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With Multi-Vendor Flutter Mobile App For Woocommerce, both the seller and customer can access the store anywhere and anytime. It helps the conversion of a website on Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce into an app. The app uses the latest technology- Flutter, this will bring consistency in the appearance of the app in both the Android and iOS operating systems.

The app will allow the customer to view the product and place an order. However, the seller can manage the orders with the help of the app. This will save there time and enhances the interaction of customer and seller with the store.

Please Note - To develop WooCommerce Multi-Vendor App, you must have WooCommerce Multi Vendor Extension.

Highlighted Features of Multi Vendor Mobile App for WooCommerce

 Easily Configurable

The admin end is powerful enough to help the app owner to amend sections in the app.

 Quick Search

The purchase process can be optimized by the search feature.

 Enhanced User Interaction

The app is infused with multiple features like the banner slider, category carousel, and other such utility sections to provide a user-friendly experience.

 Marketplace Features

The app is powered by both seller and customer-centric features. Wherein the customer can purchase products sold by multiple sellers.

 Search Products via Scanning

Customers can search for the product by scanning the written text or images.

 Viewed Recently

Customers can view the products that are recently viewed and can check the details.

Seller Centric Features

With the app, the seller in the marketplace can manage the store from anywhere and anytime

  • Seller Registration.
  • Profile Management.
  • Order Management.
  • Seller Dashboard Management.
  • Seller Transaction View.
  • Admin seller communication.

Customer Centric Features

Now, the customer can access the store and execute multiple functionalities with the help of the app

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Order Management
  • Product Search
  • Mobile & Tablet support
  • Easy Checkout Process
  • Related Products
  • Customer Account Detail Management.
  • Social Login*
  • Mobile Login*
  • OTP* (One Time Password)
  • Note - Features marked with an asterisk are available only by paid customization.

Informative and Interactive Homepage

The homepage of the app is powered by lot many sections that are responsive to keep the user engaged. The main features of the homepage are

  • Category Carousel- A highly dynamic section that contains a set of categories which are linked to the products.
  • Banner Slider- The banners are displayed on the homepage to showcase the information about the store which is linked to either a product or a category.
  • Featured Product- The products which are exclusive on the store are displayed in this section.
  • New Products- Those Product which has been added in recent time are displayed in this section.

The homepage is the introductory section that will not allow the customer to leave the store quickly. Hence, allowing a higher conversion rate.

Seller Profile Management

With the introduction of the app in the marketplace now it is quite easy to manage the Profile quickly. The Sellers need not go all around to look for a laptop/desktop. They can accomplish the motive just by a device in their hand.

  • The seller can quickly monitor and update their profile from anywhere and anytime.
  • The seller can review the added profile details as it will appear to the customer.
  • The seller can add various details about the shop with the help of the app.

Seller Admin Communication Channel

The seller can raise a query for the admin to respond. This will allow in building a healthy relationship in the marketplace. The query system can sort multiple issues related to product, orders and other such issues.

  • The seller can review the Query history anytime.
  • It helps in resolution of any sort of issue related to store.
  • No addition messaging server is required for the queries

However, if you wish to have an efficient chat system for buyers and sellers you may check our WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat System. We can customize the features of the module in the app as in the website.

Easy Checkout

The checkout process of the app saves the time of the customer. The customer can simply follow a few steps to purchase the product. This will decrease the bounce rate of the store and help in more conversions.

  • Billing Address and Shipping address- The customer can review or update the addresses in this section.
  • Shipping Method- The customer can select the shipping method as per choice.
  • Payment Method- The customer can select a suitable payment method for payment purpose.
  • Order Review- The customer before finalizing the order can review the complete order.

Flutter App for Andriod and iOS devices

The app is built on Flutter which allows you to built the complete app using Dart. This will allow a consistent design in both Android and iOS app.

  • Rich UI with the usage of the declarative component.
  • No need of languages like Swift, Kotlin or Java.
  • Aids fast app building.

