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    Magento 2 Purchase Order (PO)

    A complete ERP solution for Adobe Commerce, allowing merchants to create purchase orders, request quotations, manage incoming shipments, and update incoming product information easily. The purchase orders can be created either manually or automatically. An automatic purchase order is created when any product goes out of stock. After confirming the auto-draft purchase order, the admin can send the purchase order to the supplier via email.


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    Purchase Management is an activity for sourcing goods & services from various suppliers. With the help of this module, you can perform purchase management function within your store. Add various suppliers to a product, create purchase orders, manage quotations, incoming shipments. When the product goes out of stock, it automatically creates a purchase order.

    Managing information about all the products is very difficult. There are various problems such as - variation in lead time, seasonal demand, uncertainty in demand supply, change in prices, etc. Accordingly, the store owner has to decide a lot of things like - what products, in which quantities, from which supplier, and when to order. Since keeping a track of all these records is not possible, this extension comes in handy.

     Magento 2 Purchase Order (PO)

    Highlighted Features

     Email Sharing With Supplier

    The supplier will receive the mails of quotation and its confirmation as desirable by admin.

     Additional Attribute of products in Quote

    The admin can add a new additional attribute of the product while raising quotes.

     Notes While Quoting

    The admin can add a note while raising a quote for the product.

     Purchase Order Image

    Now product images are visible on the purchase order for visual identification.

     Supports MSI Functionality

    Efficient inventory management with multiple sources and associated suppliers.

     Shipping Partial Orders

    The suppliers can divide the purchase order delivery into more than one part.

     Two or more Order Merging

    The admin can merge two or more quotes, this saves them from a long list of quotes.

     Supplier Information in Product

    This information in the product section can help in easily manage the purchase orders.

    Magento 2  ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) Integration Solution

    Managing the demand and supply of a product is a huge task. If you have a catalog where products are shipped to you by different suppliers then the Purchase Order for Magento 2 will ease your work. As a store owner, you need to keep track of a lot of things.

    Like, which product, what quantity when to order and from which supplier. It is really hard to manage all this information. With the help of the Magento 2 Purchase Order module, you can manage and track all this information in one place and in a very easy way.

    Adobe Commerce Procurement Management

    Admin can create a purchase order manually or confirm existing quotation to purchase order. Admin can select a supplier for which purchase order needs to be created. After that, the admin can select products to be added to the purchase order.

    • Select available suppliers and add products to order.
    • Enter the source document name in the purchase order.
    • Print or cancel the purchase order.
    • Send a purchase order to the supplier by email.
    • Add and view comments in the purchase order.
    • Notify supplier by email.
    • View purchase order status - done/confirm.
    • View order date and supplier information.
     Generating Purchase Order in Magento 2

    Suppliers Management

    Admin can add and manage suppliers in Purchase Order for Magento 2. Admin can add suppliers by entering the name, email, company, address, etc. In this section, the admin can also see products assigned to the supplier, quotations and purchase orders.

    • Admin can enter personal information of suppliers like name and email.
    • Admin can enter company name and VAT/Tax number.
    • The product assigned to the supplier is visible.
    • Admin can see the product’s lead time, minimal quantity, and the priority assigned to the supplier.
    • Admin can see the quotations of the supplier.
    • Admin can see the purchase order of the supplier.
     Supplier Management

    Product Management in Purchase Order

    For each product, the admin can add suppliers available for that product from the supplier list. Admin can add the following information with the supplier information on each product.

    • Choose multiple suppliers for a product.
    • Enter supplier minimal quantity, lead time, the priority.
    • Set supplier status as Enabled/ Disabled.
    • Add multiple quantities with cost prices.
    • Mention product cost price in products.
    • Select the procurement method for each product.
     Product Management in Purchase Order

    MSI (Multi-Source Inventory) Support

    The extension supports the MSI feature of Magento 2.3.x wherein there is an efficient system for inventory management. It allows the store owner or merchant to manage the Mulitple sources and their associated suppliers.

