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Group Buy for Magento 2
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With the help of this Adobe Commerce module, the admin may add the existing product to the Group Buy product category by modifying the price of the product. It helps the customer to buy the product at a discounted price from the regular price.

In order to get the discounted price, the customer needs to set up a group or can join any of the existing groups. Customers may view the details of another customer in the same group.

Note - This module works with simple and configurable products only.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Groups

The multiple groups can be created by different customers for a single product.

 Discount Price

If the customer will buy the Group Buy product by creating a group or by joining an existing group, then they can buy the product at a discounted price.

 Group Notes

Admin can see the details in group notes.

 Group Size

Admin can decide the size of the group.

Why use this module?

If the admin wants the customer to buy the product in a group, this module can be used. It helps their customers to purchase the product in the group in order to get the discount and, as a result, many customers end up buying the product in the group. The sale of the store will increase.

Setup Group Buy for your Adobe Commerce Website

The admin can configure the customer module to take advantage of Group Buy.

  • Group Count - Here, the admin can specify the maximum number of groups that each customer can create.
  • Group Buy Works Text - The admin can define the way that how the group buys works. These settings will help the module to work better on the frontend. Thus, convincing the customer to join the group to take advantage of group buy pricing.

Add Group Buy Products

The admin may add the product to the customer group for purchase. These products can be seen separately in the group purchase section. The admin may add the following details to make them part of the group to purchase the product-

  • The important thing is that the admin needs to select the Product.
  • The admin will then have to specify a special price for Group Buy Price.
  • The start and end date until the time the Group buys the product.
  • The admin can define the size of the group to allow the group to buy.
  • Enable the status of the 'Buy Group' module.

Thus, allowing the customer to take advantage of group purchases.

Group Actions

  • The customer could set up groups to purchase the products at discounted rates.
  • The admin could define the rules for group creation-Group name, Group creation date, End date, Group size, How many members have joined the Group so far and the status of the Group.
  • The status of the customer group could be defined in the Action Group section. Where the admin can implement a variety of options – Processing, Qualified, Disqualified and Refunded.

Group Purchase

  • This module enables the customer to purchase the product in a group.
  • In this case, the size of the group as set by admin must be achieved in order to complete the order.
  • The customer has the option of either creating a new group or joining the existing group.
  • For an existing group, the customer can view group details such as group(name), group expiry time, group creator name.

Features List

  • The admin can add a Group Buy option on the products.
  • The customer can purchase the Group Buy products in a group.
  • The size of the group is decided by the admin.
  • The admin can describe the working of Group Buy products on the product page.
  • Add existing products into the Group Buy category.
  • The admin can provide the discount on Group Buy products.
  • The customers can utilize the discount of the product by creating a group with the desired group size.
  • The admin can decide the start date and the end date for the Group Buy products.
  • The admin can decide the total number of groups that a single customer can create.
  • The groups can be managed by the admin.
  • The admin can perform various actions on the group such as Qualified, Disqualified or Refunded.
  • The admin can see the total number of the members that are present in the group.
  • The admin can see the group notes.
  • The customer can see their group in which the customer joined.


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We as a gemonova are using most of the extensions of Webkul. All Extensions are the best and after-sales services are fantastic. All Processes of our website are working smoothly with the Webkul extension.
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