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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart Variable Product

    OpenCart Variable Product allows the admin to set variations for products and add multiple variation-based products to the list. The customer can visit the store and select multiple variations of the same product.

    • Enable\disable visibility of the product variations in the frontend.

    • Allocate the reward points overhead price to each variation.

    • The admin has the privilege to manage each product variation separately.

    • The admin has the privilege to add many product variations and combinations of a single product.

    • Product variation with zero quantity gets disabled from the front end.

    • Customers can view and choose customized product variations at the store.

    • Customers can buy multiple variations of a single product at the same time.

    OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product OpenCart Variable Product
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    OpenCart Variable Product module is really helpful for creating multiple variations of a product. Nowadays, customers seek  for Choices and Variations at their every selection over shopping websites. It has become a necessity to provide quick and attractive variations to each customer. OpenCart Variable Product module allows the admin to set variations for products and add multiple variation-based products to the list. The customer can visit the store and select multiple variations of the same product.

     OpenCart Variable Product

     Highlighted Features of OpenCart Variable Product

     Multiple Variations

    A product can have multiple variations on the store. Each variation can have a separate product page.

     Variant Recreation

    New variations can be recreated over an over without affecting already available variations.

     One Variation is One Product

    A variation serves as a single product over the store. It can have different product images.

     SKU as Variation name

    Variation names can be managed by editing SKU. By default, it is auto-generated by the system.

     Combination of Variations

    A small effort gives a wide range of variations and their combinations.

     Reward Points

    A store owner can attach an overhead cost to specific variations for their demand.

    Why do we need OpenCart Variable Product?

    Nowadays, every customer needs variety in the product so they can choose and decide what to purchase. With the help of this module, the admin can add multiple variations to the products such as size, color, etc. In this, customers can see the multiple available options on the product page and can customize the product as per their needs.

     General Configuration

    After the module installation, an admin will do the general configuration of the module for the proper functioning. It works with any particular existing product or for creating a new one. Configuring this module is an easy task and takes just a few seconds to configure and it doesn’t require much effort.

    Admin will do the following settings:

    • Admin can enable/disable product variation module.
    • Admin can also enable/disable option tab for products.
     General Configuration

     Adding Multiple Variations

    The store owner will add multiple variations to a product with this module. Admin can apply variation feature on any particular existing product or while adding any new product. For applying this feature to the existing feature, the admin will select the particular product and then edit it.

    • Creating variations helps admin to add a list of product variations to the product list
    • Admin can enable/disable visibility for particular variations at the front-end
    • The amount mentioned in the price section works as an overhead cost for the product variations
    • Point section also works in the same way as price section but it will apply as reward points
     Adding Multiple Variations

     Variation on Product Page

    Once the Admin adds and configures the variations, the user can see the variations at the front-end. The user can select a product out of multiple variations available. These variations act like a separate product with a separate product page as well.

    • The availability of variations makes the product more attractive.
    • The Customer can search and choose from the large range of variations available.
    • Each variation may or not have some overhead cost for it
    • Variation gets disabled when the quantity becomes zero
    • “Product not available” error message will display at the Product page for an out of stock variation
     Variation on Product Page

     Price variation for Product variation

    The admin can attach an overhead cost to specific variations for their demand. There are situations when a product variation is too much in demand and have something unique as a Variant. The admin can set some overhead price on such a variant. It can also be done in terms of reward points.

    • Specific variation can have a specific cost
    • Overhead cost can be set as per variation demand
    • Admin can earn extra income and value for specific variation
    • Overhead cost is also available to set in terms of reward points
     Price variation for Product variation

     Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version3.9.0.2
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (5 days ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Great Developer

    Posted On - November 26, 2021

    Great Developer! Support team is highly professional. I bought one of their Extensions and they did the necessary fixes in order to have it working in my case. Very good experience!

    Good understanding of great customer service.

    Posted On - June 4, 2020

    I am trader and have good understanding of great customer service. bought module for Opencart and it didn't worked the way i was expected. Sent ticket to Customer service and there was unexpected, got reply within an hour, and issue fixed within same hour.
    This is what i called BRILLIANT CUSTOMER SERVICE and speed!!!!
    well done guys!

    Product Variations plugin

    Posted On - June 4, 2020

    I am a web developer using various platforms, but I have no experience with OpenCart. I was approached by a client asking to set up OpenCart based e-shop. I figured out how to do it, but I missed some functionality like product variations. After some research I came across a nice plugin developed by Webkul, which promised to do exactly what I needed.

    So I purchased Product Variations plugin from the OpenCart store, and after installation found it somewhat troublesome. As I mentioned, I am not experienced with OpenCart and did not realize that installing and managing modules in OpenCart is quite different from other platforms I am familiar with. On top of that, I did not realize that there could be some compatibility issues with the theme, which is something I was not ready to solve myself.
    Instead of dropping the plugin and requesting a refund, I decided to approach Webkul for help.
    I found Webkul team very helpful and extremely patient.

    After 2-day chat on their support system Webkul listened to all what I wanted to achieve. Webkul prepared a unique build of the plugin for my system, which is 100% compatible with all my other modules and themes.

    I have to give a solid 5-stars to Webkul. Thank you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can admin add unlimited product variation?
    The admin can only able to add from the selected variation type.
     Is admin can set the visibility off on a particular product?
    The admin can enable or disable the visibility of the variation, by editing any particular product.
     Can admin set the default quantity while adding a variation?
    The admin can set the minimum/default quantity for all the variations at one time.
     How are these variations helpful for the users?
    The customers can choose multiple variant combinations at one go.

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    • + Features
    • * Bugs
    • * Fixed during added product set these fields (price, weight, point) as an optional in version 3
    • * fixed price not updating on the product variation in journal3 theme in version 3
    • + Created the theme patch for esport theme.
    • + Add new product identifiers
    • + Add new variation to existing variation instead of deleting all then add
    • * Git issues resolved for oc3.x.x.x and oc2.3.x.x.
    • + Added the default visibility and default quantity feature on the creation of variation
    • + Added the ocmod file compatible with shopme theme in version 2.1.x.x.
    • + Created the theme patch for Cactuplan theme.
    • + Created the theme patch for OPC040_05 theme.
    • * Fixed the issue in the Journal 3 theme patch.
    • * Fixed the compatibility issue with the extension Notify me when available.
    • + Added the ocmod for so-megastore theme.
    • * Fixed the issues in wokkie theme patch.
    • * Resolved issue for disable the option of product.
    • * Dependency dropdown issue Resolved.
    • * Resolve product page fatal error issue.
    • * Resolve price issue, price not changed on the product page.
    • + Add the wokiee theme patch of this module in 3.x.x.x version.
    • * Fixed J3 compatibility issue.
    • * Fixed j2 issues.
    • * Resolve git issues in all versions.
    • + Add the j3 theme patch of this module in all versions.
    • * Fixed the issue in ocmod file to create the product variation in OC V3.
    • + Added the swatch feature for the product page.
    • + Add multiple image for the combination feature added in OC_3.x.x.x
    • * Resolve git issues in all versions.
    • * Some combinations are no created issues were resolved in OC all version.
    • * Resolve issues that buy now button is not work in openfox theme in OC_3.x
    • + Upload image with each variation feature was added in Oopencart all version.
    • + Variation working as vise-versa feature was added in opencart all version
    • + Update for opencart all version
    • * Resolve git issues in all version
    • * Resolved git issues
    • + Generate an SKU for every product variation
    • + Functionality added that variation product visible at the front end or not
    • + Display price range at the front end.
    • + Variation product will automatically disable when product quantity is 0.
    • + Initial Release