Complete Features List

  • Seller Profile Management.
  • Sellers transaction management.
  • Seller orders management.
  • Seller communication with admin via app messages.
  • Customer Marketplace view.
  • Customer Product Ordering.
  • Customer Profile Management by editing the address details, account details.
  • The customer can view the orders.
  • Uniform and Rich mobile UI.
  • From the product section, the seller can add the products within the app.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 23 reviews
Haerriz Ravikkumar
Posted On - March 15, 2023
Good Service with complete solution
Fast response
Amélie Hubert Vedrine
Posted On - January 27, 2023
Best Mobile App Solution Providers
I've been using their Multivendor app for more than a year now and I am so glad I chose Webkul.
The support team is amazing: friendly, available and always trying to find a solution for you.
David McDowell
Posted On - January 12, 2023
Easy to Communicate & Very Responsive
The time difference has been an issue, but Webkul continues to work on the project. They have a communicative team with good time management skills. Their support is also described as fantastic.
JC Chatel
Posted On - January 10, 2023
Excellent Work By Webkul Mobile App Team
Great ! We worked with the team on a app : the support is responsive and efficient !!!!
Vivek Ganapati
Posted On - November 1, 2022
Trustable product & support
They are really a wonderful team and very systematic. Response time is very less with timely support. We purchase marketplace solutions with mobile apps which works perfectly as they promised.
Posted On - September 13, 2022
Webkul has done an AMAZING job
Webkul has done an AMAZING job with a great multi vendor app, providing wonderful customer service and have a responsive support team. They’re apps are so good and I highly recommend anyone to go with webkul because you can’t go wrong with their service.
lee seward
gro-connect.com/ (US)
Posted On - May 12, 2022
Best Software Development company
Webkul is the go-to company for Development!!! They deliver on time, sales manager oversees your project through delivery from support! Support is always there and works 24/7 to take care of customers! I highly recommend it!
Krasimir Mihov
Posted On - March 8, 2022
Multi Vendor Marketplace
I am using one of their apps and I can tell you that is one of the best apps I have ever used. Also, if you don`t know something they have perfect support and I am not even exaggerating. They are literally perfect!
Paul V Sebastian
Posted On - January 7, 2022
Quick Response With Good Product Knowledge
Great Support and Helpful Inputs.
Arno Verburg
Posted On - December 17, 2021
Very Professional Team
Webkul has exceeded our expectations, and we are delighted with the level of service, professionalism, patience, and timely delivery. Without Webkul I don't believe we would have been able to bring a product to market in such a short amount of time. Webkul, we salute you!

We look forward to working with the team in 2022.
Eakog Eg
Posted On - November 19, 2021
I have bought many plugins and Apps
I have bought many plugins and apps from them and they are a respectable company and their employees are excellent, fast, and friendly.
I am proud that my site is made by a Webkul.
Thanks, Webkul, and big thanks to Mobikul Support Team
Mody Bag
Posted On - September 14, 2021
Very Good Team
Very Good Team
Posted On - August 10, 2021
Great service and great product
I'm using this app to build a marketplace. There are a lot of functionalities that I found much more flexible than other platforms, especially when you add plugins. The interface isn't the most beautiful/user friendly, so there's a lot of details you need to check and test to make sure it works well. What I must say though, is the support team is really great and has gone above and beyond to make things work for us - e.g. editing the coding in the themes to make it compatible with the backend, how to ensure the Webkul backend is connected to domains and is viewed as a secure site.
Rohit Nepal
pathibharaonline.com/ (NP)
Posted On - July 2, 2021
Best Support Service
Best Support and Great Product.
Posted On - December 3, 2020
Webkul is providing awesome products & and exceptional customer service
Webkul is providing awesome products. We are using the Multivendor Marketplace App and couldn't be happier. We thought we needed to develop a solution ourselves but then we found this solution and have to say that it really works great.
There are numerous add-ons that make our life easy, the interface is very intuitive and the customer service is always reachable and a big help for us!
Definitely a big recommendation!
Valentino Annunziata
goldplace-app.it/ (IT)
Posted On - November 9, 2020
They are the best!!!
They are the best!!!
Bernhard Schusser
www.region.shop/ (AT)
Posted On - November 9, 2020
Good Team + Good Service + Good Products
I am very satisfied with the service and the products are also perfect! Quick and helpful responses to my questions. Can just be recommended!

Iraq Pay
sulemani.xyz/ (IQ)
Posted On - October 1, 2020
Good Response
To reply the request the team already they are good.
Valentino Annunziata
gemapp.it/ (ES)
Posted On - October 1, 2020
Best E-commerce Solutions
Webkul provides digital transformation & enterprise services. Customer range includes small and medium business to large enterprise business. Webkul offers e-commerce, marketplace development, mobility, salesforce CRM, odoo ERP, akeneo pim, ....
Adesuwa Akinboro
learninemall.com/ (NG)
Posted On - September 3, 2020
Quick Response and Quality Service
They have done an excellent job. I am quite impressed with their level of responsiveness and the quality of their service. Thank you so much for a job well done!
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