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Multi-Vendor Mobile App for WooCommerce: With Multi-Vendor Mobile App For Woocommerce both the seller and customer can access the store anywhere and anytime. It helps the conversion of a website on Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce into an app. The app uses the latest technology- React Native as being followed by major e-commerce app like- Myntra, Airbnb, and Amazon. This will bring consistency in the appearance of the app in both the Android and iOS operating system.

The app will allow the customer to view the product and place the order. However, the seller can manage the orders with the help of the app. This will save there time and enhances the interaction of customer and seller with the store.

Please Note - To develop WooCommerce Multi-Vendor App, you must have Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Easily Configurable

The admin end is powerful enough to help the app owner to amend sections in the app.

 Quick Search

The purchase process can be optimized by the search feature.

 Enhanced User Interaction

The app is infused with multiple features like the banner slider, category carousel, and other such utility sections to provide a user-friendly experience.

 Marketplace Features

The app is powered by both seller and customer-centric features. Wherein the customer can purchase products sold by multiple sellers.

Seller Centric Features

With the app, the seller in the marketplace can manage the store from anywhere and anytime

  • Seller Registration.
  • Profile Management.
  • Order Management.
  • Seller Dashboard Management.
  • Seller Transaction View.
  • Admin seller communication.

Customer Centric Features

Now, the customer can access the store and execute multiple functionalities with the help of the app

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Order Management
  • Product Search
  • Mobile & Tablet support
  • Easy Checkout Process
  • Related Products
  • Customer Account Detail Management.
  • Social Login*
  • Mobile Login*
  • OTP* (One Time Password)

Informative and Interactive Homepage

The homepage of the app is powered by lot many sections that are responsive to keep the user engaged. The main features of the homepage are

  • Category Carousel- A highly dynamic section that contains a set of categories which are linked to the products.
  • Banner Slider- The banners are displayed on the homepage to showcase the information about the store which is linked to either a product or a category.
  • Featured Product- The products which are exclusive on the store are displayed in this section.
  • New Products- Those Product which has been added in recent time are displayed in this section.

The homepage is the introductory section that will not allow the customer to leave the store quickly. Hence, allowing a higher conversion rate.

Seller Profile Management

With the introduction of the app in the marketplace now it is quite easy to manage the Profile quickly. The Sellers need not go all around to look for a laptop/desktop. They can accomplish the motive just by a device in their hand.

  • The seller can quickly monitor and update their profile from anywhere and anytime.
  • The seller can review the added profile details as it will appear to the customer.
  • The seller can add various details about the shop with the help of the app.

Seller Admin Communication Channel

The seller can raise a query for the admin to respond. This will allow in building a healthy relationship in the marketplace. The query system can sort multiple issues related to product, orders and other such issues.

  • The seller can review the Query history anytime.
  • It helps in resolution of any sort of issue related to store.
  • No addition messaging server is required for the queries

However, if you wish to have an efficient chat system for buyer and seller you can refer here- https://store.webkul.com/WordPress-WooCommerce-Marketplace-Buyer-Seller-Chat.html. We can customize the features of the module in the app as in the website.

Easy Checkout

The checkout process of the app saves the time of the customer. The customer can simply follow a few steps to purchase the product. This will decrease the bounce rate of the store and help in more conversions.

  • Billing Address and Shipping address- The customer can review or update the addresses in this section.
  • Shipping Method- The customer can select the shipping method as per choice.
  • Payment Method- The customer can select a suitable payment method for payment purpose.
  • Order Review- The customer before finalizing the order can review the complete order.

React Native App for Andriod and iOS devices

The app is built on React native which allows you to built the complete app on Javascript. This will allow a consistent design in both Android and iOS app.

  • Rich UI with the usage of the declarative component.
  • No need of languages like Swift, Kotlin or Java.
  • Aids fast app building.

Complete Features List

  • Seller Profile Management.
  • Sellers transaction management.
  • Seller orders management.
  • Seller communication with admin via app messages.
  • Customer Marketplace view.
  • Customer Product Ordering.
  • Customer Profile Management by editing the address details, account details.
  • The customer can view the orders.
  • Uniform and Rich mobile UI.
  • From the product section, the seller can add the products within the app.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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