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CS-Cart Prestashop Connector enables the admin to manage CS-Cart and Prestashop accounts for communicating and synchronizing data. This extension works seamlessly with CS-Cart and CS-Cart multi-vendor.

Orders from CS-Cart to PrestaShop are synchronized in real-time by using this module, from the CS-Cart panel, the admin can add and handle numerous PrestaShop merchant's accounts.

Apart from this, if you would like to connect your CS-Cart and Shopify accounts, then you can check the CS-Cart Shopify Connector.

Highlighted Features of the CS-Cart Prestashop Connector

 Map New Category

PrestaShop categories can be mapped to CS-Cart categories by the admin/seller.

 Import Products

The admin/seller can import products with variants from PrestaShop store to CS-Cart store.

 Manage payment Mapping

Enter the name of the payment method and the payment module to set the payment method.

 Real-Time Synchronization

Orders are syn in real-time from the CS-Cart store to the PrestaShop store

Why do we need this CS-Cart PrestaShop Connector?

CS-Cart PrestaShop connector, can be used by the admin to synchronize PrestaShop products and orders to the CS-Cart store. Additionally, the admin can seamlessly import products from the Prestashop to the CS-Cart store.

Categories can also be mapped between Prestashop and CS-Cart along with order synchronization in real-time. If you’re also looking to connect your CS-Cart store with your Amazon store, you can have a look at CS-Cart Amazon Connector.

PrestaShop Accounts

After installing this extension, you can quickly create a PrestaShop account, by selecting the Vendor, PrestaShop store URL, the Input API key, and PrestaShop name in the general Tab.

  • For the orders that will be imported, select the payment processor.
  • Choose the shipping method that will be used for all orders.
  • Choose the Default category for PrestaShop products to be imported.
  • To choose a category, click the + icon. When you click on the + icon, a new CS-Cart category box will appear.
  • Enter the product quantity; if PrestaShop's products have a lower quantity than the quantity entered, those products will not be imported to CS-Cart.

Category Mapping

You will link the PrestaShop category to the CS-Cart category in order to import the products in the category mapping.

  • To pick and map PrestaShop categories to CS-Cart, click the add icon.
  • Categories can be mapped to the CS-Cart category by the admin.
  • At the CS-Cart end, category mapping is a simpler setup process.
  • Select the categories to be mapped and then click on the map

PrestaShop Payment Mapping

You must first choose a payment method in this CS-Cart module whichever payment option you select here will be used to place the order on PrestaShop's end.

  • Orders will get generated at the CS-Cart end for the imported PrestaShop products.
  • For setting the payment method enter the name of the payment method and the payment module.

PrestaShop Shipping

This section will provide you with a list of all of PrestaShop's shipping options.

  • The Admin can able to set the shipping method by activating the preferred delivery method.
  • You will receive a list of all the PrestaShop shipping methods.
  • Simply, activate the specified delivery method for PrestaShop orders placed at CS-Cart.
  • The shipping zone is simple to use and manage by the admin and seller.
  • The Admin/Seller can enable the shipping set.

Manage and Import PrestaShop orders

This part contains a list of orders placed for PrestaShop products imported at the CS-Cart end.

  • You can quickly import PrestaShop orders.
  • Can retrieve a list of PrestaShop orders for imported products.
  • The seller can import products with variants from the PrestaShop store to the CS-Cart store.

 CS-Cart Prestashop Connector- Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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