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    Odoo Delivery Boy App

    Making Order Management and Delivery a Breeze using the Odoo Delivery Boy App

    • Keep tabs on your deliveries with live tracking, ensuring accurate and timely drop-offs.

    • Optimize delivery routes for faster deliveries and reduce fuel costs, enhancing overall efficiency.

    • Delivery boy can update order statuses, keeping customers informed throughout the delivery process.

    • Stay in the loop with instant notifications for new orders. This makes it easier to manage delivery schedules.

    • Ensure secure deliveries via unique Passcode sent to customers, enhancing order verification.
    • Configure auto-push notifications for various events like order assignments, cancellations, and commission updates.

    Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App Odoo Delivery Boy App
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    Deliver Smarter, Deliver Faster with the Odoo Delivery Boy App!

    As per Mckinsey, by 2025, same-day and instant delivery will probably account for 20 to 25 percent of the market, and they are probably going to continue to expand drastically, in the rural areas also.

    So, on-time delivery is one of the major concerns for store owners, our module "Odoo Delivery Boy App" helps website owners manage their deliveries timely.

    The Odoo Delivery Boy App is like your delivery superhero. It lets your delivery squad manage their orders on the go. The delivery boy receives an order and can accept it on the app. They can use the map to find the customer's place.

    Odoo admin can create and manage delivery boys, assign orders, and track everything. The Delivery Boy app views orders, checks earnings, and toggles availability. Once the delivery is done, the delivery guy marks it as delivered on the app.

    The admin back in Odoo can track the status – accepted, rejected, and delivered. Admin can set up Push Notifications for assigning deliveries, order deliveries, and more. It always keeps your delivery crew in the loop.

    The admin can auto-validate deliveries and auto-generate invoices. They can also set up Token authentication for extra security. Admin can assign a delivery boy, and it's done.

    In a nutshell, this app is the real deal for last-mile delivery. It comes with Real-time tracking, route optimization, and order status updates.

    Odoo Delivery Boy App

    Highlighted Features

     Real-time Order Tracking

    Delivery personnel can track orders in real time, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.

     Route Optimization

    The app helps optimize delivery routes, reducing delivery times and fuel costs.

     Order Status Updates

    Delivery staff can update order statuses, keeping customers informed throughout the delivery process.

     Notification Alerts

    Delivery personnel receive notifications for new orders, making it easier to manage their schedules.

     Integration with Odoo

    Seamless integration with the Odoo ERP system for efficient order management and synchronization with business operations.

    Why do we need the Odoo Delivery Boy App?

    Odoo Delivery Boy App is essential for streamlining last-mile delivery operations. It increases order trackability, allowing for speedy and efficient order deliveries. The app simplifies order assignment within the Odoo platform and provides delivery personnel with the flexibility to accept or reject orders as per their availability.

    With the ability to mark orders as completed, it ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment, ultimately improving the overall customer experience and operational efficiency. Admin can also add Odoo Mobile App Builder which will help the customer to shop from the Odoo store without even the need for a laptop or desktop.

     Odoo Delivery Boy Detailed Features

     Available for Android and iOS Devices

    • It is developed on Flutter's Hybrid framework for Android and iOS platforms.
    • The app allows tracking and monitoring of delivery services of your business.
    • It is designed to bridge the communication gap between Odoo admin and delivery boys.

     Odoo Delivery Boy App Dashboard

    • The delivery guy can view all their orders on the dashboard.
    • They can also see the total number of orders delivered.
    • The delivery boy can change their availability status to online or offline in the app.

     Assigning Deliveries to the Delivery Boy

    • The Odoo admin can assign picking to any delivery boy.
    • They can accept or reject the order through the app and the admin can check the same from the backend.
    • The Odoo admin can reassign the rejected deliveries to another delivery boy.
    • The admin can check the status of the assigned delivery in the backend.

     Check the Status of the Assigned Deliveries

    • The delivery boy can navigate to the delivery address through the map after accepting the delivery.
    • The delivery boy needs to mark the order as delivered from the app after completing the delivery.
    • Once the order is delivered, the delivery gets automatically validated in the Odoo backend (if the admin enabled it from the settings).
    • The Odoo admin can also choose for Odoo to automatically generate a draft invoice once the delivery is completed by the delivery boy.

     Token Authentication

    • The Odoo admin can ensure proper delivery and security by enabling the token option from settings.
    • It will generate a unique alphanumerical code or token for every pick and send it to the customer via mail (If enabled from the backend).
    • Customers have to give the passcode to the delivery boy while accepting the Order.
    • Orders can not be marked as 'Delivered' without the passcode.

     Push Notifications

    • The Odoo admin can configure various delivery boy push notifications in the app.
    • You can create several notification templates in the Odoo backend.
    • The admin can link the notification templates with conditions/events to allow Odoo to send automatic push notifications when those conditions/events are triggered/met.
    • You can set push notifications for different events like picking assigned or canceled.
    • The delivery boys will also receive notifications for delivery commissions paid and invoiced (if enabled from the backend).

     Postpaid and Prepaid Orders

    • It allows prepaid delivery of orders where the delivery boy has to only perform order delivery.
    • New updates allow the admin to assign postpaid orders to the delivery boys.
    • The delivery boy needs to collect the order amount from the customer (Cash) and only after that it can be marked as 'Delivered'.
    • The delivery boy's dashboard will show the COD amount being received.
    • Postpaid orders will show the collect cash button, which will be marked as delivered after collecting the order amount.

