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Marketplace Tier Based Pricing for WooCommerce
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Marketplace Tier Based Pricing for WooCommerce: This plugin allows the sellers and admin to apply tier pricing to their products. This tier pricing plugin allows customers to get a discount by purchasing several items in bulk. Sellers can use this plugin to create a tiered pricing discount rule for their products.

For tier pricing, the admin adds two categories of discount rules: "Global Rules" and "Product Rules." If there are no other rules that apply to the products, global rules would apply to all of them. The product rules are used to apply tier pricing to a specific product.

This means by adding the product rule for any particular product the customer will get a discount on the product depending on Product Rule and the quantities purchased.

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Highlighted Features

 Tier Based Discount Pricing

The admin can add tiered pricing rules and offer discounts to the customers.

 Sort by Quantity

The admin can set the listing of the tiered pricing in the discount table Sorted based on the quantity of the product.

 Fixed/Percentage Discount Types

The store owners can select the discount type as fixed or percentage based on which discounts will be applied.

 Add Global Rules For Tier Pricing

Added global rules by the store admin are applied on their own if no product rule is added for tier pricing.

Why integrate The Tier Based Pricing in your WooCommerce Marketplace Store?

For a store owner it’s more favorable when the customers buy the product in bulk as this helps them earn more at the same time so how can a store owner attract more customers in doing so. The admin can simply add tier-based pricing which helps the customer to gain more discounts on the product with an increase in quantity.

Further, the sellers can also set the product rules for the tier price of their products. The modules offer the easiest way to offer tier pricing on products that can be managed easily and changed based on user requirements.

Moreover, tier-based pricing also represents a dynamic price chart with more discounts with the increase in the quantity of the product.

Setup Marketplace For Tier Based Pricing

The most basic feature enables the admin to add various tiered pricing rules.

  • The Endpoint Title will appear as the title of the tier-based pricing on the seller dashboard.
  • The admin can allow making the discounts visible for the product on the cart page to the customers.
  • The customers are convinced to buy more based on visible discounts they have earned.
  • The admin can set the sort by the quantity of the product as high to low or low to high.
  • The admin can apply or discard all the tired pricing added at once by enabling or disable the field which saves time.

Customize Product Rule for Marketplace Tier Pricing

The module helps the admin in easily adding and editing the tiered price rules to each product selectively.

  • The admin can give a custom name to the product price rule.
  • The admin can check all the added product rules in one place and apply bulk actions.
  • The admin can make a quick search and apply the added product rule to the product.
  • By adding a row the admin can add as many tiers in the discount for the product.
  • The admin can disable the added row for tiered pricing in a product rule anytime and can enable it again.

Customize Global Rule for Marketplace Tier Pricing

The global rules added by the admin are the primary condition for tier-based pricing. Moreover, the sellers can not add the Global price rules.

  • The global rules are applied when no product rule has been added for a particular product.
  • The admin can select from the two types of discount types fixed and percentage.
  • The admin can add an unlimited number of tiers in the pricing of the product based on quantity.
  • Only the selected users by the admin will get the discounted prices on the product.

Marketplace Vendor Added Product Rules

The marketplace vendors are also allowed to add the product rules for tier-based pricing

  • The seller can delete the added product rules in bulk.
  • The seller can also click on the edit icon and choose to edit any added product rule.
  • The seller can make a quick search and apply the added product rule to the product.
  • By adding a row the seller can add as many tiers in the discount for the product.

Dynamic Pricing For Customers

The Dynamic prices tend to increase with the increase in demand the module helps customers to purchase in bulk and fetch more discounts.

  • The discount table helps customers to select from various available prices based on the quantity.
  • The customer can select the required quantity and the applied discounts will be visible on the product and the cart page.
  • If the admin has made the discounts visible the customers will be able to see how much they have saved on a purchase.
  • The customer can increase the purchased quantity to avail more discounts on the order.


  • The admin can enable/disable the feature.
  • Easily apply tier-based pricing on the products by the store admin.
  • The admin, as well as sellers, can create and manage the different conditions for tier-based pricing.
  • These discounts may be “tiered” so that they increase as the order amount is raised.
  • Moreover, the sellers can also set the product rules for the tier price of their products.
  • The plugin helps the customers choose from a vast range of prices made available to them using this plugin’s features.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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