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WooCommerce WhatsApp Purchase Assistant: This plugin facilitates the admin to allow the customers to order via WhatsApp. Now WooCommerce store owners can make the shopping process more convenient and quick for customers. With this plugin, the admin can enable purchase on the WhatsApp button on the product list page, product view page, and also on the cart page.

Even the admin can enable the checkout via WhatsApp to let the shoppers complete the purchase with the handiest App. Moreover, the store owner can send custom notifications to the buyers when an order initiates any event either placed, shipped, or canceled.

Therefore, purchase on the WhatsApp plugin advances the WooCommerce Store and provides a better shopping experience to your customers. It also helps the admin to grow the sales channel and provide a user-friendly shopping tool “Purchase On WhatsApp”.

Highlighted Features

 Easier Shopping Experience Via WhatsApp

Advance the store with the most trusted service WhatsApp and provide a smoother shopping experience to your customers.

 Auto-Send Notification As Per Activity

Allows the admin to draft and auto-send notification on orders placed and cancellation.

 Handy WhatsApp Widget

Have a handy WhatsApp widget with a customizable label for the product list page, product view page, and cart page.

 Guest User Purchase

Guest Users can also purchase via WhatsApp after providing the phone number registered with WhatsApp.

Why Integrate WhatsApp Shopping Assistant into WooCommerce Store?

Well built website owners also aren't able to convert visitors into shoppers. The problem is shoppers convenience and preference therefore engaging the customer is now simpler with a module like this. Let the shoppers order directly from WhatsApp.

Send notification to inform the shoppers with a customized message for order cancellation and order placement. Boost the store sales with the convenient and quick messaging App to provide a better shopping experience to the customers. Moreover, let the guest users shop through WhatsApp.

Integrate WhatsApp Purchase with Store

  • Twilio integration is a must to integrate this plugin.
  • Admin needs to enter Account SID Twilio and Twilio Auth Token for the integration.
  • Provides full fledge control to admin to customize the widget label.
  • Also enables the admin to customize the message to send the notification to shoppers in real time.

Take Orders Directly from WhatsApp

  • Advance the store with WhatsApp Buy Tool.
  • This plugin allows the admin to take orders directly from WhatsApp.
  • Also allowing the shoppers to make the purchase through a leading and reliable app.
  • This plugin is both sides beneficial it is a sales booster for store admin and an easier tool for customers for shopping.
  • The admin can add the coupon functionality also.

Enable Shoppers to Order On WhatsApp

  • Allow guest users to order on WhatsApp.
  • Boost the store sales with the leading messaging service WhatsApp.
  • Facilitates the shoppers to enjoy the shopping through WhatsApp.
  • Provide a user-friendly tool to ease the purchase process for shoppers.

Guest User Purchase On WhatsApp

  • Guest users can also purchase the product from WhatsApp.
  • A popup note will appear to ask phone number.
  • Guest user needs to fill in all the appeared information on the popup form to complete the purchase.
  • After filling out the form, the guest user can continue shopping via WhatsApp.

Receive Order-Related Notification

  • Shopper receives notification based on order-related activity.
  • This plugin allows the store admin to automatically notify shoppers in real time.
  • Allows admin to set notification message to show the customer before placing the order through WhatsApp.
  • Also facilitates the admin to draft custom messages to send to the shoppers after placing the order
  • admin can auto-send a message notification on order cancellation to send to the shoppers

Convenient Shopping Through WhatsApp

  • Shoppers will get WhatsApp Widget on the product view page.
  • Purchase on the WhatsApp button on the product list page.
  • Instant checkout through WhatsApp.
  • Quick and convenient shopping experience with the leading messaging service WhatsApp.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 4 reviews
Royce Paterne Assi Alleby
kevajo.com (CI)
Posted On - May 31, 2023
Best Plugin and Proper Support
The best support
Lobo RJ
Posted On - August 20, 2021
Great plugin and great support
Great plugin, wonderful. Also, team assisted me with great attention, provided me with all the necessary information and exceeded expectations. It was an excellent service and deserves the 5 stars!
Posted On - May 18, 2021
Excellent plugin, very happy with this developer since his answers are Quick, they solve problems effectively, the plugin work excellently.
Sameh Salah
Posted On - February 17, 2021
Great Support
Thank you, support is nice you have a good team.

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