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    CS-Cart Shopify Connector

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector allows the admin to sync CS-Cart only store with Shopify store by synchronizing the orders, products and more.

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.

    • The admin/seller can import products from the Shopify store to CS-Cart store with variations(Product Variation Add-on Required).

    • The admin can import product by collection using both collection smart and custom.

    • Product update in your CS-Cart store like price, quantity, name, and others in real-time.

    • Order import from Shopify to CS-Cart.

    • Order gets synced to Shopify in real-time when creates in your cs-cart store.

    • The admin / seller can handle multiple store accounts from CS-Cart Panel.

    • Allows to import a large number of products from Shopify to Cs-Cart using RabbitMQ.

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector CS-Cart Shopify Connector
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    CS-Cart Shopify Connector allows us to integrate our CS-Cart store with the Shopify store and can easily synchronize the product, categories, and shipping order of the product.

    This add-on helps the store owner to import/export simple and different types of products which helps to increase business. You can create multiple Shopify accounts and can easily exchange the data and services provided to that store. It makes mapping between the Shopify store and your CS-Cart store. This module is well-integrated with CS-Cart multi-vendor. 

    CS-Cart Shopify Connector

    Highlighted Features Of CS-Cart Shopify Connector

     Easy to import

    The admin can easily import the product from the Shopify store to the CS-Cart store.

     Easy Mapping

    The admin can easily map the categories of the product with Shopify products.

     Real-time Synchronize

    The order can synchronize easily and in real-time basics when it is created in your CS-Cart stores.

     Multiple Account

    Admin can create as well as can connect to multiple Shopify accounts and exchange data.

    Why do we need the CS-Cart Shopify Connector for CS-Cart?

    This add-on allows the store owner to import the product-related data from the Shopify store to the CS-Cart store. This is a full solution for the store owner who has two different stores, one is for a WooCommerce store and another is for the Shopify store.

    If you are finding it difficult to manage the product at the two different stores separately then this module provides a bridge-like solution where you can import the products data from Shopify to your CS-Cart store or you can export the products data from CS-Cart stores to Shopify stores.

    With the help of this module, you can easily synchronize the products, categories, and orders between the CS-Cart stores and Shopify stores.

    Shopify Account

    The admin can configure the merchant accounts' various settings. By entering the Shopify credentials.

    • Shopify API key/Token Password/custom, Domain Name Shop name.
    • Select Close Shopify orders, Cancel Shopify Order, Payment Processor, Import order from Shopify to CS-cart, default shipping method, and fulfillment status in order settings.
    • The admin can select the desired category to which Shopify products will be imported and the currency.
    Shopify Account

    Import Orders

    The admin can easily export/import the product's details from the Shopify store to the CS-Cart store or from CS-Cart to Shopify.

    • The admin can import the products from Shopify to store easily.
    • Easily create the product on the CS-Cart store from Shopify imported products.
    • The products which are imported from the Shopify store work the same in the CS-Cart store.
    Import Orders

    Easy to Manage Products

    The admin can manage the product details setting and configure them according to the requirement from the CS-Cart admin panel. And the admin can

    • The admin can easily decide where the price rule should apply i.e imported and exported products.
    • The admin can set the order status of the product.
    • It is very easy to manage the default category where the products will be imported.
    Easy to Manage Products

    Mapping of Category

    This module helps the admin to easily map the category from the CS-Cart admin panel and the admin can

    • They can easily import the categories from the Shopify store.
    • For mapping the category, the admin can select the CS-Cart category and Shopify category and map with each other
    • The admin can also search and delete the categories easily from here.
    Mapping of Category

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    Urbankissed is an ethical online shop that curates unique and conscious fashion, beauty, and living brands. With a female-led team and a highly engaged community, they stand out in the ethical fashion space.

    By integrating Webkul's CS-Cart Shopify Connector, Urbankissed has streamlined its inventory management and order synchronization.

    • Solved inventory management challenges for Urbankissed.
    • Automatically synchronizes data, eliminating the need for manual inputting and updating.
    • Upload new collections quickly, providing customers with the latest products.
    • Streamlines order fulfillment process, saving vendors time and allowing them to focus on efficient order processing and shipping.
    • Read the complete Urbankissed case study to know more about the client.

    Initial Syncing Configuration

    The admin can configure the initial Syncing Configuration by selecting the following details.

    • Select Order Status for Stoping Sending Products to Shopify (paid, complete, open, failed, Declined, etc).
    • Select the webhook status for Stoping Webhooks Shopify.
    • The webhook status such as delete products, update products, create products, etc.
    Initial Syncying Configuration

    Initial RabbitMQ Configuration

    The admin can configure the initial Rabbitmq by using the following details.

    • Host: Enter the RabbitMQ host detail.
    • Port: RabbitMQ port detail needed.
    • Username: Enter the RabbitMQ username.
    • Password: Your RabbitMQ password.
    • Queue Name: Enter the RabbitMQ queue name.
    Initial RabbitMQ Configuration

     CS-Cart Shopify Connector-Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Plugins.


    Product Version1.8
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 7, 2024 (4 days ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.15.x  4.16.x  4.17.x  4.18.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.15.x  4.16.x  4.17.x  4.18.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    Good cscart to shopify connector

    Posted On - June 15, 2023

    Webkul cscart to shopify is an excellent addon. I had few tech glitches but webkul helped me to connect the platform. No i can import all shopify orders to my cscart and rest assured webkul team is there for any tech support.

    Excellent module with proper assistance

    Posted On - March 13, 2023

    Wonderful Shopify connector addon.
    Webkul team worked along with us to improve addon functionality.
    Now it works great

    service suppport

    Posted On - January 20, 2020

    The support we received from the team on some problem investigation and fixing has been great. The addon works smoothly!

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Does this module allow the admin to export CS-Cart products to the Shopify store?
    Yes, this module allows the admin to export the product from the CS-Cart store to the Shopify store.
     Is the mapping of Shopify categories with CS-Cart categories possible?
    Yes, it is possible for the admin to map the Shopify categories with CS-Cart categories.
     Can we synchronize the data between CS-Cart and Shopify?
    Yes, we can synchronize the data between CS-Cart and Shopify products.
     Can we import orders from the Shopify store to the CS-Cart store?
    Yes, we can import orders from the Shopify store to the CS-Cart store.
     Does the admin allow to handle multiple Shopify accounts using this module?
    The admin can handle multiple Shopify accounts and can transfer data between Shopify and CS-Cart stores.

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    • - Feature Add (+)
    • - Feature remove (-)
    • - Bug Fixed (!)
    • - Modification (*)
    • * Made compatible with 4.18.x.
    • + Implemented RabbitMq to import products.
    • ! Variant images are not getting exported correctly.
    • ! Duplication of images on Shopify when exporting products from CS-Cart.
    • * Made compatible with version 4.17.x.
    • Compatability issues fixed.
    • + Admin can disable webhooks and delete single webhook.
    • + Admin can stop delete & Update products on Shipify end while deleting & Updating importing products in the cs-cart end.
    • + Admin can export categories & Products from cscart to Shipify end.
    • + Vendor also have access to export products to Shopify end.
    • + Delete, Create Products Webhooks added.
    • + Order Create, Delete Webhooks added.
    • * Bug Fixing * Validation Improvments
    • *+ Admin / Seller can handle multiple store account from Cs-cart Panel.
    • *+ Order get synced to shopify in real time when creates in your cs cart store
    • + Order import from shopify to cs cart
    • * Language Fixing