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Magento 2 Marketplace Weight Item Shipping: This module allows administrators and sellers to use the method of weight item shipping for their items. The administrator can set the title, the base price of the shipping process, and can even set the shipping rate per item, as well as the product's weight.

The price will also be determined by the admin or vendor, i.e. "item-based" or "weight-wise" according to the chosen shipping type. For this shipping process, the sellers may also use and set the shipping charges. The admin can also change the shipping price for the seller.

Important Note -This module is an add-on to the Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed the first Webkul Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace.

Highlighted Features

 Cost of Shipping

For each product, the seller can add the shipping price.

 Invoice and Slip for Shipping

Invoices and delivery slips can be accessed by the seller.

 Add item and weight

Sellers should add a wise shipping item or weight.

 Rates of Shipping

For their products, the admin may also set shipping rates.

 Separate Vendor Dashboard

Admin can allow the sellers to have their own separate dashboard to check and apply the shipping rate on their products.

 Supports GraphQL

The extension is compatible with GraphQL which provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API.

 Compatible with Hyva Theme

The extension is fully compatible with the Hyva Theme.

 Vendor Price Setup

The vendors can also determine the price - "item-based" or "weight-wise" according to the chosen shipping type as required.

Use Case

Weight Item Shipping is an integral part of the shipping management of Magento 2, but it is difficult to enforce when you use Magento 2 marketplace module, and as a store admin if you want to add the same option for seller/vendor, so we build this addon by which seller can also add weight shipping management.

Shipping is an integral, and a must-have feature for any e-commerce marketplace, weight item shipping offer seller loads of options from managing order to invoice generation.

What is the use of this module?

It is rather tedious to handle shipping in the marketplace depending on the position of the seller, the weight of the product, and the destination of the customer. But now, Magento 2 Marketplace Weight Item Shipping is solving this problem.

The sellers will be able to establish various shipping rules which will be used according to the item weight for the price calculation. The shipping rates depend on the weight of the organizations involved in the measurement.

Sellers may also build supersets that allow the price to be measured based on the product's weight. The shipping form and charges will also be shown on the invoice.

Delivery Method Setup by Admin

The admin needs to configure some settings for the Marketplace Weight Item Shipping for Magento 2 after the successful installation of the module.

  • The admin can enable/disable the module.
  • The admin may enter the name of the title and method that appears at the frontend.
  • The admin will select whether the parent product or child product will be subject to the shipping charge.
  • The admin may choose whether the shipment will be per item or weight.
  • For all shipments, the admin may charge the shipping price and base price.

Shipping Rates Setup Options for Sellers

After the installation of the module, under Set Shipping Rates(Per Item/Weight), the seller may add the shipping rates. The admin may also change the shipping rate settings for a vendor in the Marketplace Weight Item Shipping for Magento 2 module. For a seller, the admin may change the shipping rate settings.

  • The seller may join the fixed rate applied to all shipments.
  • Sellers can select the shipping condition as either Weight Based or Item Based.
  • Sellers can choose Yes to enable their orders to be shipped free of charge.
  • If free shipping is enabled, sellers must enter a value for free shipping.

Marketplace Seller Order Management

In order management from the vendor panel, Magento2 Marketplace weight item shipping is super helpful. The seller would be able to handle the shipment, produce an invoice, and put the tracking ID in place. Here are some prominent features of the shipping extension of the marketplace table cost.

  • Both invoice slips can be downloaded by Vendor/Seller.
  • The Seller can Download all shipping slips.

Customer End Benefit

  • The Weight Item Shipping can be provided to their buyers using this module seller.
  • The price of shipping is determined based on the weight entered by the seller and the cost of shipping is calculated based on weight.
  • The customer will have the shipping method on the checkout page.
  • On the Order Review page, customers can also see the chosen shipping method.

GraphQL implemented

The Weight item shipping for Magento 2 supports the GraphQL API. Using Postman, you can quickly retrieve the data about the weight item on the website using the GraphQL API.

  • Using the GraphQL API, sellers can save the weight item shipping rate at their end.
  • The admin can validate the data through GraphQL.
  • View the results of the requested data.


  • The admin can enable/disable the shipping module.
  • The admin can set shipping rates for their products.
  • In addition, the admin can also update the seller shipping rates.
  • The seller can add the item or weight-wise shipping.
  • Sellers can add shipping rates from their panel.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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