     Attach Verification Photo while Delivery

    • Delivery boy can add a parcel delivery photo as a verification in case the customer is not at their address.
    • The admin can enable a separate button to upload the captured pic from the camera on the order detail page.
    • The delivery app allows only a single camera image, not a gallery or multiple images.

     Profile Editing

    • Delivery boys can manage their profiles as per their needs.
    • They can edit their details and images from the app end.
    • The delivery boy can accept or reject a delivery order from the app

     Access to Delivery boys to Log in as both User and Employee

    • The delivery boy can log in as a user in the app.
    • Additionally, with the new feature, they can log in as a user and employee as managed in Odoo POS.
    • The admin can add authentication while switching at the app end.

     Navigate To the Delivery Address

    • You can provide an option for the delivery boy to navigate customer order delivery on the map
    • The feature is embedded in the mobile app only.
    • Each order delivery navigation is managed accordingly.

     Customer Contact Option

    • Delivery boys get the option to call customers for guidance.
    • The calling icon redirects the delivery boy to the dialer.

     Admin Configuration

    • Connect Delivery App with Odoo using API Configuration Settings
    • Set Android/IOS Push Notification Credentials.
    • Setup Delivery Boy Extra Features on the Application
    • Option to auto-validate the picking between delivery.
    • Auto-creation option of the invoice when picking is delivered.
    • Set up and configure the delivery boy program for commissions
    • Configure the email containing a delivery token email template for the customer.
    Admin settings Odoo delivery Boy app

     Delivery Boy App Front-End View

    • Dashboard shows pending and completed orders shortcuts
    • Delivery Boy can accept Orders given by Admin
    • Summary tab of Delivery Boy’s collection, orders delivered, and collection amount.
    • Online and Offline status toggle in Settings
    • View customer and order details, item list, and amount, and get the option to accept or reject.
    • Show on Map option to highlight the customer’s location for delivery
    • Set the"Delivered" button that can be clicked after the package is delivered.
    Odoo Delivery Boy app live View

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

    You may also check our other top-quality Odoo Extensions.


    Product Version1.0.2
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedFebruary 12, 2024 (14 days ago)
    Supported VersionsAndroid  6.0 and up  Odoo  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  iOS  12.0 or later  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 10 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Good Team with proper assistance

    Posted On - September 7, 2023

    (Translated by Google) Excellent service, one of the best support teams!

    Excelente atencion, uno de los mejores equipos de soporte!

    Excellent Services by Webkul

    Posted On - May 24, 2022

    They provide us with some solutions to enable our hyperlocal stores connected with Odoo, using his Mobile App Module customized for us and delivery/picker Apps as well. My suggestion is only to establish delivery dates for customizations and enhance modules to be less "dev-change" depending. Greetings from Mexico.

    Very Professional and Skilled Team

    Posted On - November 22, 2021

    Many thanks to the Android team of the Odoo Marketplace and Delivery boy APPs for their professionalism, competence and efficiency.

    Great App

    Posted On - May 18, 2021

    Great service and app, leaves nothing to be desired, very friendly team!

    Webkul has really great customer…

    Posted On - December 3, 2020

    Webkul has really great customer service and they are quick to respond. I am very happy with the service that we got and that we are still getting.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Shall We get the Source code of the iOS app?
    Yes, you will get the source code of the iOS app. For this, you need to select the option "Mobile App with Source code" during Add to Cart.
     Do this source code of the iOS app support all iPhone screens and iPad screens available now?
    Yes, the source code of the iOS app supports all iPhone screens and iPad screens available now.
     Shall we get the source code of the Odoo store along with its backend and Odoo API for the Mobile app?
    With this mobile app purchase, you will get the app source code only if you select the option to purchase the app with source code. You need to have the Odoo store first to use this App module.
     Are the Mobile App and the Odoo Store White Labelled?
    We can white label both the Mobile App and the Odoo store frontend by removing the brand/logo/name of the Webkul/Mobikul. For more details refer here.
     Is there any need for licensing or any sort of limitations in its deployment and usage of us?
    Yes, there a licensing policy existing in case of the domain wherein with a single purchase of Mobikul mobile application, you can use it for only one domain. However, we provide Multi-domain Licenses at discounted prices. To know more.
     During Support Period, concerning any customization in our Odoo store if we need your support or assistance to customize the APIs for that mobile app, will you do that? If yes, will that be chargeable and any idea on the rate?
    Yes, during the support period, the additional customization will be chargeable which will depend on the requirements stated by the client.
     What is the tech stack used for building the application?
    It is a Flutter-based Mobile App. Technical details of the mobile app are- IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used Android Studio and Xcode. The language used - Dart with Flutter framework. Android Studio is used for generating the APK for Android and Xcode is used for generating the IPA file for iOS. 
     What design pattern is implemented?
    The app uses the MVC (Structural) Architecture design pattern.
     What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
    The minimum Android OS support version is 6 (SDK Level 23) and the maximum support version is 13 (SDK Level 33).
     Does the latest code support iOS 15 and 16?
    The code is compatible with the latest iOS version 16. However, for the upcoming iOS version, the code will support the same once it will be out for public use.
     What are the minimum and maximum iOS version support?
    The minimum iOS support version is 12 and the maximum iOS support version is 16.

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