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Magento 2 Distance Rate Shipping extension allows admin to improve their shipping option by reducing costs and attracting and retaining customers. Adobe Commerce Distance Rate Shipping allows store owners to create custom shipping methods from Multiple Shipping Methods for Magento 2 based on the distance between their warehouse and the customer's delivery location.

The Admin can set shipping rates per unit distance, handling charges, minimum charges, and maximum area covered. It helps to control how shipping rates are calculated. Customers can see the estimated cost of shipment on product pages and at checkout, so they know exactly how much they will pay for shipping before they complete their purchase. Also if you want to add a specific delivery date and time you can check Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time

Highlighted Features for Magento 2 Distance Rate Shipping extension Module

 Google API Usage

Google Maps API is used to calculate the distance between the source and the destination.

 Set Deliverable Charge

Delivery charges can be set based on the rate per unit and the maximum coverage area.

 Price per shipment

Multiple shipping charges such as item wise rate, minimum charges, and handling charges can be set.

 Delivery Charges Visibility

The customers can check the estimated shipping charges on the product page.

 Supports GraphQL APIs

Use the GraphQL queries to fetch the respective data for validation as required.

 Supports Hyva Theme

Magento 2 Distance Rate Shipping extension is compatible with the Hyva Theme.

Why should you need this module?

While running any e-commerce business, maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty becomes a challenging task. Low shipping cost with the safe delivery of the product plays an important role in earning customer’s loyalty.

Now, this can be easily managed by our Distance rate shipping module that allows the store owner to calculate shipping charges based on the shipping distance from the store to the customer’s location.

Integrate Distance Rate Shipping

The admin can configure the location of the store so that the shipping charges can be applied between the store and the customer’s location.

  • Uses Google Maps API to calculate distance from the source to destination.
  • The Admin will need to enter the location.
  • Latitude and Longitude will be automatically fetched as per the entered location.
  • The distance can be calculated based on the “Google Maps Distance” or “ latitude and longitude”.
  • Estimated shipping charges can be displayed on the product page.

Shipping Method Setting

The admin can set the shipping charges based on the distance by configuring below settings:

  • The admin can set the shipping charges based on per unit.
  • Set minimum charge, handling charges and maximum range of area to be covered.
  • Select the distance unit either in kilometers or miles.
  • Enable distance-based shipping either for all or specific countries.
  • Display error message for non-deliverable zones.

Get Estimated Shipping Cost

The customers can get the experience of below functionalities:

  • Can check the estimated shipping charges based on the location on the product page.
  • The customer needs to enter the location to calculate the shipping charge.
  • Based on the estimated shipping charges the customers can select the distance rate shipping on checkout after adding the product to the cart.

Distance Based Shipping Method

Once the shipping cost is estimated by the customer, products can moved to the shopping cart and then perform the checkout process. Here, the customer can select the Distance Based Shipping Method as created by the admin.

  • Choose distance based shipping method at the checkout.
  • The freight rate is calculated automatically (via. Google Maps API) based on the shipping address selected.
  • If shipping is not available, the customers can select any other method as well.

Distance Rate Shipping Manager

The admin can also manage the distance rate shipping from the backend panel.

  • A separate tab is provided for the management.
  • The admin can check the list of added shipping.
  • By double-clicking any shipping, the admin can also edit the added shipping.
  • Details like ID, distance from, distance to, and rate grids are visible in the list.

Upload Shipping In Bulk

The admin has the amazing option to add the shipping from their end.

  • The admin can now upload the shipping in bulk.
  • Admin will first create the CSV file.
  • Attributes in the CSV file will be Distance from, distance to, and the rate.
  • Then the admin will upload the saved CS file and the system will save the details.
  • The uploaded files will be visible under the shipping details tab, under the distance rate shipping manager.


  • Enable/Disable the Shipping Method
  • Admin can provide Distance Rate Shipping method for their Products
  • Set Shipping Origin Address based on which the calculation will be done
  • Set Shipping Rate per Unit Distance
  • Add Handling Charge, Minimum Charge
  • Set Maximum Area to Cover
  • Add whether to apply shipping item wise
  • Custom Error Message to display if shipping not applicable
  • Enable to Display Estimate Shipping Rate on Product pages
  • Set distance calculation based on "Google Map Distance Matrix" or "Latitude Longitude"
  • Distance Unit can be in Kilometer or Mile which can be set by Admin


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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