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    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS)

    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS): Point Of Sale (POS) for CS-Cart gives the liberty to manage sales on an online store along with the physical store simultaneously. The assigned sales agent can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated & synced with the CS-Cart online store. The physical stores will have their own POS panel for customer and sales management. Admin can create multiple Sales Agent for the physical store to manage POS. The add-on is very useful for increasing the overall revenue by having online stores along with the physical layouts.

    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS)
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    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) - The POS system can work both online and offline, with the ability to synchronize all sales and customer data from the offline business with the online website. By having a management system to handle both online and physical businesses, the module plays a critical role in growing day-to-day sales.

    A POS system integrates every aspect of a business, making it easier and more efficient to improve the process. For customer and sales management, physical stores would have their own POS panel. The POS system for the actual store can be managed by the admin. Each store/outlet can have many cashiers or sales agents to enhance the number of work points.

    Note - We are also having an app solution for the module- CS-Cart Flutter POS App.

    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System

    Highlighted Features

     Multiple Outlets

    Multiple POS outlets can be created and managed by the admin.

     Sales Agents

    For the online store, the administrator can build various store outlets and allocate them to sales agents.

     Customer Management

    The administrator can appoint a store agent to handle sales and customers at a particular store.


    The administrator can assign an unlimited amount of inventory to a POS product.

     Search Product

    Use the product name, model, SKU, and barcodes to find what you're looking for.

     Custom Product

    Add custom products to the cart, such as extra service, product warranty, and so on.

     Hold Cart

    Keep the cart in your hand and go on to the next transaction as needed.


    Apply discount to the entire cart value as a fixed amount or a percent value.


    The cashier can use the coupon code while placing the order.

     Payment Mode

    Accept cash, credit card, and credit balance payments.

     An Ultimate User Interface

    The POS system for CS-Cart provides an ultimate user experience by providing an eye-catching view of the POS panel. The design is responsive to the tab and desktop screens. Various buttons for various purposes are quite user-friendly and add charm to the system. Have a look at the POS design below.


     Offline Mode -

    POS System provides the most valuable and unique feature so that your sales agent, cashier, etc. can work on the POS system in offline mode also.

    They can use all the functions and features of the POS in offline mode. They can complete all the transactions without the use of the internet. This feature will also benefit you when you are having your store in a poor internet connectivity area or no internet area.

    Please Note - For now, you cannot apply coupons or gift certificates in Offline mode.

    Offline Mode

     Sales Agent Management -

    The Admin can manage his Salesperson and track their performance by viewing their orders. Can even create a new Salesperson and assign them an Outlet.

    • Admin can create salesperson.
    • Admin can assign the outlet to the salesperson.
    • Admin can give the POS access to as many sales agents as he wants.
    Salesperson Management

     Separate POS Products Management

    The admin can manage his online and offline store's products separately. Also, he can choose which product he wants to enable or disable for the POS System.

    • Admin can list the products only for POS.
    • Admin can list the products only for Online Store.
    • Admin can list and make them available at both Online and Offline stores.

     Multiple Cart System

    The Sales Agent can create multiple carts and can hold the transactions at that time. He can easily proceed to next the transactions without deleting the uncompleted order/hold order.

    • Multiple Carts Management.
    • Option to view & resume the held carts any time.
    • The agent can create carts as much as required.
    Multiple Cart System

     Easy Pay- Easy Checkout

    The most time-saving feature will provide your customer a hassle-free shopping experience at the point of sale system.

    The POS user (Sales Agent) can easily manage the long customers' queue so that the customers will not have to wait for a long time. Simply scan the products and proceed to the checkout.

    Easy Pay Easy Checkout

     CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) Features -

    • Well integrated with both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor.
    • Admin can decide agent among the CS-Cart site users, who can access POS system
    • Option to list either only POS products or store products or both on POS device. By default, all CS-Cart products are listed in “POS Products”.
    • Feature to generate & print the barcodes of CS-Cart Products (In bulk or individually) via admin end. So, Print the barcodes and add the barcodes to your products.
    • Configurable settings to set the desired dimensions and prefix for the Barcode.
    • Works well with Barcode scanner and thermal printer.
    • Functionality to add products to the cart with the barcode scanner.
    • Option to add a new product/listing manually via POS system ie; The agent can add the custom product which is not in the inventory into cart directly (A service or a product not available in the current inventory can be added instantly to the system.)
    • Works well with product options.
    • Functionality to put the cart on hold.
    • Option to add a manual discount on the order.
    • Functionality to add a new customer via POS device.
    • Orders & Inventory synchronization with the online CS-Cart store.
    • A magnificent & user-friendly POS frontend view.
    • A quick product search option for products by name/SKU.
    • Functionality to search for a registered customer by phone number or email.
    • Easy to configure and manage at the admin end.

     POS Features added in Version 2.0-

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Store Edition. So now you can add POS functionality to multiple stores.
    • Works well in Offline Mode. So, now you can place orders & add new products even when you are not online. The orders & products will synchronize automatically once you are online.
    • Supports multicurrency & multi-language. The POS agent can now choose the desired currency and language. This option is available in the agent profile at the POS frontend.
    • You can now resume & continue previous sessions.
    • Works well with promotion & gift certificate features. You can now apply the coupons.
    • Added the progress bar which works on to products loading after login.
    • Added the full-screen mode functionality.
    • Lazy loading of the products on scrolling.

    CS-Cart Point Of Sale System (POS) Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    Rating 5.0
    based on 2 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Webkul, a patience, professional, and friendly bunch...

    Posted On - December 3, 2020

    I have been using Webkul modules for CS-Cart for about 7 years now, and to be honest, there are 2 companies that I go back to every time when it comes to amazing modules and support.
    Webkul, has an amazing range of modules that does exactly what are required without additional customization.
    More said, my latest module is from Mobikul, a POS app for CS-Cart, the basic module is great, does what is needed, however, I required some modifications to the app to better fit my business needs; and I am a picky person, I am not going to lie, I've been really picky, and their patience, professionalism, and friendliness is something out of this world.
    Because of this, more and more projects from my side is now being pushed over to them.
    Super fast and efficient; a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

    I'd recommend Webkul confidently.

    Posted On - June 4, 2019

    We worked with Webkul in the customization of its POS addon. We spent a long time working on the requirements of the customization, in order to avoid misunderstandings or errors in the coding stage. During that time, the Webkul person was very professional, replied fast and with accuracy to our questions and made an effort to write a working document we both agreed upon.

    On the next stage, the job was handed to another person who also worked hard to provide the customization agreed. He was also very communicative and this helped sorting some problems or minor tweaks that the application required.

    The whole customization was reasonably priced. The job was delivered on time and the support was fast and kind. They also made some adjustments days after we put the addon under production.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does CS-Cart POS work with offline mode?
    Yes, CS-Cart POS can work in offline mode, when the POS connects to the internet, all data will be synchronized.
     Is it possible to assign multiple sales agents to a single outlet at the same time?
    Yes, multiple sales agents can be assigned to a single outlet at the same time.
     Is the POS system compatible with a Bluetooth printer and a barcode scanner?
    The hardware connectivity is determined by the device. If the equipment supports Bluetooth printing, barcode scanning, and RFID card scanning, then the POS will as well.
     Is it possible for the sales agent to update the product price?
    Yes, the price of a product that has already been put to the cart can be changed by the sales agent. When the product is in the POS cart, the sales agent must tap on the pricing.
     Is it possible to use the credit balance when offline?
    Only in the online mode can the credit balance be used.
     How is the product inventory managed after it has been returned?
    After the return has been processed, the admin updates the product one by one.

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