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Amazon Personalize for Magento 2
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This Adobe Commerce extension integrates Amazon Personalize service into the Magento 2 online store to provide real-time personalization and machine learning recommendations. With this, every customer will have a unique experience on the web store and will view products based on personalized data.

Amazon Personalize blends real-time user activity data with user profiles and product information to identify the optimal product or content recommendations. As a result, you can quickly understand user intent and provide dynamic custom experiences, helping you increase engagement and conversion.

You can also use the Magento 2 GTM extension to track customer behaviour and user activity on the online store and then make changes.

Highlighted Features

 Advancement of Ecommerce Store

Provide customers with better user experience and resolve the decision-making complexity with personalization.

 Personalized Recommendations

Allow customers to have Personalized Recommendations based on their store activity and preferences.

 Improved Customer Engagement

Personalized recommendations improve customer engagement with the eCommerce store.

 Drive More Orders through ML Technology

Machine learning technology integration with the store helps the admin to get more quick orders.

What is the use of this add-on and why should I use it?

The most complex process for store owners is to serve products and services to the customer based on their tastes, preferences, and choices. It's a difficult task and extreme touch for the merchants with a huge customer base. Here comes a Personalised Recommendation System for store customers observed using machine learning technology.

Personalization enables to increase customer retention through more appropriate and tailored experiences with the store. Therefore Amazon Personalize for Magento 2 came into the role, with the integration of this module merchant can enable every customer to have a unique experience on the web store and to have products based on personalized data.

Integrate Amazon Personalized with Store

Integrate Amazon personalized with Magento store to serve the customers with better-personalized product suggestions.

  • Allow users to get personalized product suggestions.
  • Add Campaign ARN (Amazon Resource Name) it allows the admin to track and use AWS items and policies across AWS products and API calls.
  • Add Event ID, Access Key ID, Secret ID, and Region to enable Amazon Personalized feature for an e-commerce store.

Simple Solution for Complex Algorithm of Customer's Choice

Every customer is unique so their choices Amazon Personalized Recommendations for Magento 2 is the only best solution for the complex algorithm of customer choice.

  • One personalized system fit for all type of store customer.
  • Provide product suggestions based on the customer's choice.
  • Better lead nurturing using complex individualized algorithms.

Machine Learning Technology

It is a very complex process to deal with customer preference, but machine learning technology made it easy. It observes the user's store activity with numerous parameters and serves recommendations accordingly.

  • Re-engages inactive leads.
  • Personalization recommendations are better than any special ads.
  • Personalization feature with store makes the marketing easy for merchants.

Relevant and Tailored Suggestion to Retain Customer

This extension facilitates the admin to retain customers using an automated relevant suggestion system. Individual customer suggestion means making the effort of tailoring service to a customer's specific expectations and underlying ambitions.

  • Provide relevant suggestions to customers.
  • Tailored recommendations help the customer in decision making.
  • Auto-suggestion enhances customer acquisition.

Fetch More Orders and Boost Store Sales

Receive more orders and boost store sales by proving product suggestions to customers. observe customers' choice and preference based on their store activity through machine learning technology.

  • Get more store orders through recommendations.
  • Helpful in customer engagement.
  • It gives the ability to admin to reach every customer with the specified deal based on their interest.


  • Products result will show according to Personalize data.
  • Personalized and recommended products will be shown to logged-in customers.
  • It also works in real-time and shows product recommendations immediately to customers.
  • Integrates AWS Personalize Machine Learning algorithm to process customer data.
  • Even it helps merchants to provide an individualized recommendation and personal shopping experiences to each customer.

Populate the AWS Personalize’s Data Sets

The admin of the Magento 2 store will be able to set up the data that will be used to communicate with AWS and populate the AWS Personalize’s data sets. For the same, the admin will go to the extension’s configuration settings. Here, the admin will be able to set up the configuration used for the customer, product, and interaction datasets. For each of them, the admin will add the -

  • Bucket Name
  • File Path
  • DatasetArn
  • Jobname
  • RoleArn
  • Populate the interaction model every time a customer places an order.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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