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Opencart City Zone Area Based Delivery


Opencart City Zone Area Based Delivery: This module enables customers to verify whether or not the product can be shipped by only taking their address or postcode. By entering the postcode manually, the registered customer may also search it. Registered customers may either sign in or select the available addresses on the list. The list of addresses will depend on the customer's address book.

The admin can configure the complete backend features by activating the module. The admin would establish new regions and towns. It is also possible to create custom regions if they are not included in the default state/province list while the city is being built. For each city, the admin will create the cities and enter zip codes. Additionally, the admin may assign zip codes to the products.

Highlighted Features

 Create City

Develop cities and explicitly allocate them to the products.

 For Invalid Postcode Error Message

If no product can be sent to the manually entered postcode, an error message will be displayed.

 Selection of Location

From the available list, registered customers can easily pick a location.


It supports Multi address Shipping.

Why use this module?

This module helps the customer to check if the product can be shipped to their city or zip code with just a few simple clicks. They just have to select the address from the front end of the store. Basically, the customers will get the delivery based on the area that will be distinct for each product. Some products in the entered postcode are deliverable and some are not.

The customer only adds the locations once and then, by hovering on the products, they can search on the category page itself. The product specifics for products that are not deliverable are often withheld. The best point of this local delivery service is that the customer doesn’t have to add the postcode for each product to verify whether or not the particular product is deliverable.

Manage City

  • The admin can also easily create and control the cities with easy clicks.
  • The cities can be added or removed by the admin from the Manage Cities page.
  • Using the Add City option, an admin may add a new city.
  • These cities are important because the products would be further assigned to them.
  • It will be checked that the product is deliverable or not, depending on the mission.

Add New City

  • Creating cities is one of this module's most significant features.
  • The country and state/province must be chosen by the admin.
  • The manually generated custom regions will also be included in the state province list.
  • The Admin may enter the name of the new city.
  • If this field is allowed, a list of zipcodes can be added.

Guest User Functionalities

  • Guest customers can also take advantage of and enjoy this feature.
  • The guest user is simply able to manually enter the postcode.
  • The store will show an invalid postcode message if no product is deliverable to that postcode.
  • They can check if the products are deliverable or not while scrolling the product page or the category page.

View for Registered User

  • With some additional functionality, the module cherishes registered clients.
  • Logged-in customers have two choices for checking whether or not the item is deliverable.
  • They can also log in to their account using the pop-up button that is open.
  • After that, the registered customers will be shown a list of locations, and they may select the preferred address.
  • The list of addresses will be extracted from the address book of the customer.
  • Registered customers are also able to enter a pin the postcode.


  • The admin can create a city with their zip codes.
  • The admin can also edit the regions and city details.
  • The customer will be able to place orders for products that are deliverable in their location.
  • Customers can check the product is deliverable on the category and product page easily.
  • Support Multi address Shipping.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/

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