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      Jomlah is a very demanding shopping destination in the Middle East & is the first and largest marketing wholesale e-shopping website.

      The availability of all the products, and their credibility and high reliability provide the best e-shopping service to thousands of buyers and sellers

      Jomlah is the first and largest marketing site for the wholesale in the Saudi Arabia region, which brings you the products from the world around you and put it in your hands.

      landing page

      Jomlah deals in different categories of consumer electronics like Mobiles & Tablets, Apple and Samsung accessories & also other brand Mobile accessories, Mobile spare parts & its maintenance materials and offers hot deals on multiple products.

      Jomlah always tries to feature every product of the respective categories to their customers.

      Jomlah let their consumers & sellers residing in Saudi Arabia and soon in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, and Jordan to order & wholesale their products respectively through the website.

      Why Sell Products on Jomlah?

      As Jomlah is a very popular name in eCommerce industry in the Saudi region, it receives on an average thousand number of visits per day.

      Selling products on Jomlah is very easy, just browse the categories available on the website and select the one in which you want to sell your products also if the desired items are not available within the categories, the seller can add items in it also.


      The buyers can trade in electronic device easily over the online store and get the advantage of the best shipping service i.e Aramex shipping method to deliver the product to the customer within no time in the most convenient way.

      As Jomlah says that the seller just needs to supply the product & the rest of shipping & getting payments of the orders are done by Jomlah itself.

      Queries & Requirement Gathering

      Mohamed Tawfiq owner at Jomlah contacted Webkul support team & describe the team about his eCommerce site based on Magento 2 platform & discussed with our sales team regarding mobile applications both Android & iOS for the store.

      Mobile Apps

      In order to provide and enhance the shopping experience of their customers on the go and keep them ahead of the growing competition.

      Mohamed asked for:

      I want to ask about this application:

      does it synchronize with my magneto 2 website store

      Can I synchronize the app with it?"

      Our sales representative connect back with Mohamed and provide him with the proper description, cleared queries & guided him to test Magento 2 mobile app demo for both Android & iOS platforms.

      Mohamed after testing the demo for the mobile applications purchases the Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 Community Edition.


      Also, choose Magento 2 Aramex shipping Add-on for his eCommerce website in order to provide its customers with exceptional shipping services.

      Magento 2 Mobile App Features

      Magento 2 Mobile App comes with lots of features built-in out of the box. Some of them are discussed below:

      RTL Support

      As the company natively belongs to Saudi Arabia region, so having RTL Support is a must-have feature which helps the company to greatly increase their market.

      mobile app

      Right Navigation Drawer

      This application features a tidy easily accessible navigation panel, that displays the app’s main navigation options on the right edge of the screen.

      This panel contains all the categories, latest deals, Hot deals regarding used product options, brands and many more.


      Social Login/Sign-up

      The customer can easily log in by using their social accounts or sign up to the application by just swiping to the left edge of the screen.

      social login

      Customization Request

      To provide the buyers with very clean & tidy user experience, Mohamed requested Webkul to do some customizations within the applications both for the Android & iOS platforms.

      Mohamed very specifically & precisely discuss the customizations with our developers for both the Android & iOS Applications. Our developers understood the requirement and started working on the same.

      Display products on the home page

      Mohamed requested to feature products on the home page under a 4 block structure in which each section contains a total of 18 products.

      Each section has a head title and all the section should display the best products in the category chosen for this section individually.

      Home page

      Social Login Workflow

      The customer can sign up and purchase products easily on Jomlah website by just registering themselves on the website by using their social accounts.

      The customer can use their Facebook, Google Plus &  Twitter accounts which in turn will save the time of customers and they can utilize it in shopping. Keeping in mind Mohamed asked to integrate Facebook & Twitter login option in the applications.

      Social login workflow

      Customized Message

      Mohamed wants to add a customized warning message in the checkout process which will appear if the customer would buy products less than 100 SR. The message can be easily customized afterward from the admin back-end.

      customized message

      UX/UI Customizations

      Mohamed knows how to attract their buyers and how to make an efficient application in order to boost up their sales.

      For this Mohamed came up with multiple ideas that lead to multiple customizations like changing the theme of the application, making application with an attractive font, changing button colors, logo which leads to a successful application for both OS.


      Client Review

      Mohamed also posted a positive review on Webkul Store and gave 5/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit this link:

      Great work and so helpful app

      “Thanks, so much I appreciate this app. And I requested customization they give all the customizations I needed. Professional people”

      Mohamed Tawfiq
      Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

      Download Jomlah Apps

      You can download and check out the Jomlah mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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