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Magento 2 Coupon Listing: This module allows the customers/guests of your webstore to take the benefit from attractive discounts before they can place their orders for the products. Apart from that, the customers can view the coupon code details so that they can get to know the information regarding each coupon.

It allows the customers to purchase the products at the best price by applying the available discount coupons. The admin of the webstore can set up the visibility of the coupon codes, thus allowing the admin to list the required discount coupon codes as required.

Highlighted Features

Link For Coupons

A link is available within the cart page that allows the customers to view all available coupon codes in a list format that is scrollable.

Coupon Usage

Both the guests and customers can make use of the available coupons and can apply them directly to the products within the cart.

Coupon Visibility

The coupons are visible in a vertical listing to the customers and the section can be scrolled up or down as required.

Coupon Details

The description of coupons can be viewed by the customers within the cart. Also, after placing an order the applicable discount coupon value is visible under my orders section.

Why do we need a Magento 2 Coupon Listing Add-on?

By using this module store owners increase user engagement and minimize cart abandonment, thereby enticing customers to purchase products. We all understand the benefits of using coupon codes to receive discounts. They are easy to generate and help merchants to increase client engagement for their e-commerce store.

Customers can choose an applicable coupon code by using this module. Moreover, the customers can make a quick checkout and can view the details of the used coupon code as well.

Coupon Usage & Benefits

Providing discounts to webstore users/guests is one of the best ways to gain their trust and increase sales. A buyer can apply a coupon to get a discount as per the available coupon codes. The customers can view the available coupons in a pop-up list that is scrollable.

  • Coupon Codes can be applied directly by a registered or a guest user to avail of discounts.
  • A link to view all the available coupon codes within the shopping cart.
  • Coupon code details can be viewed within the shopping cart.
  • Option to copy coupon codes.
  • Details of the coupon code are visible in the cart, at the checkout, and in my orders' section.
  • The applicable coupon code can be applied by the customers.

Create Shopping Cart Rules with Coupon Codes

The webstore admin can easily create shopping cart rules with coupon codes, and these rules can be enabled for the shopping cart as required.

After this, while the coupon listing module is enabled, the customers can check all of the available coupon codes that can be applied according to the set configurations by the admin within the shopping cart itself. Here the admin will be able to -

  • Enable or Disable the coupon listing option within the cart.
  • Create multiple shopping cart rules.
  • Enable or Disable the shopping cart rules.
  • View the applicable discounts for the orders by navigating to each of the respective orders.

Show Coupons List at Checkout

On the checkout page, the customer or guest user can also view all the coupons available.

  • This plugin also provides a feature to view the list of eligible coupons on the checkout page.
  • Help the customers just before placing the order to apply the best coupon.
  • If the customer has forgotten to apply the coupon to the cart page, it can still be added to the checkout page.
  • The list of available coupons can be viewed by the customer.
  • The customer can copy the code and can apply it in the respective entry coupon field on the checkout page.

Apply Coupon within the Cart

Customers can choose the coupon that is applicable to the products in their cart and tap the "Apply Coupon" button next to the coupon code. Doing so applies the discount to their total purchase amount.

  • The store admin can create multiple cart rules with the respective coupon codes.
  • The customers can add their products to the cart.
  • Customers can view the coupon list within the cart.
  • All available coupon codes that are applicable to the products in the cart get visible in a list format.
  • Customers can make a quick checkout.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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