    • Suppliers can be associated with these sources and information is saved.
    • The quotation will also have the source information of the product.
    • Efficient Management of Inventory with source details.

    Note - This feature is applicable in Magento 2.3.x.

    MSI (Multi-Source Inventory) Support

    Auto Draft Quotation When Product Goes Out of Stock

    The best way to manage inventory or stock level is automated quotation generation. With the help of this extension if the product reaches the minimum threshold level a quote is saved in the draft section.

    These quotes will allow the store owner to remain safe from any stock scarcity.

    • In the case of multiple suppliers, the selection takes place on a priority basis.
    • It manages the store stock requirement by creating a quote in the draft.
    • The draft quote is prepared concerning the following parameters- priority, minimal quantity, and cost price.
    Auto Draft Quotation When Product Goes Out of Stock

    Incoming Shipments/ Products

    The extension makes it easy for the admin to view the incoming shipments and products. Thus, making the purchase order management much easy.

    • Quickly add and view comments in the incoming shipment.
    • Notify suppliers by email and print the order.
    • Receive partial shipments and update quantity.
    • Facility to update the schedule easily.
     Incoming Shipments and Products

    Merge Two or More Purchase Orders

    The store owner for its efficient management of the quote can merge the two quotes in one. Thus, allowing the admin to remain safe from a long list of quotes. This functionality helps in enlisting the product in a single quote which would else be divided.

    • Only the same seller quotes can be merged.
    • Multiple quotes can be merged into one.
    • Admin cannot merge the cancelled quotes.
    Merge Two or more Purchase Orders

    Email Notifications to Suppliers

    Purchase orders and quotations can be mailed to the suppliers for further processing. The admin can set a mail template for these emails which will e shared with the suppliers. The supplier can respond to the mail as per which the admin can take up the action.

    • Automation of Quote and purchase order management.
    • Easy communication with the supplier.
    • Save from losing Quotation send which would have been if the manual procedure is followed.
    Email Notifications to Suppliers

    Add Suppliers Information in Products

    Admin can add and manage suppliers in Purchase Order for Magento 2. This will allow them to process the purchase order much easier. The admin can save in the personal details of the supplier, products assigned, quotations, and purchase orders.

    • Supplier Information- This will allow easy contact and identification of the supplier. Here the admin can also select the source of the supplier from where the purchase orders are managed.
    • Products- List of products whose quote is assigned to the supplier.
    • Quotation- All the assigned quote of the supplier are visible in this section to allow the admin to view the same and manage.
    • Purchase Orders- This records the data of all purchase orders being managed by the suppliers.
    Add Suppliers Information in Products

    Select Procurement Method

    The admin can select how the procurement procedure works and per-order generation takes place. The admin can follow either the manual or automated format. The admin can opt for only one method out of the two.

    • The manual way is to follow all the steps one by one to create the purchase order.
    • Automation refers to the creation of the purchase order whenever the products go out of stock.
    Select Procurement Method

    Bulk Action on Quotations

    The admin can take process action in bulk on the quotations. This makes quote management much easy and efficient process. The admin can perform multiple actions like-

    • Cancel- The collective quote be selected and marked as cancelled rather than marking it one by one.
    • Merge Quotations- This action requires the selection of two or more quotes to make it one.
    • Confirm Quote- The admin can collectively set the quotes to confirmed once the supplier reverts to the quotation mails.
    • Email Quotation- This will allow the admin to send the mail to suppliers collectively.
    • Print Quotation- The admin can print the quotation by selecting them together.
    • Delete- The admin can even collectively delete the quotes.
    Bulk Action on Quotations

    Partial Shipment

    This allows the suppliers to manage the deliveries. It divides the purchase orders into two or more parts. The partial order is only meant for the orders with status as Ready to Recieve. This method makes the processing of shipment much quick and easy.

    • The admin can save the Partially received orders.
    • Easy update of the Partial order received.
    • Save the time of the store owner as they don't have to wait till complete order is received.
    Partial Shipment

    Compatible With MSI Feature

    Manage your purchase by sourcing goods and services from multiple suppliers staying in different areas of the country or even the globe.

