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CS-Cart Delivery Boy App: This mobile app based on the flutter based. The admin can register the delivery boys and manage the order deliveries. The admin can track down the activities of the delivery boy. Additionally, the admin can view the sales and the orders of the store on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

The delivery is authenticated by the One time Password which will be provided to the customer. Only the authorized OTP will work, and the status will be changed to complete. Additionally, the app has an efficient chat system that allows admin and delivery boys to chat with each other.

Highlighted Features

 Track Down Delivery Boys

The admin can trace the delivery boys to assign the orders.

 Authentication of Orders

The delivery boy can ensure a safe order delivery with the OTP system wherein the delivery boy can enter the code provided by the customer before marking it as complete.

 Admin Delivery Boy Communication

The admin and delivery boy can chat among themselves to resolve the delivery-related issues.

 Quick Registration of Delivery Boys

The app allows the admin to register delivery boys using the application.

 Segregated Login Facility for Admin and Delivery Boys

The delivery boys and admin can use the application with their registered credentials to log in to the application.

 Sales and Orders Review in the Application

Both the admin and delivery boy can view the sales and order graphical statics on the dashboard of the application.

 Order Status Edit by Delivery Boy

The delivery boy can edit the status of the order as Picked, Delivered/Not Delivered which is visible to the admin also.

 Flutter Based Native App For Android and iOS

This flutter based application uses Dart as the language which gives the best and flexible UI, encourages faster development, and being native allows to work with the device-centric features easily.

Why do We need this app?

If you are running an e-Commerce business be it small or large scale. Be it in any domain of food, medicine, apparels, and many more. The major concern is a successful delivery. Successful delivery is key to a happy customer this app is the perfect answer to it. This app allows the admin to register multiple delivery boys who can assure a faster delivery process. Being an excellent tool for the merchant it encourages streamlined processing of the orders.

Technological Stack

  • Language- Flutter - Dart.
  • Network Request - Dio network.
  • Library Dependencies - Pub package name.

Setting Standards for Order Delivery Process

The delivery boy app will allow the admin to manage the orders. It ensures the order reaches the customer quickly and easily. The native app is infused with multiple features that help the accomplishment of the process.

  • Setting a benchmark for customer delivery service.
  • Help in gaining customer's faith with post-sales service.
  • Saves the admin from any loss due to the mismanaged delivery process.

Directing the Order Allocation Process

As soon as the order reaches the admin which was placed from the e-Commerce website or customer-centric application can be assigned to a delivery boy to process. The admin can find the registered and available delivery boys in the app to whom the order can be assigned.

  • Faster Order Management to process easy deliveries.
  • Assign the order to the delivery boy and also can see the status of the order.
  • The admin can reassign the order which was not picked by delivery boys.
  • A time-saving solution as it offers order processing in no time.
  • Delivery boys can change the status of delivery to mark it as Picked, Delivered, or Not Delivered.

Listing Delivery Boys

The quick processing of the orders can take place only when all the details are in place. The delivery boy's details must be saved in the system to quickly assign them the orders. The registration details could be used by the delivery boys to log in to the system and process the orders.

  • Quick order assignment of orders as delivery boys details are registered.
  • Need not to worry about the wrong order assignment as details of delivery boys are saved.
  • Can monitor the assigned orders for a successful delivery.

Communication Channel between Store Owner and Delivery Boy

This delivery boy app is a tool that builds in a communication link between admin and delivery boy. It saves the time of both admin and delivery boy. It helps in sorting any confusion held regarding the order.

One Time Password (OTP) Authentication

The OTP system will allow the store owner to ensure the safe delivery of products to the customer. This authentication process requires the delivery boy to add in the code or OTP which the customer provides to make it as complete.

  • Avoids any sort of fraudulent in-order delivery.
  • Gain customer trust.
  • Helping in processing a successful delivery.
  • Streamline the delivery process to avoid theft.

Native Delivery Boy App

This app is based on an advanced technology tool that is Flutter. This Google's UI toolkit gives its user an application that is beautifully designed and natively complied. It offers a single code for all the devices is it Android or iOS.

  • Favors faster development to save the time of developer and application owner.
  • Impressive UI to attract users.
  • Native app work with devices.

Track Order Status

The admin and delivery boy can view the order list on the very dashboard. These orders are segregated as per the status which might vary from Open, Processing, and Complete. This allows the admin and delivery boy to saves the struggle of navigating and searching.

  • An informative tool to record the orders.
  • Quick Management of orders from the dashboard only.
  • Record maintaining tools for the order.

Order Status Update

The delivery boy can change the status of as the action executes. This update makes the order tracking much easy. It allows the delivery boys to fulfill a perfect order delivery.

  • If the order is picked the vendor cannot change the delivery boy.
  • The delivery boy marks the status order delivered after receiving the payment and OTP.
  • The delivery boys need to mention the reason if the order is not delivered.


  • The admin can track the availability of delivery boys.
  • The admin can assign the orders to the delivery boys.
  • The admin can register the delivery boys to the app.
  • The delivery boy will have a separate login facility.
  • The admin and delivery boy both can examine the sales and orders of the product.
  • Delivery Boy can mark the order as Picked, Delivered/Not Delivered.
  • Delivery process authentication via OTP.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://support.webkul.com/en/customer/create-ticket

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