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Reservation Booking QR Code for Magento 2


Reservation Booking QR Code for Magento 2: can be used by the admin to verify that the customer attending the event are valid or not. This can be done by the generation of QR-Code for the Event Booking product type.

Both admin and customer can view the QR-code once the order status is set to complete in the order details. The admin and customer can easily view, download PDF or email ticket including a QR code.

Please Note -

Highlighted Features

 Faster verification of Registration

The Admin or event coordinator can scan the QR-code in order to verify the people attending the event.

 Secure The Order For Of Authentication

With a 3D special code,  the QR-Code is a much more secure form of authentication as it could not be duplicated.

 Easy Invoice Printing, Downloading, and Sharing

The admin and customer can print, get it downloaded or mail it to the registered mail id the invoice with QR-Code attached to it.

 Display of information related to the Order

The QR-Code can be scanned to derive the information related to the order.

Event Registration Management By Admin

The admin can efficiently manage the event booking from orders section in the admin backend. The admin can view the QR-Code in the Order Invoice. The admin needs to set the status of the order as complete for the QR-Code to be visible.

The admin on scanning the QR-Code receives a success message that will authenticate the visitor/customer. It can help the store owner in

  • Verifying the customer.
  • Removal of the need of any manual effort to store the data.
  • Manage a large crowd of attendees.

Streamline the Security of Verification Process

The QR-Code Or Quick Response Code is a matrix barcode that is readable by a machine. The code contains a certain set of information. The matrix is very difficult to be replicated by any human entity. Thus, allowing both customer and store owner the sense of security.

  • The customer will not be afraid of getting the order id duplicated.
  • Much secure than the regular barcode.
  • Removal of the worry of unwanted event attendees.
  • Can only be read by a QR-Code reader device or device with the program enabled for QR-Code reading.

Quick Customer Identification

The customer can get themselves verified at the event by presenting the QR-Code. Once the order status is set to complete. They can see the QR-Code on the Ticket. This advanced technology can help the customer to get verified much easily.

  • Ease of use as the customer need not remember any special number or alpha-numeric characters.
  • No fear of losing the order details as they are saved in the QR-Code that can be accessed from both admin as well as customer panel.

Easy Ticket Details Saving And Sharing

The customer can save and share the ticket with the desired people. The customer can perform the action by three different action

  • Print Ticket- The customer can easily save the ticket by keeping a hard copy of the ticket that will contain the QR-code.
  • Download PDF- The customer can keep a copy of the ticket in the form of PDF, which can be shared with the customer.
  • Send Ticket- The customer can send the ticket on the registered mail id of the respective account. This mail could be shared with the other customer so that they can show the QR-code at the event.

 Complete Features List

  • Quick and easy authentication of event attendees by scanning the QR-Code.
  • Security to the event ticket owner as compared to other forms of authentication like order id, unique ids, and other such codes.
  • The module, for now, works only for Event Products.
  • The QR code is attached to the ticket page which will be visible once the invoice is generated by the admin.
  • The admin and customer can download a ticket in PDF format.
  • The customer can send a ticket to his registered email id.
  • Admin can send a ticket to customer's registered email id.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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