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CS-Cart POS App: This app will allow the conversion of CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) into an easily accessible mobile app (available for both Android and iOS). This app will allow the sales agent to use multiple features to easily manage the store.

With the help of this demo, the vendor can manage their respective store without any hassle. The POS system can work both online as well as offline mode. This will be done by synchronizing both the data. Thus, to establish an efficient store the best solution is the Flutter POS app.

Please Note:

Highlighted Features

 Offline Mode

The POS can work in both online as well as offline mode.


The app works fine on a tablet, which makes the POS system operable from anywhere.

 Quick Search

The product can easily be searched by the POS agent.

 Quick Product Add

The product can be added from the POS front-end.

 Efficient Cart Management

Regulate cart by adding products, modifying quantity or deleting them.

 Customer Management

Allow addition of customer to the cart at the time of checkout.

 Order Management

Review both the online as well as offline orders.

 Custom Discount

While checkout adds a discount for customer product purchases.

Offline Mode

In a physical store, internet connectivity can be a major concern. However, with CS-Cart Flutter POS App, this is no more an issue. This is because the app can work in offline mode as well. Wherein, the POS agent can place the order with no internet connectivity.

  • It can help the store to generate sales when the internet connection is not there.
  • The offline orders get saved locally in the POS in case of no internet. However, these offline orders will be automatically synchronized when internet connectivity returns.
  • Highly beneficial in the case of remote areas where the network is a challenge.
  • Faster processing of orders even in case of low or internet connectivity.

Cart On-Hold

The sales agent can monitor the queue on the store by putting the cart on-hold. Meanwhile, this will allow the sales agent to manage the rest of the members in the queue. The sales agent can find all the held orders in a separate section which can be processed in the future.

  • It can help the sales agent can identify the held cart as per the customer associated with the cart.
  • The held cart products can be sent back to cart for checkout process or the complete cart can be deleted.
  • Once the products are sent back to the cart for checkout, it can be updated as per requirement.

Register Customer for Cart Assignment

The sales agent can manage the checkout process by assigning the cart to the customer. For the assignment, the sales agent need to register the customer. The sales agent can enter the details of the customer from the POS front-end.

  • A list of the registered customer will appear at the time of checkout.
  • Customer information can be modified by the sales agent.
  • Use case:-
  1. -The registration of customer can help in faster checkout.
  2. -It can help the sales agent to keep a record of the loyal customer.

Product Handling by Sales Agents

The sales agent can manage the products in POS from anywhere and anytime. That is, they can add the product to the POS system with the help of the app. Once these products are added the sales agent can easily accomplish the checkout process by adding the product to cart with a click.

  • Quick addition of product anywhere an anytime.
  • Sale agent can conveniently enter details related to the product- Product name, Price and Product code.
  • The sale agent need not wait for the store owner to add the product.
  • The product data remains synchronized in real time with that of Website and Web-POS.


  • The app works well in integration with CS-Cart Default or Marketplace.
  • The sales agent can add the product with the help of POS.
  • To manage the physical store queue the sales agent can put the cart on hold.
  • The sales agent can Refresh the product list to reflect any modification done on the product in the POS end.
  • The POS can work in both online as well as offline mode.
  • The POS system gives the sales agent the power to manage orders efficiently.
  • Adding product to the cart can be done easily by clicking on the corresponding product.
  • The POS system gives an efficient product search option.
  • The POS agent can register the customer data to easily select them while checkout every time they visit.
  • The sales agent can give a custom discount and coupon discount (cart price rule) to the customer at the time of checkout.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://support.webkul.com/en/customer/create-ticket

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based on 3 reviews
Tarek Cruz - Spainity
Posted On - February 23, 2022
Best App & Services By Webkul
Esta aplicación cumple con todo lo que necesitamos, el soporte por su parte es magnifico. Totalmente recomendable

This application meets everything we need, the support on your part is magnificent. totally recommended
Hamza ElBayed
www.alraiat.sa/ (SA)
Posted On - January 15, 2021
Very Patient and Professional
I have been using Webkul modules for CS-Cart for about 7 years now, and to be honest, there are 2 companies that I go back to every time when it comes to amazing modules, and support.
Webkul, has an amazing range of modules that does exactly what are required without additional customization.
More said, my latest module is from Mobikul, a POS app for CS-Cart, the basic module is great, does what is needed, however, I required some modifications to the app to better fit my business needs; and I am a picky person, I am not going to lie, I've been really picky, and their patience, professionalism, and friendliness is something out of this world.
Because of this, more and more projects from my side is now being pushed over to them.
Super fast and efficient; a bit pricey, but worth every penny.
Nativo Network
Posted On - September 23, 2019
These teams are excellent and responsible with their work
These teams are excellent and responsible with their work
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