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      2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

      OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2

      OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2: One-time password for Magento 2 helps the store owner to integrate OTP verification feature into the own Magento 2 store. The admin can use the Mobile-based OTP via SMS or email based OTP via email for the verification purpose.


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      OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2: Using the One time password for Magento 2 module the store owner can integrate the OTP feature on the Magento store to authenticate the customers. Using this module, the admin can authenticate the customers using the OTP feature (Via Mobile SMS or Email) for the new customer registration, for the validation on the checkout page, and for the payment method too.

       Highlighted Features

       Safe & Secure Transaction

      This module provides a secure & safe way to purchase online by providing OTP validation (Via SMS or Email) at the time of checkout.

       Authenticate Registration

      This module enables registration of the customer with the valid email address or mobile number.

       Avoid Multiple Accounts

      This module avoids the multiple registrations of the accounts via the same email or mobile number.

       Accepts Multi Payment Option

      Using this module, OTP can be enabled for the multiple payment methods.

      Why Do We Need This Module?

      Well, in e-commerce business who does not want an authentic customer? Nowadays as e-commerce is booming, there are so many fake customers are also registering for the malicious and spamming purpose.

      One of the best ways to get rid of those fake customers is to authenticate the process. This can only be done by validating the process via email or mobile (SMS) OTP authentication. So, to solve this problem, OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2 is one of the best modules to help out in this process.

      Easy To Manage- Admin End

      The admin can manage the module from the admin panel easily. From the admin panel, the admin can

      • Select the page for which the admin wants to enable or disable the OTP validation process.
      • Manage the email templets for the OTP process.
      • Manage the Twilio setting for the Mobile OTP validation process via SMS.
      • Enable or disable the Mobile Verification (OTP via SMS) accordingly.
       Easy To Manage- Admin End

      OTP Generation During Registration

      Most of the e-commerce owners want to secure themselves from the scam or fraud customers as they give a negative effect on the growth of any business. So, this module helps the store owner by providing a unique one time password at the time of registration of the new user to maintain their authentication as the user.

      • The OTP during registration may validate customer authenticity.
      • The customer can request OTP again in the registration process.
      • The customer can not use the previous OTP after generating a new one.
      • OTP generated will be unique for every registration request.
       OTP Generation During Registration:

      OTP Generation During Checkout

      During the checkout, the store owner should be assured that the customer to whom the admin is selling the product is a genuine buyer or not (by verifying the OTP which is received by the customer via email or mobile number).

      • Eliminate the fraud customer from placing the order.
      • The customer receives the OTP via the email or mobile number as per the setting by the admin.
      • OTP validation will be enabled only for the selected payment methods by the admin.
      • The customer can request for OTP again in the checkout process.
       OTP Generation During Checkout:

      OTP Generation Via Email or Mobile (SMS)

      The admin can set up the OTP validation process via Email or Mobile (SMS). From the admin panel, the admin can

      • Set up the OTP authentication process for email or mobile.
      • Set up the Twilio auth for the verification of the OTP via mobile.
      • Enable or Disable the OTP for mobile verification.
      • Manage the email template from the admin panel.
       OTP Generation Via Email or Mobile (SMS)

       Complete Features List

      • OTP verification of the customers at the time of registration.
      • OTP verification of the customers at the time of checkout.
      • Any payment options can be selected, for which the customers will verify OTP.
      • OTP verification notification via Email or Mobile Number
      • This module supports all Payment Method.
      • Once OTP used, it cannot be used again.
      • The customer receives OTP on the registered email or mobile number
      • The OTP string supports numeric digits only.
      • The OTP cannot be used for cross customer accounts.

       Support -

      For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to

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       Frequently Asked Questions - OTP (One Time Password) for Magento 2

       What is the validation period of the OTP?
      The OTP doesn’t get expire until the customer generates new OTP.
       What type of string is generated in the OTP?
      The OTP generates the numeric strings of 6 digits.
       Can the OTP generated by one customer be used by another customer at the checkout of the same product?
      No, the OTP generated by one customer cannot be used by any other customer during checkout of the same product.
       When can the admin generate the OTP?
      The admin can generate the OTP during registration and also during the checkout.
       How is the OTP notification provided to the customer?
      The OTP notification is provided to the customer via registered email or mobile number.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 2.1.0
      • + Compatible for Magento 2.3
      • + Feature added for Mobile OTP verification at customer registration.
      • + Feature added for Mobile OTP verification at checkout.
      • + Admin can Enable/Disable Mobile OTP verification at the backend.
      Version 2.0.0
      • + Admin can enable/disable Otp module from admin configuration.
      • + Admin can enable/disable Otp verification of the customers at the time of registration.
      • + Admin can enable/disable Otp verification of the customers at the time of placing an order.
      • + Admin can choose payment options, for which the customers has to verify Otp
      • + Admin can select Email templates from the system to be used for OTP verification notifications.