    • In this module, the sources are selected while creating the supplier and these sources will be created using the MSI feature.
    • While creating the Quotation Order, these sources will be selected by the admin for multiple products.
    • The products will be fetched from the selected source only.
    • Like this, the admin can use the MSI feature to make the purchase management more efficient and helpful.
    Compatible With MSI Feature

     ERP For Adobe Commerce Features

    • Set the procurement method – auto or manual.
    • The default prefix for the purchase order number.
    • Send quotation and purchase order emails to the suppliers.
    • Add any comments to the purchase order, incoming shipment, and notify the suppliers.
    • Add suppliers in a product by specifying – cost price, quantity, priority.
    • Manage incoming shipments and products from the suppliers.
    • Update information about the partial shipments.
    • Draft purchase order, when a product goes out of stock.
    • A draft purchase order will be made for the supplier who offers the best price.
    • The admin can create a new purchase order for any supplier.
    • It supports multiple language translations.
    • The source code is open for customization.
    • Automatically Quotation created when a product goes out of stock.
    • Automatically Quotation created in case of threshold in advanced inventory.
    • Generate Request For Quotation for every Purchase Order.
    • You can check the status of your incoming products/Shipment.
    • Easily Merge Two or more Purchase Orders.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Adobe Commerce Extensions.

    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Great guys, fast support!

    Posted On - April 22, 2020

    We have now soon in total 3 Standard and customised Modules from Webkul and we are very satisfied with them. Yes, of course it needs sometimes some extra testing and debugging from customers side but in the end, these guys deliver absolute great work!

     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can admin create purchase order automatically for out of stock products?
    In the module, there is a feature where the quotation is created automatically when a product is out of stock. Admin just needs to confirm the quotation to generate Purchase Order.
      Can we add the cost price of products from each supplier?
    Yes, you can add suppliers to each product with their cost price.
     Can admin add a comment on the purchase order?
    Yes, admin can add comments on the purchase order. Even admin has the option to notify the supplier through email regarding the comment.
     What is Procurement Method in module configuration?
    It is an option to select how you want to procure your products and generate a purchase order. If it is selected as ‘Manual’ then you need to create the purchase orders manually. If you have selected ‘Automatic’ then purchase order will be drafted every time the product goes out of stock and you just need to confirm it.
     If I have selected the Procurement Method as ‘Automatic’, can I still create purchase order manually?
    Yes, you will still have the option to create purchase orders manually.

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    Version 5.0.2  C.E.
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6.
    • - Bug fixed
    Version 5.0.1  C.E.
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
    • - Bug fixed
    Version 5.0.0  C.E.
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x.
    • - Bug fixed
    Version 4.0.2
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6^.
    • - Bug fixed
    Version 4.0.1  E.E.
    • + Compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition 2.4.x.
    • - Bug fixed
    Version 4.0.0  E.E.
    • + Compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition 2.4.x.
    Version 3.0.2
    • + Source field is also updatable at item ordered list.
    • + Mass delete on the order list.
    Version 3.0.1
    • + Added MSI support
    • + Added Quotation Notes feature
    • + Added Product image to purchase order
    • + Admin can create additional attributes for the quotation order
    Version 3.0.0
    • - Automatically Quotation created when a product goes out of stock issue fixed.
    • - Bug Fixed
    Version 2.2.0
    • - The past date does not update into the Incoming shipment issue fixed.
    • - Layout issue fixed.
    • - Translate issue fixed.
    • - Automatically Quotation created in case of threshold in advanced inventory.
    • - Bug Fixed
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.X.
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Bug fixed.
    • + Design improvement.
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Automatic Purchase Order Generation if a product goes out of Stock
    • + Generate Request For Quotation for every Purchase Order.
    • + You can perfectly check the status of your incoming products/Shipment.
    • + Easily Merge Two or more Purchase Orders.