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Elasticsearch for WooCommerce: In order to make the customers experience a swift search process, one must integrate the Elasticsearch feature with their Woocommerce sites. It is necessary as well because of the lesser time customers spend time on searching, faster they will tend to add products in the cart and make a purchase and hence generate sales likewise.

A clumsy search execution will instantly disappoint the customers and they might even leave the stores, which in turn is a loss in terms of revenue generation for the site owner. Therefore, we have a sure-short module, i.e. Elasticsearch for WooCommerce, which incorporates the lighting fast search techniques featured by Elasticsearch.

The search processes are executed in the form of Simple-Match Query and Multi-Match Query. Along with this, Spell checks, language stemmers or replace/ remove unnecessary characters from search input data improvises the search experience for the customers.

Highlighted Features

 Index Management by Setting up Cron

To modify the data changes, a cron can be set up which executes the reindexing procedure.

 Simple Match/ Multi-Match Query

The site owner may allow Simple or Multi Match search procedures, which apply accordingly as a customer searches for any product(s).

 Spell Checks

This feature help alters or correct the incorrectly spelled words, if any, by the customers and display appropriate search results.

 Language Stemming

A feature of Elasticsearch, which applies to the searched product names, and modifies them as need be.

Why do we need the Elasticsearch for WooCommerce Module?

Although a simple search process does help a customer look for products and display relevant results, as per the e-commerce growing demands each day, there is surely a need to integrate advanced features in the search process as well.

What if your customer ends up typing an incorrect spelling of the product in the search box or adds some characters while searching or processes a search in another language.

All these features are inclusive with the Elasticsearch for WooCommerce plugin and indeed it adds on to offering am advanced search execution for the customers. Whether misspelled words or half-typed product name, it will lead you to relevant and appropriate results.

Setting up Elasticsearch: General Settings

How a search process executes for the customers plays an extremely essential role in sales generation.

  • Initially, the admin will have to set the general settings for configuring the Elasticsearch.
  • The hostname is to be set where the elasticsearch will be executed.
  • A port number, in order to establish a connection with the elasticsearch server.
  • The admin defines an index prefix, as while reindexing, data on other websites must not hinder.
  • The admin can even establish the connection set up with the elastic server.
  • The connection can also be reset, which removes and resets the connection of the elastic server.

Search Settings

The most important aspects of this module are the Search Settings configuration, as the search will be executed as per the Search Type chosen in the admin panel.

  • The admin must choose the search type as Simple or Multi Match Query.
  • Under the Simple Match Query, the admin may allow spell correction (level 1 and 2) in for the search.
  • The admin may configure search filters as lowercase or synonym filters, stop word filter, etc.
  • Language Stemming, which is an elastic search feature, may be chosen by the admin as per the store’s requirement.
  • Under Multi Match Query, the admin chooses the fields for multi-search such as name, SKU, description, etc. to execute multiple searches.
  • Against multi-match type, the admin may choose Best fields, Most fields, Cross fields, etc.
  • Also, for multi search execution, the admin defines an operator, i.e. And or OR.
  • The admin adds specifies a number/ percentage for minimum should match field.

Cron Index Management

Setting up cron shall help execute the reindexing of the data and modify/ update the changes that are carried out on the WooCommerce site.

  • The status of the cron can be set as enable or disable by the admin.
  • The admin can set the cron frequency as either hourly, daily or monthly, as need be.
  • A time at which the cron starts is also defined by the admin.
  • Reindexing can also be carried out manually under Elastic Search > Index Management.
  • A reindex button is present, clicking which the reindexing is done manually for either products or pages.

Elasticsearch Execution: Customers

Well, this module makes the search process easier and quick at the same time for the customers. Elasticsearch, which help improve the search responses and reduces search result display timing to almost a few seconds.

  • On typing the wrong product name, the spell correction feature corrects and displays the relevant search results for the customer.
  • Stop words, if any in the customer’s search query, are removed as per the stop word filters.
  • The customer tends to type a synonym of a product name, but relevant search results will display.
  • Even on typing some part of a product name, the complete product list shall open up.
  • The customers would love the idea of the elastic search, as it has an upper hand over a simple search process.


  • The admin has the leverage to update products or pages data on the elastic server.
  • As per the Index type stores, the data is stored on the elastic server.
  • The admin can set Cron for Index Management as a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which updates the changes, accordingly.
  • The search type can be chosen as a Multi-Match Query or Simple Match Query to process a search.
  • In the case of Multi-Match Query, the customer can process a search on the basis of name, SKU, description and short description of the product.
  • The spell correction feature automatically corrects the keywords if they are typed incorrectly by the customer.
  • A synonym list which the admin defines simplifies the search process for the customers.
  • Search filters such as lowercase, stop words, synonym list, Html strip char filter, mapping filters or pattern replace filter are chosen by the admin.
  • The character filters help replace or even remove the unnecessary characters from the customer’s search input stream.
  • The admin can choose language stemmer in according to the default language of the store.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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