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Multi Wishlists for Shopware 6


Multi Wishlists for Shopware 6: A wishlist permits customers to create personalized collections of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wishlists signify a customer's interest in a product without an urgent intent to purchase.

Shopware Multi-wishlists extension provides an easy way for consumers to create separate wishlists. Consumers can create as many as wishlists of their favorite products. All wishlists are created in specified parts. The admin can set the number of wishlists a consumer can create. The admin can also set the number of products a consumer can add in a wishlist.

Highlighted Features


A customer can save a Wishlist and return to it later. The customers will not have to search for their favorite products once again.

 Favorite Products

The customers can Save an unlimited number of products to the wishlist.

 Add To Cart

The customer can add the products directly to the cart.


The customer can delete the wishlist whenever required.

Why should we use Multi-wishlists for our e-commerce platform?

Wishlist makes the customers come back to the store and think about the products that they will buy in the future. Wishlists work well at increasing engagement on the site, even if the customer decides not to purchase an item on that visit. The wishlist feature, allows a user to mark items they are interested in and revisit these items at a later date. This online window shopping style can be turned into future purchases.

Wishlist Configuration

In this module, the admin can select a customer from the list of registered customers to assign the total number of wishlists a customer can create. The admin can also decide the total number of products a customer can add in a particular wishlist.

  • The admin can select any number of registered customers and decide how many wishlists these customers can create.
  • The admin can also decide how many products can be added in a single wishlist.

View Customer's Wishlists & Items

Allows admin to view the wishlist all the customers separately. All that needs to be done by the admin is:

  • The admin can view the customers from the list of customers.
  • The admin can view the wishlist (in case the customer has created more than a wish-list).
  • The admin can view the products that customers have added in the selected wish-list.

Create Multiple Wishlists

Shopware Multi-Wishlist Extension allows the customers to create multi-wishlists as per their choice.

  • When a new product is added to the wishlist, the customers can select if an existing wishlist should be used or a new one created.
  • For creating a new wishlist, the customers can simply enter the wishlist name in the blank field and save it.
  • The customer can add as many as products to the multi-wishlists from multi-points in the Shopware store like - product category page, product page, advanced search, search.

Add Items to Wishlists

The multi-wishlist extension allows customers to move all the products to the cart.

  • The consumer can click on the "Add To Cart" button, all the products move to the cart and will get a success message.
  • Instead of moving all the items to the cart, the consumer can also move selective items from multi-wishlists.
  • The consumer can save valuable time by moving their wishlist products to the cart and purchase in just no time.


  • The admin can set the number of wishlists a customer can create.
  • The admin can also set the number of products that a customer can add to a wishlist.
  • A customer can create as many as wishlists of their favorite products.
  • A customer can add a product from the category as well as a product page.
  • Add the products from wishlist to cart.
  • Remove the products from the wishlist as per requirement.
  • A customer can delete and update a wishlist.
  • The customers can share the wishlists with their friends or family members through email.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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