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B2B Marketplace Split Cart for WooCommerce
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B2B Marketplace Split Cart for WooCommerce: It will allow the buyers to add more than one seller’s products to their cart. While a particular seller’s products added to a cart are being processed for checkout, the remaining products will remain in the cart so that payment can be made immediately or later as per the buyer’s convenience.

The buyer will get different order ids depending on the number of Split carts based on the number of suppliers. It will make the management of orders easy for the admin as separate invoices, shipments, credit memos will be generated for each checkout.

This plugin is an add-on to the B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCoomerce, so you need to install B2B Marketplace first to use this plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Add Products from Multiple Sellers

Now, add products from several sellers to the cart and place individual orders for each seller.

 Order IDs are generated separately

Separate order information for different products can be viewed by customers and sellers.

 Effective Management

It facilitates improved order handling for both sellers and customers.

 Make Invoices And Shipments

Create separate invoices and shipments for customers with different order Ids.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

In a single checkout session, processing and handling an order with many products from different sellers can be confusing. In addition, the shopping cart appears to be quite little. This extension can be used to solve this problem.

It separates the cart into four sections based on the number of sellers. For example, if a customer adds products from four distinct sellers, the shopping cart will be divided into four sections.

Customers can add products from several sellers to their cart and place orders for each separately. And, depending on the vendor, the buyer can select from a variety of payment and shipping options. Customers can also use multiple shipping addresses depending on which seller they are dealing with.

Split Cart Checkout

The split cart checkout option is beneficial to everyone, whether you're an admin, a vendor, or a customer.

The checkout process is simple with this plugin. Here - The cart may contain a variety of products from various sellers.

  • Only one seller's payment will be validated at the moment of payment.
  • The products of other sellers will only be available in the cart.
  • After checking out, the consumer can return to the cart and place more orders.

Split Cart Shipping & Payment

Allows customers to add products from multiple sellers to their cart and place orders separately for each seller. In addition, the customer can select from a variety of payment and shipping alternatives for different sellers, depending on their preferences.

  • There's no need to integrate any additional shipping or payment modules.
  • Existing shipping and payment methods are compatible.
  • Shipping charges are computed using current shipping techniques.
  • Choose from a variety of payment and shipping methods depending on the vendor.

Add Multiple Seller Products

With multiple sellers' products, the checkout process could be confusing. In this scenario, the shopping cart also appears to be just a little snug. As a remedy to this issue, use the marketplace split cart plugin.

  • Allows the admin to streamline the process of adding items to the cart and checking out.
  • The payment process is simplified for both the admin and the seller with a separate checkout.
  • Allows shoppers to add products from several sellers to their cart in bulk.
  • Product synchronization to the cart is simple and quick.

Cart Redirection for Next Checkout

This plugin also has a feature that transfers products waiting in the cart to the cart for the next checkout.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 2 reviews
Import Gulshan
Posted On - December 17, 2021
Chat support was great
Chat support was great, Solved all the queries related to the module.
Randika Ariyasena
Posted On - December 13, 2021
Excellent Support Service
Your support service was excellent.
I really appreciate it.
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