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Multi Vendor Wallet for Magento 2


Multi-Vendor Wallet for Magento 2: The Multi-Vendor Wallet System module enables an easy payment method for the customers to purchase products from the marketplace. In this, the customer can easily add money to their wallet systems and use it for purchase at the time of checkout process.

Also, a customer can view the complete credit and debit transaction details of the wallet amount. Admin can export wallet system details in CSV and XML format. The admin set and create cashback rules for the customer. The cashback rules are based on product or cart.

Also, the customer will get monthly statement email regarding wallet transactions. The customer, as well as admin, can view the balance in the customer wallet and admin can also add custom wallet amount to customers wallet.

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Highlighted Features

 Secure Transfer

The module offers the OTP authentication which is used to validate the amount transfer event.

 Ease of Transfer

The wallet amount can be easily added and transacted to other customer’s wallet.

 Split Payments

The module offers split payment via allows the customer to pay the remaining amount by other payment methods.

 Easy Refunds

The seller can generate the refunds with ease without any hassle

 Real-Time Updates

The transfer of amount occurs in real time between customer/seller’s wallet.

 Export Transactional Details

The admin can bulk export the transactional details in CSV, XML format.

 Exciting Cash-back Offers

Using this module, the customer can avail various cash-back offers as set by the admin.

 Faster Checkout

The module offers faster checkout as there is no need to add the card details.


The module offers monthly statements of wallet transactions to customers.

 No Transactional Fee

The amount can be easily transferred to other customer’s wallet without any transactional fee involved.

Manage/Transfer Wallet Money

The customer/seller can easily manage and transfer the wallet amount with the help of the following module. Some of the following things that the customer can configure are:

  • The wallet payment will be enabled for only registered users.
  • The customer can add the amount to their wallets by selecting any payment methods from the ones available.
  • The wallet money will be added after the invoice has been created but in the case of online transactions, the amount will be credited directly to the wallet.
  • The module helps in faster checkout as it reduces the hassle of adding the card details for every purchase.
  • The customer/seller can even transfer the amount to other seller’s/customer’s account as a mode of transaction.
  • The amount in the wallet can be redeemed into the bank account by the sellers/customers by sending a “Transfer Request” to the admin.
  • New/existing Payees can be added and paid through the wallet.
  • Module Offers OTP authentications, during transferring of the amount.

Administer Wallet System Details

The admin can view all the transact details of the customers/sellers like -

  • The admin can view and manage the credit and debit details of the customers and sellers.
  • Email notification to customers and the admin on every transactional event.
  • The Notification templates can be set by the admin and can configure them for various scenarios.
  • The details for the transaction can be bulk exported (CSV and XML).
  • The admin can also check the various bank transfer.
  • The admin can approve/disapprove the “Transfer Request”.
  • The prefix can be set by the admin for various transactions.

Credit Rules for Wallet

The admin can create custom credit rules which can be used to manage the credit amount of the wallet.

  • You can create the credit rules based on two types: Cart or Product.
  • Rules can be based on various parameters like- minimum cart amount, start and end dates etc.
  • You can set the cash-back amount which will be applied when the following rule is applicable.
  • Admin can even set the cash-back unique for each product if product rule is selected.
  • At the Shopping cart page, the customer can check whether the rule is applied or not.
  • Multiple rules can be created for different scenarios.
  • The cash-back will be credited to the wallet after the order status is changed to complete.

Convenient Transactions

The sellers/customers can use the wallet as a mode of transactions which can be accepted by everyone.

  • The customer can easily recharge their wallet with different modes of payments available.
  • The transaction will only be possible between the registered customers making it a secure mode of transaction.
  • The wallet amount can be transacted back into banks by the sellers or customers.
  • Various discounted codes and cash-backs can be redeemed by the customer on using the marketplace wallet system.

Easy Refund

Orders and cancellations are an integral part of the shopping websites. As the Marketplace Wallet System will turn your shopping experience to be more engaging for the customers.

Once the product return is initiated or credit memo is generated, the seller can easily generate the refunds. This will benefit the sellers in various ways like-

  • With the help of this wallet system, a refund can be generated easily to the customer wallet.
  • Real-Time updates of the amount into the customer’s wallet.
  • Reduces the hassle which may occur while providing refund offline.
  • No transactional fee deduction from the amount during the refund.
  • The customer can use the refunded amount for the next purchase or can even transfer the amount into the bank by filing a “Transfer Request”.

 Complete Features List

  • The seller gets the split payments in his wallet when the order is paid by the wallet.
  • The customer can add payee in his account to transfer amount in his wallet.
  • Admin will receive notification to approve payee and to approve amount transfer to account.
  • Admin can restrict to the approval required for payees.
  • Admin can restrict the customer to use discount codes when adding the amount in his wallet.
  • The customer can request to transfer their amount in his bank account.
  • Admin can export wallet system details in CSV and XML format.
  • Separate email template for all emails.
  • Cashback amount is managed in the refund of an order.
  • Composer.json updated for 2.2.x
  • A customer can transfer the amount to another customer.
  • Customer will get a monthly statement mail for the wallet amount.
  • Admin can create cash back rules for the customer.
  • Cashback rules are based on product or on a cart.
  • Admin can deduct wallet amount from customer's wallet.
  • The customer can use Wallet Cash during the checkout.
  • The customer can easily add credit to their wallet system.
  • Admin can set the credit limit for the Marketplace Wallet System.
  • Admin can also do the online refund by the help of Magento Marketplace Wallet System and credit the amount into the customer’s Marketplace Wallet System.
  • Admin can view the customer details who are using Marketplace Wallet System for making the online payment.
  • Email notification is sent to the customer on each transaction.
  • Admin can configure the Magento Marketplace Wallet System to set the limit (maximum and minimum) for Wallet amount.
  • Admin and Customer/User can view credit and debit details.
  • Admin can add custom wallet amount to customer's wallet.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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