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    Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce

    Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce: Now, the customers of the WooCommerce Marketplace will be able to create events and raise funds by sending in the invite links via Email and WhatsApp. Thus making it easier than ever to collect funds from your friends and family for a good cause.

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    Wallet Fund Pool for WooCommerce: This extension is an add-on to the WooCommerce Wallet System in which the users can create events and raise funds by sending emails to other users. The collected money goes to the admin and then later, the admin will transfer that money into the customer's wallet who had created the event. This extension is an add-on to the Wallet System. To make use of this extension, you must have first installed the WooCommerce Wallet System.

    Highlighted Features

     Enable/Disable Module

    Enable the extension to use it at the web-store front-end else select it as disabled.

     Multiple Event Types

    Create various event types which are then available to customers for selection at the time of event creation.

     Means of Invitation

    Invite your friends and family using their email address or by sending the invitation message on WhatsApp.

     Participation Amount

    Set up the participation amount for the event that is to be paid by the invitees for attending the event.

     Guest Checkout

    Guest checkout is also available allowing the guest to participate in the events.

     Request Payout

    The customers can only request a payout from the admin after an event has completed.

    What is the use of this extension?

    After a successful login to their account, the customers will be able to create various different events as per their need. These events are basically used for raising funds by sending in the invite links. While a customer has received the invitation link, the customer needs to pay the participation amount set by the event creator to join the event.

    The participation link is sent on the customer's email address. Tapping the link navigates the customer to the event page for paying the required participation amount. The funds are received by the admin in the first place and then the admin can transfer the funds to the customer's account who created the event in the first place.

    Module Configuration

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin can configure the settings for the wallet system. Under the configuration settings, the admin can create various event types that are then available for the customers to select while adding their events. Under the module configuration settings

    • Enable/Disable the Wallet Fund Pool
    • Add event types that are available to the customers for selection
    • Multiple event types can be added
    • A comma can separate multiple event types
     Module Configuration

    Customer - Event Creation

    After the successful configuration of the module, the customers have the Wallet Fund Pool menu option under their account panel. Under here, customers can create their events. Also, can edit/delete the events. To create an event, the customer will

    • Enter the Event Name
    • Choose an Event Type.
    • Enter Message for the Participants.
    • Choose the Sex of the participant as Male or Female.
    • Enter the Age.
    • Enter the Event Date.
    • Enter the Contribution Last date for the event.
    • Enter the sum of participation, the amount to pay by the customers for joining the event.
    • Enter the phone number and set up the module status as Enabled or Disabled and save the settings by tapping the Save button.
     Customer - Event Creation

    Share/Invite Participants

    After the creation of the events, the customer can share the event details in two ways. One way is to use the email address, and the other one is to use the WhatsApp for sending the notifications. To share the details, the customer navigates under their account panel to the particular event for which the customer wants to share the details. Here, the customer will

    • Enter the email addresses separated by a comma
    • Enter the message for the participants
    • Tap the Invite Via Email button to send the invitation.
    • The recipient receives the event Invitation on the entered email addresses.
    • Send the Invite via WhatsApp.
    • Fetch your contacts and send them the invite.
     Share/Invite Participants

    Contributing for Event

    The participants who received the invitation can join the event by paying the participation amount. The participants have to reach the link sent on their email address to participate in the event and make their contribution. Here, the participants will

    • Tap the link for reaching the event page
    • Make their contribution for the event
    • Enter the details of the Parent, child, telephone, and greeting message for the event.
    • Make a checkout for the event product and pay the participation amount.
    • The participants can also see the details of the other contributors on the product page.
     Contributing for Event

    Request/Receive Payout

    After the contributors have made the participation payment, and the events are completed/closed, the customer can request the admin to make a payout. The admin initially receives all of the event contributions. Here, the customer will make an auto login to their account & then

    • Request payout for receiving the collection amount
    • Receive the payout within the customer's wallet
    • See the details of the amount credited under the wallet details section
     Request/Receive Payout

     Complete Features List

    • The admin can Enable/Disable the plugin from the Wallet Fund Pool configuration page.
    • Every user is able to create the event for their own.
    • Users can invite other users via mail and WhatsApp.
    • Invited users can pool the required participation amount in the event to join it.
    • Guest checkout is also available.
    • After the end of contribution, event creator can request to admin for withdrawing the collected amount to their wallets.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version1.1.0
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedJanuary 17, 2024 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.x.x  WooCommerce  4.x.x  5.x.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

      Which extension for WooCommerce allows the customers to raise funds by sending creating the events?
    Using the WooCommerce Wallet Fund Pool extension, the customers can create events and raise funds by sending in the invite links via Email and WhatsApp.
     How can a customer request a payout?
    After an event gets closed/ends, the customer can see a button for requesting the withdrawal of the collected funds.
     Where do the collected funds go to before the admin makes a payout to the customers?
    All of the collected amounts goes to the admin of the webstore. After that, the admin can make a payout by tapping the corresponding payout button under the Requested Withdrawals tab for the respective customer.
     Where does the customer receive the collected funds?
    The collected amount gets credited to the customer's wallet.
     How can the customer send invites to multiple participants at a time?
    The customer can send multiple invites to participants by entering their email addresses separated by a comma or by using WhatsApp as well.

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