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Laravel (Bagisto) Purchase Order Management


Laravel (Bagisto) Purchase Order Management: This extension allows you to execute purchase order management activities in your store. Add different suppliers to a product, make purchase orders, and manage the incoming shipments as well as a quote system for Laravel.

When a product is out of stock, a purchase order is automatically generated. It is hard to manage all of the product information. There are numerous issues to consider, including variations in lead time, seasonal demand, price changes, and so on.

As a result, the store owner makes many decisions including what products to carry in what quantities and from which suppliers. This addition is essential because keeping track of all these records is impossible.

Highlighted Features

 Order Purchased Manually / Automatically

Create purchase orders whenever the product quantity goes out of stock after the order is placed.

 Inventory Control

For an e-commerce store with a sales order, inventory can be handled using Purchase Orders.

 Manage Attributes

Admin adds new features to the purchase order products.

 Create New Purchase Order

For suppliers, the admin can create new purchase orders.

 View / Print Purchase Order

The admin print, and view the purchase order list for the suppliers.

 Incoming Shipments

Admin is in charge of managing incoming shipments and products from suppliers, as well as updating information regarding partial shipments.

Why use Laravel (Bagisto) Purchase Order Management?

Managing a product's demand and supply is a huge task. If you have a catalog with products supplied to you by many suppliers, the Bagisto Purchase Order management will make your life easier. As a store owner, you must keep track of numerous details.

For example, which product to order, how much to order, and from which source of inventory. It's a huge task to keep track of everything. You can organize and track all information in one place and in an easy way by using the Bagisto Purchase Order module.

Basic Purchase Configuration

This extension makes it simple for sellers to create purchase orders, seek quotations, handle incoming shipments, and update product information.

  • Admin sends email quotations and purchase orders to the suppliers.
  • The add-on can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
  • They can configure email templates for the store owner.
  • The admin configures the default prefix for the purchase order.

Management of Quotations

The admin can handle all of the quotations and can establish new quotations and designate numerous products to a supplier. Comments can also be added and a copy can be given to the supplier.

  • Admin can generate a new quotation for the products by putting supplier information as well as the per product shipping information in Laravel.
  • A supplier can be assigned to multiple products.
  • Shipment starts to date and the expected delivery date can be managed by the admin.
  • The admin can change the details of the ordered items and even remove a product from the quotations.

Incoming Shipment

Admin can handle all the supplier's shipments and update the shipments for specific suppliers.

  • The admin can create a new shipment for the products.
  • Admin can add new suppliers for the shipment.
  • Admin can easily edit the shipment of suppliers.
  • The admin sends an email to the suppliers.

Incoming Products

The admin can edit, delete and update the incoming products for the suppliers.

  • The admin can export all the products into XLS or CSV files.
  • The admin can edit the details of the incoming product.
  • Admin notifies the supplier by e-mails of the incoming products.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to support@webkul.com

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