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Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy AppThe most engaging task of any business is finding the most logical solution to your logistics network, especially towards timely delivery to the clients/customers.

Just the last mile of the entire supply-chain adds up to about 30% of the cost!

Improving your order delivery system and finding ways to tackle the last mile delivery problem can be real cost saver options for your business. Odoo Mobilkul Delivery Boy App provides a digital communication and tracking link between you and the delivery boys in your store.

The admin can add a delivery Boy in the Odoo backend. The delivery boys need to install the app on their mobile phone to get the order details.

The admin can assign order from the Odoo backend to the specific delivery boy. The delivery boy can view the details of various orders through the app and accept or reject the delivery of the orders.

The delivery boy needs to add the status of an order to completed once the delivery is completed.

The admin can also enable the option for delivery passcode. The passcode is delivered to the customer’s mail and needs to be entered at the time of accepting the order to complete the delivery.

Various SMS notifications can be set in Odoo to alert to keep both, the Odoo user and delivery boy updated about the orders.

 Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App Features

 Available for Both Android and iOS

  • It is designed with the react-Native framework for both Android and iOS platform.
  • The app allows tracking and monitoring of delivery services of your business.
  • The app is designed to bridge the interaction gap between Odoo admin and delivery boys.

 Delivery Boy App Dashboard

  • The delivery boy can view the orders in the dashboard.
  • The total earnings can also be seen in the dashboard.
  • The delivery boy can also see the total number of the order delivered.
  • The delivery boy can change his/her status as offline or online in the App.

 Assigning deliveries

  • The admin can assign picking to any delivery boy.
  • The delivery can either accept or reject the through the App. The admin can check the same in the Odoo backend.
  • The admin can reassign a rejected delivery to another delivery boy.
  • The status of the assigned delivery can be checked in the Odoo.

 Completing a delivery and Order Invoice

  • After accepting the delivery for an order, the delivery boy can navigate to the delivery address through the map.
  • The order needs to be marked as delivered by the delivery Boy from the App to complete the delivery.
  • Once an order is delivered, the delivery gets automatically validated in the Odoo backend(if enabled by the admin from settings).
  • The admin can also choose for Odoo to automatically generate a draft invoice once the delivery is completed by the delivery boy.

 Token Authentication

  • To ensure proper delivery and security, the admin can also enable Token option from the settings.
  • If enabled, a unique alphanumeric code or token is generated for each picking and sent to the customer via mail.
  • The customer needs to provide that passcode to the delivery boy while accepting the order.
  • The order in the app cannot be completed without the passcode.

 Push Notifications

  • The admin can configure various delivery boy push notifications in the Odoo.
  • A number of notification templates can be created in the Odoo.
  • The Odoo admin can associate the notification templates with conditions/events to allow Odoo to send automatic push notifications when those conditions/events are met/triggered.
  • The admin can set push notifications for different events such as picking assigned, picking canceled.
  • If enabled, the delivery boy would also receive notifications for delivery commissions paid and invoiced.

 Admin Configuration

  • The admin can handle the delivery boy network in the Odoo backend.
  • A new delivery record can be created and added to the Odoo.
  • The admin can assign order picking to any delivery boy.
  • The delivery pickings menu shows the status of the assigned orders as accepted, assigned, rejected or delivered.
  • The delivery boy record also shows the details of the commission earned by the delivery boy.
  • The admin can configure various notifications in the Odoo.

 Delivery Boy App Front-End View

  • The delivery Boy can set his status as online or offline.
  • If enabled by the admin, the delivery boy would receive a notification whenever an order is assigned to him by the admin.
  • The delivery boy can accept/reject the order delivery from the app.
  • If accepted, he can use the map to reach the destination.
  • The picking status needs to be changed to ‘set as Delivered’ to complete a delivery.
  • The delivery boy can check count for total orders delivered, total earnings and commission amount due directly from the app.
  • The app allows the delivery app to check the list of pending orders and completed orders.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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