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Lookbook Extension for Magento 2


Lookbook for Magento 2: This module helps the customer to check and purchase the complete look by purchasing the single lookbook product. The customer can display the lookbook product even on the home page and other CMS pages through widgets.

The Admin can add other associated products to the lookbook product. Not only this the admin can even add and adjust markers on the lookbook products to show the associated products that can either be sold individually or as a complete look.

Also, the Admin can create widgets and add lookbook products to those widgets so that the lookbook products can be displayed on the CMS blocks and pages. The admin can even set the widget type as a slider or grid view for the CMS pages.

Also, the Magento 2 Lookbook extension is compatible with many third-party templates, RWD, and themes including Hyvä Themes.

Highlighted Features

 Adding Lookbook Products

The admin can create lookbook products and add multiple associated products on them.

 Adjusting the Markers

The admin can even add markers for associated products onto the main image of the lookbook product.

 Creating Widgets for Lookbook Products

The admin can add a widget on various CMS blocks and pages to showcase lookbook products.

 Lookbook Products Visibility

The customers can view lookbook products on various CMS pages and blocks depending on the widget type (slider or grid view) selected by the admin.

Why should you need this module?

What makes this extension so unique is that it facilitates the customers to purchase the complete look through purchasing one single lookbook product. For example, suppose a customer wants to purchase the complete casual look for the casual day so the customer can purchase all the products by just adding one lookbook product to cart.

The customers have the privilege to either purchase the complete lookbook product or can purchase individual products. Also, markings added on the main lookbook products will make that product more interactive thus boosting both the sales as well as revenue.

Creating Lookbook Products

The admin can create lookbook products by selecting a lookbook product type from various types of products available in Magento.

  • After selecting the lookbook product type, the admin can enter all the basic details regarding the product.
  • The admin can select various associated products and add them to the lookbook product.
  • The admin can even add markers on the main image of the lookbook product.
  • The markers can also be adjusted as per the admin.

Adding Lookbook Products on CMS pages

The admin can display lookbook products on multiple CMS blocks and pages by applying the below procedure:

  • The admin will have to add the widget on any of the desired CMS pages.
  • Select the widget type that the admin wants to insert on the content of the CMS page.
  • The admin can either select slider or grid view widget option.
  • The admin can enter the number of products to display, product Ids, width, and height of the widget.

Displaying Lookbook Products

The customer can view lookbook products on the front end with various other functionalities as described below:

  • The customer can update the quantity of the lookbook associated products by clicking the markers on the main lookbook product.
  • The customers can view the lookbook products on various CMS pages either in grid view or sliders.
  • The customers can click on the more images option to view the images of lookbook associated products.
  • The customers can opt to purchase associated products individually or the complete lookbook product.


  • Allow admin to create a LookBook type product.
  • Allow admin to create a marker for the associate products of the Lookbook product.
  • Allow admin to create a slider widget of products.
  • Allow admin to create a grid view widget of products.
  • Customers can change the Lookbook associate product quantity by clicking on markers.
  • Customers can buy products by using slider markers.
  • Customers can but products by using grid view markers.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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