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    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping

    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping module allows admins to set different shipping rates for each product. It helps in accurately calculating taxes and the total cost of the shipping for each item.

    • You can calculate the tax rate by looking at the shipping cost for each product.

    • The person in charge can decide how much it costs to ship each product separately.

    • The total shipping cost you pay calculated by the shipping price assigned to each product.

    • Admin can set the product shipping price under the shipping option.


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    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping module enables the admin to determine shipping rates for each product separately. With this feature, the tax rates are calculated specifically based on the chosen shipping method for each product.

    Under the shipping option in the admin panel, the admin can edit the product and set the shipping price for that product. Based on per-product shipping price the total shipment price will be calculated.

    Additionally, the admin can check Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Per Product Shipping for the Laravel e-commerce product.

    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping

    Highlighted Features of Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping

     Customized Shipping Rates

    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping allows you to set different shipping rates for each product for your online store

     Flexible Configuration

    Provides flexibility in configuring shipping rates based on different criteria such as weight, dimensions, destination, shipping carrier, and more.

     Advanced Calculations

    This feature includes advanced calculations to determine shipping costs based on various factors.

     Real-Time Shipping Quotes

    Customers can get real-time shipping quotes during the checkout process.

    Why do we need Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping?

    Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping is a useful tool for online shops. It allows store owners to calculate the shipping expenses for each item on its own. It is handy because it considers things like size, weight, and where it's going when deciding on shipping costs.

    For example, if a store has items of various sizes and weights, using this feature makes sure customers get the right shipping prices. Also, the admin can add Laravel eCommerce Table Rate Shipping to create custom offline shipping methods and provide rates using a CSV file.

    Admin Configuration

    After the installation, the admin will configure the Laravel eCommerce Per product Shipping by navigating through Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Per product Shipping.

    • Admin can Enable/Disable the module.
    • Set the title for the shipping module.
    • Set default shipping rate.
    • Add the description for the shipping method.
    Admin Configuration

    Applying Shipping Per Product

    Admin can apply shipping rate per product by editing the existing product or by adding any new product.

    • Apply shipping rate on any of the existing products.
    • Admin can add a new price for the new product.
    • Shipping prices can be different for each product.
    • Enter the details like length, weight, height and width.
    Applying Shipping Per Product

    Checkout Page Details

    When the customer purchases any product and proceeds to checkout, the customer will be able to see the per product shipping method option.

    • From the shipping method, the customer can choose the per product shipping method.
    • As per the selection, the shipping price will be added to the product.
    • Customers can review the billing details of the product purchased.
    • After the purchase, the details will be displayed on the order details page.
    Checkout Page Details


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version2.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 13, 2023 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.1  2.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is Laravel eCommerce Per Product Shipping?
    It's a feature in Laravel-based eCommerce platforms that lets you set different shipping rates for each product.
      How does it work?
    It calculates shipping charges at checkout based on factors like product weight or dimensions.
     Can I set different rates for different products?
    Yes, you can customize shipping rates for individual products based on weight and dimensions.
     Is it compatible with popular Laravel eCommerce platforms?
    Yes, it works with Laravel-based eCommerce platforms.
     Can it handle complex shipping rules?
    Yes, it can handle complex shipping rules and scenarios.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    Version 2.x.x
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto v2.0.0 *
    • [bug] When we add a grouped product then on front-end shows a translation on pricing place 
    • [bug] When we clicks the status button for on and off then every time shows a validation message here
    Version 1.3.1
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto v1.3.1.
    • [feature] Tax rate can be calculated based on Per Product shipping.
    • [Fixed][#2] All required fields should be disabled when module status is disabled.
    • [Fixed][#3] Add calculate tax options in the shipping method.
    Version 1.1.0
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto v1.1.0 and v1.1.1, v1.1.2