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B2B Sales Representative for Magento 2: As the marketplaces grow, managing a store becomes quite challenging. Therefore, the admin needs a helping hand, so as to take care of the increasing customer crowd. For this purpose, the admin needs a helping hand in selling products and handling the customers’ quote requests so as to offer better services to the customers.

Sales Representative Extension for Magento 2 is one such extension which facilitates the admin of a store to create sales reps which handle the customers’ quote requests and messages. If need be, the sales rep can create a response for the customers’ quote request.

This way it becomes easier for the admin of a store to manage the customers and through sales rep strategy the admin shall generate happy customers.

Note:- This module is dependent on our Magento 2 Pricelist module. One must need to install the pricelist module so as to avail its functionalities.

Highlighted Features

 Creating Sales Reps

The admin can create sales representatives and assign them to respective quote requests.

 Acknowledging Quote Requests

The Sales Reps can send responses for the quote requests which the customers generate.

 Assigning Roles to Sales Reps

The admin can allocate roles of Managers, Administrator, Sub Admin etc. to the Sales Representatives.

 Manage Quotes Requests

The sales rep, as assigned by the admin for quote requests, shall manage their quotes and messages.

Incorporating Sales Rep with Magento2

With the use of Sales Representative Extension for Magento 2, the admin of a B2B store can create and provide access to sales reps. Using the module the admin can create sales rep and provide them different roles. The admin can assign customer quotes, orders, etc which can be managed by sales reps.

  • The admin can create sales representatives and assign the sales rep to the quotes requested by the customer.
  • The admin can assign sales rep manually or automatically, under Dedicated Sales Rep tab.
  • The admin may assign dedicated sales rep for products.
  • The dedicated sales rep may also be assigned for categories by the admin.
  • The admin can define the maximum number of sales rep managers.
  • The maximum number of team members may be defined by the admin.
  • The admin configures the default email for the sales rep.
  • The default order and quote emails are defined for the sales reps.

Interactive Dashboard for Sales Rep

The Magento 2 Sales Rep B2B module provides a very interactive dashboard for sales reps. On the dashboard, the sales reps can see there total sales, quotes, orders, etc. Also, the sales rep can see new messages, quotes, and sales report.

  • The sales rep can see the sales report in a graphical view on the dashboard.
  • The sales rep can see the total sales value on the dashboard.
  • The total number of customers are visible on the dashboard of the sales rep.
  • The sales rep can see the total number of quotes on the dashboard.
  • The sales rep can see the total number of messages on the dashboard.
  • New messages are visible on the dashboard of the sales rep.
  • New messages are visible on the dashboard of the sales rep.
  • The sales rep can also see the average sales per order, average discount per order and average quote per order on the dashboard

Sales Representative Options for Admin

The admin can completely manage the Sales Representative for Magento 2. The admin can see all the orders, quotes, customers, etc assigned to a sales rep. Also, admin can manage them and make changes to them.

  • The Sales Representative activities can be managed under sales rep dashboard options.
  • The sales rep dashboard displays the totals of sales, customers, messages, quotes, orders, etc.
  • The graphical representation of the sales is displayed in the sales rep dashboard.
  • The sales representatives reports display under Reports option.
  • The orders and details of the respective orders display under Orders option.
  • Under Request for Quotes option, the quote requests generated by the customer, display.
  • The conversation threads regarding the quote requests display under Messages option.
  • The Sales Rep can view the list of customers is visible under the customers option.
  • The admin can view the list of the sales rep and add a new sales rep under Sales Rep option.

Sales Reps and their Roles:

A Sales Rep is an important aspect of any e-commerce industry. It is the responsibility of the vend products to the customers on behalf of the store owner. It the prime job of the Sales Rep to market the business in such a way that real sales are generated which leads to higher conversion rates.

  • The Sales Reps option displays the list of sales representatives created.
  • The admin may create a new sales representative.
  • The Sales Rep Info tab displays the account information of the Sales Representative.
  • Under Sales Rep Role the admin may assign roles to the sales representative.
  • The User Role displays all the roles which the admin can assign to the sales representative.
  • The Sales Rep Managers tab displays a table displaying the sales rep’s name and the role assigned to him.
  • The Sales Rep Team defines a table displaying the members of the sales rep team and their details.

Placing Quote Requests

The customer is the most important part of any business, be it small scale or large scale. The customers may tend to buy products and make a pocket-friendly deal with the store owner. This is made easy as customers can place quote requests and these quote requests are looked after by the sales representatives.

  • The customers can log in to the frontend and place a quote request for products.
  • Customers can create a new quote for products.
  • The customer can choose a product from the given list and its required quantity.
  • The customer has to enter the expected price or the quoted price for the product chosen.
  • As the customers submit the quote, they are notified through a success message which displays at the top of the Quote Requests page.
  • The Quote Requests page displays a list of quote requests created.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin can create a sales representative.
  • The admin can set default sales rep for category and product.
  • If no sales rep is created, then admin, himself is the sales rep.
  • The admin can assign roles such as Manager, sales rep, administrator etc to the sales reps.
  • A team can be allocated to a sales rep by the admin.
  • The admin may assign permissions to the sales rep.
  • The sales rep's activities can be viewed by the admin.
  • Admin and sales reps have their own sales rep dashboard.
  • The admin assigns sales reps to the quote requests.
  • Dedicated sale rep can be assigned manually or automatically.
  • The Sales Reps are visible on category & product pages.
  • Sales Representative have the leverage to manage their quotes and messages.
  • Also, the Sales Rep can create quote responses for customer quotes.
  • The report for each Sales Rep is generated.
  • Customers can create quotes requests for a product(s).
  • The customers can have a dedicated sales rep.
  • The customer can message a sales rep regarding quotes requests.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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