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Laravel Restaurant POS: A complete cloud-based Point of Sale solution to manage your dine-in restaurants, cafes, and bars. Book table reservations via. POS, manage customer's details, receive email notifications, create multiple POS users for the cashier, server, host, handle multiple outlets, and sync data with your Laravel eCommerce Bagisto Store.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Outlets

Create and manage multiple POS outlets.

 Sales Agents

The admin can manage multiple agents for the POS outlets.

 Customer Management

Create an order for registered as well as new customers.

 Offline POS Mode

POS system work in an online and offline mode both.

 Real-Time Sync

The module supports real-time data synchronization.

 Create Restaurant Table

The admin and the POS agent can create the restaurant table.

 Notify Customers

Table booking confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer’s registered email id if the option is enabled by the admin.

 Table Shape

The admin can configure the table shape from the admin panel.

 Add Products

The POS agent adds the products with the reserved restaurant table.

 Time Slot

The restaurant table can be booked for a time slot. The POS agent can select the time for the reservation of the restaurant table.

Multiple Sell Points

Now you can easily expand the revenue generation scope for your business by Laravel eCommerce Restaurant POS System module.

  • Sell products from both brick-and-mortar outlets as well as from online sales channels; e-store
  • A store owner can create the orders from a physical store using the POS and the same order will be synchronized to the e-commerce store.
  • Enables the store owner to sell e-commerce/online products from the retail stores.
  • Create multiple outlets for the store and manage them by creating POS sales agents.
  • The sales agent can log in to the POS system from the front-end to manage the outlet.

POS Restaurant System

After the installation of the module, the admin can easily manage the module from the admin panel from where the admin can perform the following actions as follows:-

  • Give permission to the POS agent to create a new table within the POS System.
  • Enable the option to notify the customers via email after reserving the restaurant table.
  • The admin can select the shape of the table from circle, square, and curved square.
  • Enable the email notification option for the POS agent.

Restaurant Table Management

The admin can manage the restaurant table from the back-end. The admin can-

  • Add a new table, delete the existing table, view the booking history, and edit the existing table.
  • The admin can easily search for the restaurant table by applying the filter.
  • Create a new restaurant table, enter the name of the table, sort the order of the created table.
  • The admin can enable or disable the restaurant table from displaying on the POS System.

Book Restaurant Table

The POS agent can easily manage the POS System. The POS agent can add a new table, book the table for the customers, add the products with the booking table.
  • From the POS System, the POS agent can create a new restaurant table, view the booked restaurant table, release the table if not in use.
  • The POS agent can process for the checkout by reserving a restaurant table and add the products with the reserved table for the customer.
  • The POS agent can book the table for the customers on the basis of the time slot.
  • The POS agent can also view all the booking tables and generate an invoice for the booking order.

Default Cart Functionality

While processing with the POS reserved table, the POS agent can also use the default cart functionality from the POS System.

  • The POS agent can add the products to the cart from the POS System for the other customers.
  • The POS agent can complete the order for the other customers by adding products to cart and complete checkout.
  • The POS agent can also generate the invoice for the order.
  • The POS agent can continue later with the reserved table booking.

Currency & Locale

The POS user is provided with the feature where they can select the preferred currency for their outlet from their POS panel.POS users can also choose the preferred locale for their outlet. This feature is available for a better user experience.

  • The change in the currency will be applied to all the products available on the POS front-end.
  • POS system also allows the POS user to change the POS locale.
  • The changing currency will be displayed in the cart section as well.

Complete Features List

  • Configuration option to allowed/disallowed creation of restaurant table by POS Agent.
  • You can set the maximum number of creation restaurant tables for the POS Agent in the configuration.
  • Allow the table shapes for creating a restaurant table for agents.
  • Send the email notification to POS customers regarding table booking.
  • Send the email notification to the POS agent regarding table booking by the customer.
  • Add an extra email address for getting table booking email notification as cc to POS agent email.
  • Add the custom message to the table booking email notification for the customer.
  • POS agents can create the restaurant table from their POS panel.
  • You can also manage the number of seats per table while creating a restaurant table.
  • POS agents can create a restaurant table for both existing customers or non-existing customers.
  • Restaurant table listing with search filter by table name at POS agent end.
  • A booked table listing with search filter by booking-id, table-name, booked-date, booked-date & time-from(Y-m-d H:i:s), booked-date & time-to at POS agent end.
  • POS agent can place the table booking order in both Online & Offline mode.
  • Admin can create a restaurant table on behalf of any POS agent from the admin panel.
  • Admin can check the booking order history from the data grid at the backend with filter and search options.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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