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Opencart Order Follow Up: This module allows the store owner to add or edit the templates for the order follow-up. The module also allows the customer to track updates on order status and update the customers about the new arrivals and products of customer interest. The customer can even unsubscribe the follow-up through the email.

Highlighted Features

Create Multiple Templates

The admin can create multiple custom templates and can assign it to any order as desired.

Easy Management

The admin can manage the follow up for different customers with easy.

Allow Customer to Unsubscribe

The module offers an unsubscribe button as an attachment in the order email.

Schedule Custom Time For Follow up

The admin can set the custom time interval between follow-ups as per their requirements.

Why should you use this module?

When you start up a new business, your prime focus is always on providing the highest level after-sales support to the customer. One of the ways to do that is to contact the existing buyers and share them updates regarding the order status update and providing the update regarding their products regularly.

Another most significant benefit is that the store owner can reduce the number of abundant carts as the store owner can add the follow-ups on the pending orders which is will compel the customers to process and complete the order purchase.

Integrating Order Follow Up

The admin can easily integrate the follow up in the orders with the help of this module. The admin can configure the following things as mentioned below.

  • The admin can enable or disable the module as per the requirement.
  • The admin can set the number of days for which the follow up will be sent.
  • The admin can even set the count of the number of follow up, which will be shared with the customer over the email.
  • The admin will define the specific time after which the follow up will be shared.

Follow Up Order Template

The admin can define a custom template that will be shared with the customer through the email.

  • The admin can create an unlimited number of templates.
  • The admin can use listed sort codes in the templates of the following entities like product name, store address, order id, date added, product list, comment, customer name, status, unsubscribe button.
  • The admin can define any custom name for the template created.
  • The admin can view the complete list of the follow-up emails that are shared with the customer in the follow-up email section.
  • The admin can view the unsubscribe list from the backend.
  • The admin can also unsubscribe the customers through the follow up unsubscribe list section.

Order Section

The admin can view all the orders and can select as to which order the follow up will be added.

  • The admin can either add follow up one by one or can add mass follow up.
  • The admin can add comments to the order follow up which will be shared along with the follow-up.
  • The admin can define different templates for different orders that will be shared with the customer's registered email address.
  • The admin can add mass follow-up based on the order status.


  • Multiple custom email template generation for order follow-up.
  • The store owner can set the number of days in which the follow-up will be sent.
  • The store owner can subscribe or unsubscribe for the order follow-up.
  • The store owner can set a variable frequency of the number of follow up.
  • Order follow-up emails of all the customers can be reviewed from the admin panel.
  • The store owner can add custom comments along with the follow-up.
  • The admin can view the list of unsubscribed follow-ups.
  • The follow-up is sent automatically through cron.
  • The module supports multiple currencies, multiple languages.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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