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Magento 2 Vendors Scheduled Pickup for Adobe Commerce module allows the sellers to schedule a pickup for the placed orders to deliver the shipment. This module solves the problem as it helps the marketplace delivery boy get the scheduled time to pick up the shipment from the vendor's place. Once the customer places the order for the seller's product then the seller can schedule the pick up for that shipment.

The seller can even reschedule or cancel the pickup for the shipment. The admin can set required permissions and time slots in the configuration section. The admin can manage pickup schedule records and can also cancel/reschedule a pickup for orders.

Important Note - This is an add-on of Webkul's Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so for using this module you need to install Marketplace modules first.

Highlighted Features

 Manage Pickup Schedules

The store admin can create a pickup schedule and manage the pickup schedule records.

 Create Custom Pickup Time Slots

The seller and the admin both can create custom pickup time slots.

 Cancel/Reschedule Pickups

Both the sellers and the admin can cancel/reschedule a pickup.

 Add Time Slots

The admin can add multiple time slots for pickup to be used by the seller.

 Supports GraphQL

The extension now supports GraphQL implementation.

 Compatible with Hyva Theme

The extension smoothly integrates with the Hyva theme for full compatibility.

Why Integrate the Magento 2 Vendors Scheduled Pickup in Adobe Commerce Marketplace Store?

There are two ways in the marketplaces for the shipment either the vendor self-ship the item or the marketplace delivery boy picks up the item and delivers it where the vendor can make the shipment directly. But if the marketplace is making the shipment how does the marketplace customer, vendor, or the store admin know when the delivery person needs to visit the vendor place.

The module helps the vendor and the admin to create pickup time slots and can cancel/reschedule these. Moreover, custom time slots can be created for the pickup by the admin and the vendor and can be used by both.

Allow Vendor Manage Pickup Schedules

The store admin has the right to restrict or allow the vendor to manage the pickup schedule.

  • The admin can even restrict the seller from rescheduling or canceling a pickup.
  • The store admin can create multiple custom time slots that can be used by the seller to create a pickup schedule for their customer’s orders.
  • The vendors can only use standard time slots for the marketplace order to schedule a pickup if the store owner doesn’t allow them to create custom time slots.
  • The module helps the store owner to allow the vendor to cancel/reschedule a pickup so that they can efficiently manage the product shipping based on availability.

Handle Pickup Schedule Records

The admin has the access to all the pickup schedule records and can manage them accordingly.

  • If there is any change in the Pickup schedule it will be updated in the records table.
  • The admin can manage and search the records using filters like order ID.
  • The admin can fetch various information like package info, status, from where the pickup will occur, and most important the date and the time of the pickup.
  • The admin can reschedule or cancel a pickup at any time as required.

Vendors Custom Pickup Time Slots

This module helps the vendor to create their time slots as per their needs.

  • This feature is accessed by the vendor on approval of the store admin.
  • The vendor can save and create as many custom slots as they require.
  • All the existing time slots are displayed to the vendors.
  • The feature allows the vendor to delete the time slots if needed.
  • To save time the vendor can mass delete in bulk the available time slots.

Vendor Pickup Schedule Status

The vendor has access to all the scheduled pickup orders under his dashboard.

  • The module helps the vendor to check whether a pickup has been scheduled for the customer’s order or not.
  • The seller is provided with various information such as order id, name of the customer, and the product purchased by him with its quantity and at last order total as well.
  • With the help of different colors used to segregate the pickup schedule status, the seller can quickly check the status info at a glance.
  • The seller can identify the status of the pickup using the order status processing indicates that the order pickup has been successfully done.

Vendor Created Pickup Schedule

The seller can also create the pickup schedule for the customers who placed the order.

  • The seller can make use of more favorable custom time slots created on its own.
  • The module helps the seller to reschedule or cancel a pickup.
  • The reschedule of a pickup can be done as much as time both by the admin and the seller.
  • The vendor helps in providing the package(weight) and pickup information(date, time, and address).
  • The vendor can choose which items are required to be included for the scheduled pickup.


  • Sellers can manage custom pickup slots.
  • Sellers can schedule a pickup for orders.
  • The seller can cancel/reschedule a pickup for order and use custom time slots.
  • The admin can set required permissions and time slots in the configuration section.
  • Store owner can manage pickup schedule records.
  • The admin can create a pickup schedule and can cancel/reschedule a pickup for orders.
  • The customer can also check the details of the pickup scheduled by the shipper for a placed order.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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