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Magento 2 Mobile App QR Code Login: With Magento 2 Mobile App QR Code Login Extension, the customer will be able to login with QR Code to their stores/ accounts present on the web. That means they are not required to add any email ID password, authentication message, and verification message to get logged in.

Also, they do not require their phone number to login. It also reduces the stress of security and privacy as the QR Code feature is itself a well-authenticated and authorized feature. It will provide the customer with the ease and comfort of the faster and easier login process.

Please Note - This is an add-on to the default app, so you must purchase the Magento 2 Mobile App first.

Highlighted Features

 Seamless Login Via QR Code

Customers will scan the QR code for login.

 No Verification Required

The customers do not need to process any verification step.

 Secure Way To login

Customers can log in without the stress of privacy.

 Scan With Qr Code Reader of Mobile App

Use scanners of the app installed on mobile devices.

Why Use the QR Code Login module?

This module is helpful to customers in many ways. It not only provides a faster way to login to your web store but also a secure and easy way to log in. The customers can easily get logged in to the web store if they are logged in to their mobile app. This feature is widely used in e-commerce, booking, reservation, and many other top industries.

They simply require to scan the QR Code and they will get logged in to the web store with the same email ID as in the mobile app. Also, it requires zero authentication steps or OTP as QR code is already an authenticated way to log in.

Quick Authentication With QR Code

Most times the customers are required to process the verification method.

  • This module will also reduce the login steps.
  • The customer does not need to process any authentication process.
  • This method makes it secure and faster for customers to log in.
  • Customers can log in to the web store faster and without any stress of privacy.

Quick Response Code Available

The customer no more required to type their login credentials:

  • At the web store login page the QR code will be visible.
  • Also, steps to scan the code are written in that popup of the QR Code.
  • These steps will help the customers to process it.
  • It has always been a hassle for the customers to remember and type the email ID in order to login to the account. So this module makes it way easier for those customers.

Scan and Login To Web Store

The customers can log in to the web store by scanning the QR code from the mobile app in the QR code login system.

  • The customers require the Magento 2 Mobile App for using this feature.
  • It is a must for the customer to be logged in to the application.
  • Users can easily scan the QR code available on the web-store by placing the mobile app Qr code reader over it.
  • The customer will directly navigate to their web account once logged it.

Reduce Session Fixation Attacks

For each positive in the universe, a negative must exist. Same with the technology, features need to be smart for dealing with the attackers present in the market.

  • Many are there who can misuse the long sessions of the QR codes.
  • That is why the QR code is visible for a very short time duration of 30 seconds.
  • This will be safe for the customer as no other person can scan it on their behalf.
  • The customer can reload the QR code whenever they want to login.
  • The session will help the customers to achieve a secure login process.

Easily Accessible Web Login Tab

The customer no need to worry about the navigation for the scanners.

  • The customer can easily navigate the QR code scanner in the mobile app.
  • The web login tab is available in the left navigation drawer of the application.
  • Like this, the customer will simply access the scanner and scan the QR Code.
  • This will provide the customer to log in with the best way possible.
  • They do not need to navigate through the app to find the scanner as it is available easily without so many navigations.


  • Use the built-in QR code scanner in Mobikul App
  • Quick login to web store without entering credentials.
  • QR code gets expired in 30 seconds for security.
  • Click to reload the option to create a new QR code for login.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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