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With the help of the WooCommerce Group Buy module, the admin can add the existing product into the Group Buy product category by altering the price of the product. It helps the customer to buy the product at a discounted price from the regular price. To get at the discounted price, the customer needs to create a group or can join any of the existing groups. The customers can also share the group through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Send By Email.

The admin can also enable the wallet extension from the back-end so that the customer can use the wallet to pay for the purchase. They can also refund the amount into the customer wallet.

Highlighted Features

Multiple Groups

Multiple groups can be created by different customers for a single product.

Sharable Groups

The customers can share the created group through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Send By Email.

Wallet Transaction

The customer can take advantage of the wallet system and track down the transaction held with it.

Discounted Price

If the customer will buy the Group Buy product by creating a group or by joining an existing group, then they can buy the product at a discounted price.

Why use this module?

If the admin wants the customer to buy the product in a group, then they can use this module. It helps their customers to buy the product in the group to get the discount and as a result, many customers end up buying the product in the group. It increases the sale of the store.

Also, the wallet payment method makes the payment procedure easy for the customer.

Introduce Group Buy Feature to Store

The admin can configure the module for the customer to take advantage of Group Buy. Where the admin can define -

  • Group Count - Here, the admin can state the maximum number of the group which each customer can create.
  • Group Buy works text - The admin can define how the group buys works in a brief.

These settings will help the module to operate in a better way on the frontend. Thus, convincing the customer to join the niche to take advantage of group buy pricing.

Association of Products To Group Buy

The admin can add the product to the group for the customer to purchase. These products can be seen separately in the group buy section. The admin can add the following details to make them part of the group buy the product-

  • The foremost important thing is that the admin needs to select the Product.
  • Then the admin needs to specify the special price in Group Buy Price.
  • The start and end date till the time the Group buy is active for a product.
  • The admin can define the group size to allow the ‘group buy’.
  • Enable the status of the ‘Group buys’ module.

Thus, allowing the customer to acquire the advantage of a group buy purchases.

Group Actions

The customer could create groups for the purchase of the products at discounted rates. The admin could define the rules for the group creation stating- Group Name, Group creation date, End date, Group Size, How many members have joined the group till now and the status of the Group.

The status of the customer group could be defined in the Group Action section. Wherein the admin can implement various options-

  • Processing - This is the status of the group when it hasn’t reached the minimum limit of group size.
  • Qualified - This status is set when the group has completed its members during the time duration.
  • Disqualified - When the group has not completed its required size with the provided time frame then the admin could set such status.
  • Refunded - The admin will return the amount to the disqualified member and set the status as refunded.

Wallet Management

The customer will have the power to pay for the purchase using the wallet. This wallet can be managed by the admin by stating the configuration of the wallet.

Both the admin and customer can even monitor the transaction which was held with the help of the wallet.

  • The customer can take advantage of quick, easy, and secure transactions.
  • The customer could add the amount to the wallet as a simple checkout process.
  • The admin can manually debit or credit the wallet amount in the customer's wallet.

Group Purchase

This module allows the customer to purchase the product in a group. Here, the size of the group as set by admin must be achieved to complete the order.

The customer has the option to either create a new group or join the existing group. For the existing group, the customer can view the details of the group such as the group(name), group expiry time, the group creator name.

  • Customers can get the product at subsidiary rates.
  • Admin can get cumulative sales of a product.
  • The customer can share a group among other customers through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Send By Email.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 2 reviews
Brayce Fepa
Posted On - January 18, 2023
They are simply amazing
They are simply amazing.
I highly recommend their products.
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Posted On - October 18, 2021
Very Professional & helpful
Very helpful and professional explanation about the module and other details from Archana Tiwari.
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