The admin and delivery boy both have the advantage of notifications. This feature serves as an edge over e-mails, they serve easy access.

  • There is a bell icon on the dashboard which helps the admin and delivery boy to be updated with the order notification
  • The notifications serve the admin by notifying about the status of delivery boy and orders.
  • Notifications are also visible for the delivery boy which keeps the delivery boy notified about the orders.
  • Notification is the best way to keep the admin and as well as delivery boy updated with the orders.

Chat With Admin

This functionality of chat with admin can help resolution of the delivery based issue. As now the admin and the delivery boy can easily chat with each other.

  • A quick chat system is very fruitful for small communication.
  • The delivery boy can also ask queries related to the customers and their orders
  • The admin can even ask questions from the delivery boy as if the delivery is late then what is the reason, etc.
  • The delivery boy can ask the admin regarding the order and ask the suitable time for the product pickup

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For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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PayCheap Online Store
Posted On - June 4, 2020
Best in class customer support.
I have been working with Webkul since 2016 and they have never disappointed me with their best in class customer support. When you have an issue with any of their extensions and your support period is still valid be sure that they will fix it for you. I will continue working with them as long as our store is running on Magento.
Eric Duhamel
Posted On - November 9, 2019
Very patient and worked to accommodate my needs.
Excelent after sales service. I had a server problem, they fixed the problem quickly. I recommend Webkul and I will do business with them again. Good job to the Webkul team !!!
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