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Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce


Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce: The main idea behind developing a hyperlocal system is to provide necessary services like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and many such services to customers which they can find in their locality or neighborhood.

This is an effective way to read the temperament of the locales and hence provide the best services in the quickest time. Through Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce, the store owner can provide necessary services to the customers by focusing on specific shipping areas or zones.

This is a very useful plugin for small business and enterprises which initially cannot expand to larger horizons.

Please Note: This is an add-on of Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so you have to install WooCommerce Multi Vendor first.

 Highlighted Features

 Add Seller Origin

The sellers can add their origin from the seller panel.

 Add Ship Areas using CSV

The sellers can add shipping areas using CSV files.

 Enter Nearest Location

The customers can add the nearby location of the seller’s store and make a purchase.

 Alter Location

The customers can alter the location by clicking on the navigator icon on the catalog page.

 Single Seller Checkout

If single seller checkout enabled by the admin, the user can checkout products of a single seller only.

 Restrict access to shop and category pages

The admin can restrict users to access the shop and category pages. Then a user can navigate through the available seller products only.

 Integrate Hyperlocal System

The admin can integrate the hyperlocal functionality to their marketplace and configure its functionality. The admin can -

  • Use Google API to enable the functionality of Google Maps and it’s services.
  • Decide the heading of the popup for the location window
  • Select the radius unit, radius, location icon direction
  • Decide whether ti restrict shop and category pages or not. Moreover, allow the single seller checkout too.
  • Moreover, allow the single seller checkout too. Furthermore, the admin can decide the origin of the admin based on the City, State/ Province, Country, Street/ Locality.

 Add Shipping Rates

The admin can manage the shipping rates for the seller as well.

  • The admin can manage and view the shipping rates of a seller.
  • Decide and create the new shipping rates based on the distance and the weight of the products.
  • The admin can also use the Upload CSV functionality to add new shipping rates.

 Vendor Hyperlocal System

The vendor can use its marketplace dashboard to use the hyperlocal functionality in their store.

  • The seller can decide and set their store origin based on City, State/Province, Country, and Street/Locality.
  • If a seller wants to sell across city/state/country then the seller can manually add long or latitude of the shop.
  • The seller can add the shipping rate by uploading the CSV or based on distance and product weight.

 Hyperlocal System for Customers

The customers can easily access a store by simply entering a location. The nearby stores will display and customers can easily purchase the products from the nearby located store.

The Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce eases things on the part of the customers as they will find the required products at the nearest location. This saves time and at the time of urgency, the customer will not face any kind of issue getting the needed thing.

  • The customer can easily access a store by simply entering a location.
  • The nearby stores will display as the user enters the location.
  • Only the products associated with the entered location will display.
  • Purchase made easy and no need to travel miles to make a purchase.
  • The conversion rates for a store will increase drastically.

Buy Products Directly from Seller Collection Page

After entering the location the customer can view the list of available sellers shop available at their location.

  • The customer in order to purchase the product needs to visit the seller collection page.
  • The products available to the customer depends upon the customer location only.
  • This module even allows the customers to view the recent products from the seller catalog.

 Complete Features List

  • An excellent way to reach out to a generic crowd to provide exquisite services.
  • The admin adds multiple locations, based on where the stores are established.
  • In the admin panel Shipping rates on the basis of the distance and the weight can be created.
  • The admin creates ship rates on behalf of the sellers.
  • CSV files to create shipping rates can be uploaded by the admin.
  • The admin adds radius, distance, and weight units.
  • The seller can add it’s origin in the seller panel.
  • Sellers can add shipping rates through CSV files.
  • Customers can enter a location and buy products from the nearest seller’s store.
  • The customer can change the location simply by clicking on the Navigator icon.
  • The admin can configure single seller checkout or checkout with multiple seller products.
  • Admin can restrict access to the shop and category pages to customers.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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