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WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time: Using this plugin the customer can select the delivery date and time for their orders. While placing the order the customer can select the delivery time slot method as configured/custom/same-day delivery for their orders.

The customers can even reschedule the delivery time slot after placing the order. The admin can set multiple time slots for order delivery. While configuring the module the admin can enable custom slots, reschedule slots, and same-day delivery slots for the customers.

Highlighted Features

 Add Delivery Slots

With the delivery scheduling feature, the store may allow customers to choose a suitable date and time for their order delivery.

 Allowed Days for Delivery

Allows the store owner to specify authorized delivery days, and a delivery slot is displayed on the storefront based on the selection.

 Select Delivery Date and Time

This add-on allows customers to select a suitable date and time for speedy order delivery based on their availability.

 Delivery Slot Management

Allows admin to set up multiple delivery time slots and organize their orders to make the delivery dates procedure easier and easy for customers.

What is the use of the WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Plugin?

The Woocommerce Delivery Date and Time plugin are very beneficial for allowing customers to select their desired delivery time. People nowadays are so busy with managing their schedules that what happens if your stuff is delivered to your address but no one is there to accept it.

Customers will be able to choose when and on which date they wish to receive the merchandise rather than returning it or calling the delivery provider. Both the store owner and the client will benefit immensely from this in terms of order fulfillment and administration.

Setup Delivery Method

The delivery date and time module must be configured by the admin. There are several options available.

  • Enable or disable the module.
  • Choose the delivery days you want.
  • Set the number of delivery days you want to show the customer.
  • Allows the admin to select the storefront's delivery method.

Create Delivery Slots

For each day of the week, the admin can create an unlimited number of delivery slots. Simply click 'Add New Slot' and fill in the required information to create a new delivery slot.

  • Choose a day.
  • Enter the start and end times.
  • For each delivery slot, set a maximum order quota.
  • Set the status of the delivery slot - whether it's enabled or disabled.
  • The delivery slot can be edited or deleted.

Choosing Delivery Slot

The customer will see the 'Delivery Time Slots' section throughout the checkout procedure. Here, the customer can choose from any of the available delivery slots.

  • Check out the available slots.
  • Only one slot is selected.
  • 3 delivery methods are shown for delivery slots – Configurable, custom, and same day.

Delivery Slot Information

On the order details, the specified delivery slot is visible. After placing an order, both the admin and the customer can see the chosen date and time information.

  • Customers can view it in the order section.
  • Customers can view it in email as well.
  • Admin can view in delivery slots.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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