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CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract-The CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract enables a store owner to create a contract for a vendor that includes the vendor's company information as well as any other terms and conditions that the admin wants to add to the contract. Before CS-Cart vendor registration, the vendor must digitally sign for any selected seller plan. The CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract is a legal contract between an online store and a seller that allows them to register and operate their online business. It is used to sign the terms and conditions of any seller's plan as a contract.

Highlighted Features

 Subscription Plan

The vendor can select the offered plan based on their preferences.

 Support Stamp Image

Support uploading the stamp image.

 Digital Signature

Before registering, the seller can digitally sign the seller's plan contract.

 Contract cancellation

The seller can cancel the contract at any moment.

 Revoke the contract cancellation.

The seller has the right to revoke the contract's cancellation.

 Mail Template

The admin can customize the email template for each step of the seller's journey.

Why Do We Need CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract?

The CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract is a document that outlines the terms and conditions of an online e-commerce business. This contract serves as a legally binding agreement between the seller and CS-Cart. It builds relationships and responsibilities between both parties.

The CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract is necessary to protect both the seller and CS-Cart. It ensures that sellers follow the platform's guidelines and rules and establishes the payment terms for using the platform.

Permissions granted by the store owner

The following settings for the seller's plan contract can be configured by the store owner:

  • The admin can specify the size of the signature that will be accepted by the seller.
  • The admin adds the terms and conditions for the vendor plan contract.
  • Mail templates are defined for the admin notification, vendor plan change notification, and vendor registration notification.
  • The stamp image can be uploaded by the admin from the selected files.

Choose Seller Plan

The plan selected by the vendors based on their preferences and needs is as follows:

  • The customer can select a plan contract from the seller in bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.
  • Contract plans differ in terms of features and functionalities.
  • After choosing the plan, the customer needs to upload details in CS-Cart to register to become a vendor.
  • Before proceeding, the customer must digitally sign the contract.

Seller Plan Contract

The CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract is the agreement between the following two parties:

  • The seller can customize the contract content to meet their needs.
  • The admin can upload the stamp image as well as different contract information for each plan.
  • The contract file can be downloaded by the seller from their profile.
  • The seller has the option to cancel or revoke the contract.

 CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract-Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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