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    Magento 2 Product Question Answer

    Magento 2 Product Question Answer allows buyers to ask questions about products to the vendor and admin. The customer can like or dislike the answers.

    • Buyer can ask the question to admin on his product.

    • Anyone can respond to that question.

    • Admin will manage all the questions and answers.

    • Customers can like or dislike answers.

    • Admin can also reply to all the questions.

    • Email notifications will go to Buyer and Admin for Questions and Replies.

    Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer Magento 2 Product Question Answer
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    Product Questions and Answers for Magento 2 improve customers' shopping experience. It provides a dedicated section where customers can ask questions about the products. It allows customers to gather more information and address concerns. And also make informed buying decisions.

    The Question & Answer section encourages attention, trust, and a community among users. It builds a knowledge base of usually asked questions for customer value. With this feature, Magento 2 empowers customers with the information they need.

    It leads to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and a seamless shopping journey. Vendors can also manage reviews with the help of Vendor Product Review for Magento 2.

    Magento 2 Product Question Answer

    Highlighted Features

     Customer-Store Communication

    Facilitates direct customer questions to vendors/admins, enhancing communication.

     Notify via Email

    Automated email notifications are sent to buyers and admins whenever there are new questions or responses.

     Like / Dislike Answer

    Enables customer feedback through liking or disliking provided answers, promoting valuable input.

     Admin Control

    Dedicated admin panel section for managing product questions, facilitates query review and response.

     Improved Shopping Experience

    Enhances shopping experience by addressing concerns and providing timely responses to customer questions.

     Builds Trust

    Creates transparent communication between customers and store owner/admin, fostering trust and confidence.

    Why do we need Product Questions and Answers for Magento 2?

    Product Questions and Answers (Q&A) are critical for Magento 2. They enhance the shopping experience for customers. Provides a platform for customers to ask questions about products. It allows the customers to gather information, address concerns, and make confident buying decisions.

    The Question and Answer extension section builds trust and encourages customers and store owners to interact. Customers can easily ask their doubts regarding a product and can get the answers for the same.

    Additionally, it serves as a valuable knowledge base for future customers. Contributes to increasing sales and customer satisfaction on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. A customer in a Magento 2 store asked whether the laptop had a backlit keyboard.

    The store admin promptly replied yes, it has a backlit keyboard. It helps the customer to resolve their query instantly. The customer and the admin receive email notifications about the question and response. On the experience basis of the customer, the admin can also send a review reminder to the customer. For this, you can check Marketplace Review Reminder for Magento 2.

    How to Setup - Magento 2 Product Q&A Module

    According to the configuration, it will work on the front end. Admin ensures it aligns with their store's needs and enhances the customer experience.

    • Customer questions need to be approved by the admin before they are visible on the front end.
    • Admin can enable the question-and-answer feature for products.
    • Customers get an email notification when their queries are resolved.
    • Admins also receive email notifications for customer questions if that feature is enabled.
    Admin configuration

    Workflow of Module

    Customers can easily access the View QA section on the admin product page. They can click Ask Questions to submit their queries to the admin. A pop-up allows them to enter the subject, query, and display name.

    From there, the customer can easily ask questions related to the product. Admin replies trigger response emails to customers. Apart from this, customer can:

    • Click on View All to see all the questions and answers.
    • Click Most Helpful to view the top upvoted answers, ranked by customers.
    • See the total number of questions that have to ask and answered.
    • Choose Most Recent to view the latest customer questions.
    • Select Give Answer to respond to customer questions.
    • Upvote or downvote an answer.
    • Search or ask a question.
    Workflow of Module

    Admin Can Manage Questions

    The admin can reply to the questions asked by the customers. The admin will navigate to manage the product question-answer section. Here the admin will find all the questions asked by the customers and can make a reply to the questions.

    The admin can reply by clicking the "Click to Response" button. It opens a page where they can respond to the customer's query. Also, the admin checks customer queries from the Manage Product Question Answer section.

    • Customer question settings admin can control.
    • Admin can manage the visibility of customer questions.
    • Admin has the authority to respond to all the questions.
    • Also, it allows efficient management of customer questions.
    Admin Can Manage Questions

    Question & Answer Frontend Visibility

    The admin can manage the Question & Answer frontend visibility from the backend. Select the queries the admin wants to showcase on the front end and click on approved in the action option. Only the approved queries will be displayed on the product page.

    Questions can enabled, disabled, or deleted by the admin. To display a dedicated section for common questions and answers, you may also use the Magento 2 FAQ extension.

    • Admin can delete the queries if needed.
    • View the questions and give a reply to the same.
    • The queries can be disapproved by the admin.
    • All the queries raised by various customers will be displayed here.
    • Admin can type the response and click on submit to make a reply.
    Question & Answer Frontend Visibility

    Customer Benefits

    Customers can directly raise the query for the products of the vendors or admin. Customer can also clear their doubts before purchasing the products. This module provides a platform for exchanging information and increasing trust.

    Thus, helps in making better buying decisions and enhances the shopping experience.

    • Customers can ask specific questions for detailed information of the product that is not available on the product page.
    • Provide access to existing question answers to boost customer confidence.
    • Saves time and effort by raising queries and receiving quick responses.
    • Customer can share their experience, and help the community to build trust.
    • It helps in making better buying decisions.
    Customer Benefits


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version5.0.0-p1
    Released7 years ago
    CategoryMagento 2
    Last UpdatedApril 29, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Nice Extension with professional support!

    Posted On - July 13, 2020

    We had a little problem with the extension in the fronted view. Contacted the support and it was solved during 8 hours! This is support we love.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the Product Question Answers module for Magento 2?
    The product Question Answers module facilitates direct product questions to vendors/admin.
     How can customers ask questions using this module?
    Customers can ask questions via the "View QA" section on the product page. Click the "Ask Question" button. They can enter their question and other relevant details in the provided pop-up.
     Are there any notifications for new questions and responses?
    Module sends email notifications for new questions/responses to buyers and admin.
     Is admin approval required for customer questions to be visible on the front end?
    The admins can enable question approval for visibility on the front end.
     How can admins manage customer questions and provide replies?
    Admins can handle and reply to customer questions in the "Manage Product Question Answer" section.
     Can admins configure email notifications and question approval settings?
    After installation, the admin can customize email notifications and question approval settings.

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    Version 5.0.0-p1
    • - Bugs fixed.
    Version 5.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6.
    • - Bugs fixed.
    Version 4.0.0-p1
    • - Bugs fixed.
    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.6.
    • - Bugs Fixed
    Version 3.0.0
    • + Added language translation.
    • + Fixed errors and warnings generated by PHP code sniffer.
    • + Removed object manager from constructors.
    Version 2.1.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.*.
    Version 2.0.2
    • + Made Compatible with Varnish Cache.
    • - Bugs Fixed.
    Version 2.0.1
    • + Log In pop up feature added.
    • + Issues Fix.
    Version 2.0.0
    • + Buyer can ask the question to Admin on his product.
    • + Anyone can respond to that question.
    • + Admin will manage all the question and answer.
    • + Customers can like or dislike answers.
    • + Admin can also respond to that questions.
    • + Email notifications to Buyer and Admin for Questions and Responses.