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Multi Vendor Purchase Order for Magento 2


Multi Vendor Purchase Order for Magento 2: With the help of this marketplace add-on, the sellers can create PO (Purchase Orders) for the wholesalers. Once the quotation is approved, the seller can send the purchase orders and source the products. Wholesalers and the sellers can view and manage incoming shipments.

Please Note -

Highlighted Features

 The Seller can share the quote with the wholesaler

The seller can quote for a purchase order of the product with the wholesaler and easily source the product.

 Communicate from module

Both Wholesaler and Saler can communicate regarding the quote from the module.

 The Seller Can Easily Send Purchase Order

The Seller can even request for the purchase order for the wholesaler, However, a wholesaler can accept/reject the Purchase Order Request.

 Purchase order approval by admin

Admin can approve or disapprove the purchase order status from the backend.

Manage quote and schedule Shipment

The wholesaler can also register to have an account and can view and manage the quote, shipment, and products easily.

 Incoming Shipment with ease

With this module, the Seller can generate the pdf and receive the shipment of the purchase order.

Why do we need this module?

This module adds a new feature that allows the seller and wholesaler to handle shipments. The shipments can be viewed by both the Seller and the Wholesaler. If the quote has been authorized, this module allows sellers to produce a purchase order and source the necessary product from wholesalers.

From the backend, the seller will handle all of the sales orders. On the purchase order tab, the seller can see order details such as product weight, SKU, quote price, product name, and quantity.

With the help of this module, sellers can manage accurate and complete financial records. the major factor of using Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Purchase Order are-

  • Help With Budgeting
  • Handle Unexpected Expenses
  • Track Spending
  • Provide Legal Protection

Basic Options for Vendor Purchase Order

The admin configures the module for enabling sellers to create the purchase order for the wholesaler to the marketplace. Once the settings are done the admin can

  • The admin can enable and disable the module from backend.
  • The admin can set the default prefix.
  • The admin can PO increment number generation for a quotation.
  • The admin can enable sellers to receive shipments.
  • Approve or disapprove admin approval of created purchase order if required or not.
  • Admin can manage multiple purchase orders records.

Send Purchase Order for Wholesaler

This module enables sellers to generate the purchase order once the quote is approved and source the required product from the wholesalers.

  • The seller can manage all the purchase order from the backend.
  • The seller can view the order information like product weight, SKU, quote price, product name, and product quantity on the purchase order page.
  • The seller can also view the wholesaler details like wholesaler name, wholesaler address, and wholesaler description.
  • The seller can manage the quoted price and create the purchase order for a particular wholesaler.
  • The seller can cancel the purchase order.
  • The seller can also see the created date of the purchase order.

Purchase Order Needs to Approve By Admin

Can set the purchase order status for which the purchase order will generate from the seller's end.

  • Admin can view the list of created purchase orders.
  • Admin can also manage the state of the purchase order.
  • Generate request as active for every Purchase Order if want to approve.
  • Admin can see the PO status as processing once the PO has approved.
  • This functionality can be disabled from the admin backend.
  • The admin can filter the particular PO from the list of PO.
  • The admin can simply approve the PO request with the sellers after clicking on the confirm button.

Manage Incoming shipping by Seller and Wholesaler

This module gives an additional function with which the seller and wholesaler can manage shipments. Both the Seller and Wholesaler can view the shipments.

  • Order shipment date can be scheduled by the wholesaler.
  • Once the wholesaler changes the status of the purchase order from processing to shipped, the seller can receive the shipment for the particular product
  • This way seller and wholesaler can easily manage the purchase order requested by the seller.


  • The admin can approve the wholesaler and add new wholesaler.
  • Product Price Rule can be created by the wholesaler.
  • The wholesaler can mail the quote detail to the registered mail id.
  • The seller can quote for the bulk purchase order of the product.
  • The seller can create a purchase order for Approved wholesale quotes.
  • The admin can merge different purchase orders into a single purchase order.
  • Notification emails on order status change.
  • Wholesalers can check their respective purchase orders.
  • Wholesalers can schedule the shipments.
  • Admin can configure whether Order Approval required or not.
  • Admin can allow sellers to receive shipments.
  • Sellers can check the status of their purchase order


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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