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    Magento 2 Aramex Shipping

    Magento 2 Aramex Shipping: Aramex Shipping is one of the best shipping provider in the world. It is fast, reliable and trusted by millions of customers around the globe. For the Magento2, we have created an add-on called Magento2 Aramex Shipping.


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    Magento 2 Aramex Shipping: Aramex is among the list of leading shipping and transport service providers. It gives an edge to the merchant with various range of services. By installing this add-on, the admin will be able to provide the Aramex Shipping method to the customers for shipping the goods. Shipping will be calculated by using the Aramex Shipping API.

    Aramex Shipping will calculate the basis of the distance between the admin's address and customer shipping address and weight of the product. The customer can also take advantage of the Aramex COD in case of domestic shipments. This allows the customer to process easy checkout without any hassle.

     Highlighted Features

     Shipping Label

    Customers will get many Aramex shipping methods and can choose a method as per requirement.

     Multiple Aramex Services

    The admin can generate the shipping label.

     COD (Cash on Delivery)

    The admin can enable/disable COD service and can enter COD value.

     Order Tracking

    Customer can track their order through tracking numbers.

    Why use Aramex Shipping?

    The Aramex shipping will allow a trustable mode of shipping technique to attract multiple customers. It allows the building of trust among customers with a professional shipping system.

    It helps the rate calculation to automate with the help of APIs. This solution provides the system merchants with a time-saving solution wherein they can generate the invoice and shipping labels. This allows the systematization of the order shipping process.

     Aramex Shipping Integrated Solution

    The admin will configure the module for the smooth working. The module provides a better shipping experience to customers. Thus, with the solution, the merchant can provide the customers with an excellent shipping method that is reliable and efficient.

    • Specify the desired title of the shipping method as per the requirement of the business.
    • Aramex details to connect the account with the username, password, account number, and account entity.
    • The merchant can select among various shipping method services.
    • The merchant can restrict the customer in a few countries to place the orders.
    • The handling fee applicable to manage the product and type (fixed or percent).
    • Enable the COD service and enter the value chargeable for COD which allows the attraction of many customers.
    Aramex Shipping Integrated Solution

     Checkout Page

    The customer is able to see the Aramex shipping method and shipping price on the cart and checkout page. The customer can choose one among shipping methods if a customer needs a product early. The customer is able to choose any Aramex shipping methods -

    • On the cart page, the customer can fill up the zip/postal code, and then shipping methods and price will be displayed.
    • On the checkout page, on entering the shipping address, Aramex Shipping with price will be displayed.
    • Aramex Shipping will depend on the admin's address and customer shipping address and weight of the product.
    • The customer can choose an Aramex shipping method on the checkout page.
    • The customer can choose an Aramex shipping method on the cart page.
    • The customer will get many Aramex methods and they can choose one among the methods as per requirement.

     Order Management

    After the order is placed, the admin can manage the order easily. Admin can see order and account information. Admin able to see shipping address, payment methods, and product details -

    • Admin can generate an invoice, shipment, cancel the order, hold the order, recorder, and send emails to the customers.
    • Admin can see all the details like shipping address, payment method used, product name, SKU, quantity.
    • Admin can generate credit memo for the order.
    • Admin can generate the shipping label for the order.
    • Admin can enter the tracking number for the customer.
    • Admin can send track notification information through email.
    • The customer able to print the order and can see the order information from the front end.
    Order Management

     Shipping Management

    Admin can Admin can generate the shipping label for the order which is shipped through Aramex. And the admin can create a package for the products. The admin can also send the shipping details to the customers -

    • Admin able to choose the type( document/non-document) of the package for the product.
    • Shipping will be calculated by using the Aramex Shipping API's.
    • The admin able to print the packing slip for the order.
    • Admin can enter the custom value(USD) for the package.
    • Admin can enter the total weight of the products which will be packed. 
    • Admin can enter the sizes- length, width, and height of the package. 
    • Admin can add the products from the order those will need to packaging.
    • The customer can track their order through tracking number.
    • The customer is able to print the shipment from the front end.
     Shipping  Management

    Aramex Cash On Delivery Process

    At the time of checkout, the customer can choose the COD method for the payment process. Thus, allowing the customer with the facility of quick checkout processing. This attracts customers to store as they can process easy checkouts.

    • Merchants can decide the additional charges payable for the COD payment.
    • A time-saving solution that can lead to more conversions.
    • The COD process can only operate domestically.
    Aramex Cash On Delivery Process

     Complete Features List

    • It will allow admin to enable or disable Aramex Shipping method.
    • Admin will be allowed to set the Aramex shipping method name that will be shown on the front side.
    • Admin can add COD rates with this shipping method.
    • Shipping will be calculated by using the Aramex Shipping API.
    • Admin can generate the Aramex Shipping label.
    • Admin can add the methods allowed for shipping.
    • The source code is fully open and easy to use.


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     Magento 2 Aramex Shipping Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Recent Reviews

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    Performing Well with no Issues

    Posted On - October 7, 2020

    it is performing well, I can't say anything bad about it.

    Professional people

    Posted On - June 22, 2018

    Professional people They can do what you need ! Thanks

     Frequently Asked Questions - Magento 2 Aramex Shipping

     How does it calculate the shipping charges?
    Shipping charges are calculated on the basis of the distance between admin origin address and customer address and weight of the product.
     Does admin choose the specific countries where admin want to allow the shipment?
    Yes, admin can choose the specific countries from the backend where admin wants to allow the shipment.
     Does admin choose the specific Aramex methods which admin wants to display at frontend?
    Yes, admin can choose the specific Aramex domestic and international methods which admin wants to display at frontend.
     Does admin add handing fees?
    Yes, admin can add handing fees and type of fees (fixed or percent) from the backend.
      Does admin add COD charges for Aramex COD service?
    Yes, admin enables/disables COD service and can add COD charges.
     Does this module support multilingual?
    Yes, admin can translate the module into any language which admin want to translate his store content.
     Will I get free updates with new features for the Magento 2 Aramex shipping module?
    Yes, we do provide free lifetime updates for our modules. We constantly work on the bug fixes and updates, please keep on checking the changelog and ask for module update. Please note - Webkul will not be responsible for any loss of data while updating, please take a backup accordingly.

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    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.*
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Improve coding standards
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.* version
    Version 2.0.3
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.* version
    Version 2.0.2
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.1.* version
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Admin can enable or disable Aramex COD Service.
    • + Buyer can place orders with Aramex Code Payment Method.
    • + COD amount will display on Aramex Shipping Label.
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Calculate Shipping Cost According to Aramex Shipping.
    • + Admin can enable and disable the Module.
    • + Admin can generate Aramex Shipment Label in pdf format.
    • + Admin can see the Tracking Information.