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Odoo Advance Stock Inventory Import
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Odoo Advance Stock Inventory Import: Updating inventory is one of the most important chores in your store. The product stock management requires vigilance and accuracy. Odoo advanced Stock Inventory Import module allows you to update the inventory of multiple products through a single CSV/XLS file.

The Odoo admin just needs to put in simple headers in the file and the system automatically updates the inventory of the mentioned products when the file is validated in the Odoo. The new quantity if an updated product is the sum of old hand quantity and the quantity of product mentioned in the file.

Odoo Advance Stock Inventory Import Features

  • The module Facilitates updating the product stock through a CSV/XLS file.
  • The Odoo user needs to enter the header titles below in the file and the information is added to the Odoo when the file is upload in Odoo.
  • The Odoo admin just needs to import the new quantities of the products through a relevant CSV/XLS file.
  • The quantity of each product noted in the CSV/XLS file is added to the present quantity in hand for the respective product in the Odoo. Thus, the new stock becomes the total of the two numbers.

Noteworthy Points

Please use same header title in the CSV/XLS file as given below to export the respective field.

Importing Products

  • Product_external_id: For Product External ID
  • Product_id: For Product ID
  • product_code: For Product Internal Reference
  • product_barcode: For Product Barcode

Importing Warehouse Location

  • location_external_id : For Location External ID
  • location_id: For Location ID
  • location_name: For Location Name

Importing Lot Numbers

  • lot_external_id : For Lot/Serial Number External ID
  • lot_id: For Lot/Serial Number ID
  • lot_name: For Lot/Serial Number Name

Importing Quantities

  • quantity: For Quantity

The headers listed above are in the decreasing order of preference used by Odoo to import the fields. The system will start searching the headers from the top and stop when it hit the first result.

Odoo will start searching the CSV/XLS file for header title from the top of the given list and stop when on the header title it hits first and import the field from the file using that title.

For Example: while importing product the system would first look up for product external ID. If it finds the product external ID, it will stop and import the product. If it could not locate product external ID, it will move on to Product ID and so on.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Advance Stock Inventory Import Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Advance Stock Inventory Import module.

For any query or issue please Create a ticket here

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based on 1 reviews
Posted On - December 30, 2021
Good and Simple Module
The module makes importing or updating stock from xls files a breeze; we had one little hiccup during the first test, but Webkul fixed the problem ASAP.
No Showcase.
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